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  • Yes, polite as well, which helps when one is putting forth the energy too be of help. Funny how one can say the the exact same thing wtih forthright, but finnese, truth, attached too tact, and others receive the message with an open heart instead of a shield. Politness can certainly go a long way, and he has a lovely sense of humour he attaches too situations as well!

  • Yes you are totally right. It really goes a long way!

    Brian is well educated too. You can tell by the way he placed his words into sentences.

    He is a great communicator.

    GO, Brian!


    see you in the other ......?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Mines purple, is yours pink Emergence? or do you wanna trade? hehe

  • LOL bluecat!

    You are very creative! yeah I wanna trade! Pleaseee!!

    I love purple more! 😄

  • K, purples yours!

  • Very nice atomshpere at the pro B shop!

  • Thanks! Yay...I got purple!

    Yep, still need a little know colors and fun! 🙂

    But that will be for the weekend to do list.

    It is not easy to be watching the stock market and 'getting' the Pro B shop up n running at the same time LOL!

  • I'm sure you can do it Blue Cat and just takes a little faith and love and that pro-B shop will be up and running.

    Let me know if I cna help!

  • There is an art to being blunt. While one person's bluntness can be perceived as unnecessary rudeness, another person's blunt comments can be taken as positive and constructive criticism. The difference is in the delivery and the relationship that has been built up between the two people.

    Bluntness need not equal insensitivity. Blunt comments should be helpful notes aimed at making an improvement.

    Pro B shop? Do tell ladies.


  • Ahhhh..I'm on it ladies, thanks a lot!


  • I was certain you would GemTwin52! Now for Brian..

  • Aunt B, your help is always appreciated, and Needed!

  • Hello Brian Tristan,

    I am new to this forum but have been reading your posts over the past month or so and fine your replies to everyone very interesting and most insightful. I was wondering if you have some time could you please do me a reading. My DOB is 4/4/67 and was born at 3.00pm in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Would be interested in some direction in terms of a new career path. Many thanks.

  • what did brian mean by he is going to tell my how "wonderful " I m . was he being sarcastic

  • why is he doing all this to get my attention or try to get me back ionto his life? He laughs when he is around others then acts so nice when he isnt> he is Dr, jeckly /mr hyde. I have never flaunted anyone in his face why is he doing it to me? What is he expecting to gain from it a medal? If he tells me to move on then why hasn't he? Is there something between us that he is missing and can't find in anyone else? Is there anything between us that we cant see that is going on that he keeps coming back

  • Dnnmre....I don't believe that Brian was being sarcastic. I think he was only letting you know he has wonderful insight for you. :0)


    Aunt B.

  • Everyone,

    I just looked today, and I see when the cat is away the mice do not just play, they have a toga party. My thread/topic has turned into Girls Gone Wild. : o


    When you ex calls you, he calls you to get a rise out of you, and he is also venting his frustration and anger with and at you. You are going to need to learn the water off a duck's back trick for his abusiveness, then the abuse will not be effective, and will not have an affect on you. That will take work, but you can do it. When I said he wants to tell you how "wonderful" you are, yes the "wonderful" was sarcasm. LOL He calls you on the phone, calls you every name in the book, and I jokingly called that "him calling you wonderful". That is how you need to begin to look at it, you need to be amused when he calls you a "mr f*****g sd b***h". You need to learn to laugh at whatever garbage he throws your way, it is the best defense you can have. And when he does one of his tie raids of profanity, calling you every name in the book, you can call it, "him calling you wonderful". It is sarcastic indeed, but it is a wonderful defense for you against absorbing any of his nastiness. Sarcasm, just another service I offer. ; )

  • ok now I get it. What about the rest of my questions? Can you answer them for me please

  • Dnnmre,

    I will get to the rest of your questions, just be patient, it may be a few days. You are doing pretty good. Stop, and think about where you were a month ago, and compare that to now.

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