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  • Could you please do a reading for me.

    Date of biirth 27th march 1973. Born in the morning sorry have no idea what time


  • Gemtwin52, I had a feeling you were going too say you met a cancer on the beach after you posted you had met a nice gentlemen on vacation, sounds nice! I kind of heard this cheesy Billy Ocean love song in my head after, hehe, but that could be good thing!

  • GemTwin52,

    How nice. Is this picture of the two of you? Where is your top young lady? LOL

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Brian

    You have asked me to go back to any previous reading you may have given me,But I have never asked you for a reading before! So if you are not too busy, please do a reading for me.If you will answer specific questions only I have issues w health and my studies.DOB 28 nov 1969,place :Birmingham,UK, time 11:25am.Thanks v much

  • RebeccaAnn,

    Got it, will get to it.


    Got it, will get to it.


    Got it, will get to it.




    Yes, typically covered is the norm I think. LOL


    Sorry about that, was a similar name, my bad. I have seen your post, and I will get to it.


    I will be quite busy till Thursday, so patience.

  • Hi Brian Tristan,

    I have read quite a few of your readings and would like to get one myself too 🙂

    What can you tell me about love and life, career... my goal of becoming a writer etc.. or anything else that stands out for you...

    My DOB is Jan 4, 1979



  • PlutoMoon,

    Got it, will get to it. I can tell it is going to be interesting.

  • Thanks for this Brian

  • Hi Brian,

    I've always thought of having a great childhood and a mediocre teenage life.

    But after I turned 18 I feel like my life has been like earthquakes, tornadoes

    and hurricanes. Its been really tough. To this present time I'm also going through

    a lot. Through it and now I've kept a positive attitude to all the problems

    I've been going through but I can only take sooo much. Feels like I'm on a

    endless torture treadmill with a cloud hanging above me. I've been lost for a

    while. Forgotten what I want...where I want to go... what I want to do...

    overwhelmed and feel battered through the all got lost

    w/trying to handle soooo many problems.

    I may be of so many people to ask you to do a reading. Please, please, please if you could it would be much appreciated. My dob is 11/4/74. Thank you in advance.


  • BumP

  • It's going to be interesting you say? Wow... looking forward to the reading...

    thanks Brian!


  • Hey Brian,

    Okay, after all the talks about the curses, the childhood, the nature of giving /receiving readings etc etc and most importantly became the messenger of the angels; conveying their message to you...I would like to ask for a reading now 🙂 Okay, you knew too much about me already after all the discussions we had on the topics above but there are plenty more stuff that I am sure you can picked on. Treat this request as the"boost" you are getting from the Angels 🙂

    Anytime you are ready and feel like giving me a reading, here is my info December 11,1976.

    And if you can give a friend of mine a reading too, that would be awesome! His DOB is May 06,1976.

    Feel free to say NO! 😄

    Thanks Brian!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Dear Brian,

    I last saw my bf (DOB April 6, 1982) on May 5. He has not contacted me (DOB December 21, 1973) again since. I sent him a txt msg on May 14 that apparently got read by his ex-wife and then her brother txtd and talked to me trying to pretend to be my bf at first but when I told him I knew he was not my bf he revealed who he really was and told me to stay away from my bf because his sister is pregnant and will deliver their child in a few days. My feeling is that he is lying about her pregnancy and is just trying to get me to break up with my bf so that my bf will go back to his ex-wife. What do you feel about the situation? Do you think my bf's ex-wife will ever let go of him and accept that he does not love her anymore? Thanks for your insight.


  • Brian;

    I was wondering if my relationship is worth saving? My dob 9/13/1973 and partners is 2/8/2966?

    I am at a crossroads here.

    Thank you for your insite.

  • Hello Brian,

    Since you did such a fabulous job picking a song for me, I was hoping to see if you would be kind enough to do a reading for me. The question is, where do you see this relationship going, do you see it as a long-term permanent kind of relationship. My DOB is July 31, 1965 and his is April 14, 1968? Thanks very much in advance.

  • LOL Brian, funny how you noticed that topless little girl! I can remember running around like that before I had tata's. There was no "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". The age of innocence if you will, of days gone by.

    ::: winks :::

  • LOL, I had to laugh so hard when I read Brian's comment to you GeminiTwin52, about the topless picture. It brought me back to my childhood memories, when I was 3-4 years old. I would run around the house with my skirt or shorts only, when the weather gets too HOT! My grandpa would screamed at my grandma asking why I was running around the house half naked! LOL

    Thanks for the bringing back the memories! 🙂

  • I hadn't noticed that, yeah before it was an issue! Emergence, my grandpa did the exact same thing, didn't like anyone running around not fully clothed!

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