HELP what do I make of this reading?

  • I did a reading for myself today using the horsehow spread. I was thinking about a friend who is quite abit younger than me who I like a lot. I wanted to know how does he feel about me?

    The cards I got were dramamtic and oppositional and I don't quite know what to make of them.

    1. The Devil

    2. The World

    3. Death

    4. Ten of Pentacles

    5. The Emperor

    any ideas?

  • u should list down what does each card fit into wat catergory~~ 😃

  • Sorry you are right. so here they are

    1. past

    2. present

    3. hidden / unconcious influences

    4. advice

    5. outcome

    The cards just seem to be at each end of the spectrum and amazing I got 4 major arcana out of five cards even though I used the whole deck.

    I only know the basic meanings

    Devil - lust, obsession

    World, journey's end, superb card everything you want you have achieved

    Death - transformation, life about to be radically changed

    Ten Of Pentacles, - wealth

    Emperor - Influential and forceful man maybe a boss or father type figure, achievement of ambition

    What I am struggling to do is put them together to make a story, which normally I can do as my knowledge is very limited so what I see are two very good cards (world and ten of pentacles Two less good cards death and devil and then finally the emperor which may or may not be a good card

    Hope that makes things a bit clearer

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