Love Reading of Any kind...Please I need the Help :-)

  • I fell in love with a guy and something happened that pulled us apart. We have a child a together two months ago but this negative influence is keeping him from being the best he can be. I feel he loves me and he's going to come back. I need to know if holding on is a good idea. My birthday is April 14, 1988 and his birthday is May 31, 1982.

  • What do you think pulled you two apart?

  • the mother of his other kids. she doesnt want to see him happy n uses his kids against him

  • I would suggest for you to just move on with your baby. He would have to want to come back when he is ready, and who know's when he comes back you may not even want him. He's a Gemini and this is what they do. It's probably not even about the other person. Is this the firsst time he has ever left you on any terms?

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