Sixth sense

  • When I was younger, I used to have somewhat of a sixth sense: I would know a persons innerself just by seeing them, I would get a bad feeling in my stomach and something bad would happen to me or someone around meand the feeling would leave as quickly as it appeared. Just different feelings that I would pick up, Its hard to explain. It scared me at the time so I learned to shut it off.

    Now that I am older, the mysterious Scorpio that I am would like to get it back but I'm not sure how or if its even possible.

    Any suggestions, I feel now that I am older this "sixth sense" could work to my advantage and I would really like to delve back into it.

  • Its also called empathic skills skeets smacked ontop of psychicness. I´d need a real name city n country n picture so i may be able to see what tools would work best for you. That is if u so wish it.

    let me know


  • Birth name: Lauren Salvi Current name Lauren Salvi-Mario

    Boston, MA, USA

  • Need to find a picture, don't currently have one.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hi Skeets!

    I, too, am a female scorpio that was lucky enough to be "blessed" w a sixth sense. i think everyone has some sort of psychic ability - for mine is empathetic . I also sense dead ppl, but my empathy is truly my biggest gift!

    I always thought this to be sooooo strange - and now, turning 30 this year, I've learned to embrace it and use it to my advantage. U just have to believe in yourself and ur ability to possess this gift.

    I don't whip it out of my pocket whenever i want to - its just there. and once u know how to distinguish whats wanted in ur life as compared to whats not wanted, it does make everything alot easier to understand and enjoy. I embrace my gift - and u should do the same!

    One question..... do u feel like ur an old person stuck in a young person's body? guess i'm trying to describe the wisdom that was given to me.... it just seems as if i just "Know." do u feel this at times???

    Good luck to u .....there's alot of us out there - u just have to find them. When u make a clear decision to totally be open and up front about ur psychic ability, the universe will pick up on that and send u like minded individuals. i did this - and now i'm surrounded by "crazy ppl" such as myself!! LOL


  • Hi Skeets1109!

    Just as you turned it off you can turn it on for it never really left : > ) Think of all those times since you turned it off .... a portion was there in a small way helping you, right?(like with a job : )

    One of the easiest things to do is relax and let your mind drift to wherever it wants. Many people use meditation to do this, but many beginners find this a bit difficult. To ease yourself into it, just find a comfortable spot --- couch, recliner --- and close your eyes. Don't fall asleep, lol ! Schedule in a regualr time to do this just as you might anything else. All you need is 15 minutes. Anything that forms during that time, write it down, Afterwards, in some sort of notebook/journal.

    You can do a similiar thing when you climb into bed at night. Yup, this time TO sleep. After you are really settled in and know you're going to fall asleep say something simple like, " Please guide me in learning what I need to know" or "Please show me the way". I use to say, "I come in peace & love", but that may be to open-ended for you. Anything that fits you and feels right will work --- guaranteed!

    When you still your mind with regular little time outs like these you receive what you are meant to receive. Also, these little moments begin to extend to your everyday life and you will notice a more alert ability to focus. One cautionary note: Don't push or stress over any of this---- there is no right or wrong way and certainly no time limit. You will also begin to notice a difference in the way others treat you, for example, more smiles in your direction. Eventually, a shift in focus will grant a fuller view to see.

    Lauren, for you I would also recommend a tarot deck --- More hands on. Not so much for you to use for others, but as a way for you to focus complete attention on. This may seem like a huge undertaking, but no one is looking over your shoulder and you could always just focus in on the major arcana. You can learn on the web, print & copy stuff so it will be right there when you are learning. This type of hands on will help draw your mind towards something more concrete ( cards&symbols) and a little less abstract than images or words from recommendations above.

    As with anything in life figure out what you are drawn to .... read, chat with others.. and jump in! Please, please remember, if something scares you, YOU have the ability to not let it do so. Honorable, loving, intentions yield the same. ( Plus, all the crazies as bestofscorpio said above!)

    Peace & Joy,


  • Hi Skeets

    The tool to master ur gifts would be tarot cards BUT not just any given deck. It has to speak to you and call u. When u hold it it has to BURN like a shining bright flame. It has to shoot skyward. ur gut will know which deck is best.

    As for how u contact and do your gift, you know what worked in past n it will work like that again. We all have diff ways to do it, so there really aint a specific way. I suggest u try the diff ones to find what works best for u. In my book however is, what worked still works as in dont fix what is not broken.

    With that said, ur guft NEVER really left u, but was parked so to say due to other circumstances in ur life. I strongly feel u do not have an ME time. Time in whicn u spend for urself n u alone. U need to try n implement this METIME into ur daily life. 1 hour each day if possible. Within this hour u can meditate, relax, breathe n just b you. ALL HUMANS NEED THIS. I think once its implemented, n all ur fam knows NOT to desturb u under ANY cinrcumstances, u will feel more relaxed n free and ur gift will slowly but surely return.

    What is once learnt never leaves.



  • Thank you Every one for your advice.

    Laie4: I will ty it out tonight and see if it helps. The problem is relaxing my mind lol

    Charmed: Will an old Picture do? I have one of me and my daughter about 7 yrs ago.

    Best of Scorpio: I have also had my entcounters with the dead, thought I was seeing things, tried to rationalize, but I know what I saw and mostly what I felt.

    To Any and every one: I will look for a reputable tarot reader in boston - very hard to find - and or on this site if its posible to find the right Tarot deck - any suggestions would be helpful and greatful.

  • Hi Charmed.

    I attached 2 pictures hopefully they will help you help me.

    Thank you again


  • Guess not let me try again

  • Hi Skeets1109!

    LOL! That is the hard part, but have faith, you can achieve it.

    I live close by and there is a wonderful woman who lives in the city and use to join in here. She was teaching classes, but got tired of it for whatever reason. I will see if I can find her for you. In the meantime ... Cathy Hughes Tarot. There's lots of places to find cards --- even Barnes& Noble.

  • Thank you Laie4

  • Its not the best picture. I'm not very photogenic but lets hope it takes

  • Hi skeets'

    yes it is as i got even without photo. U havent lost ur gift but it has taken a back seat for awhile. Getting married, working, having kids, raising and etc. First now u find the extra effort n time for u to reconnect.

    again i do think time for urself alone 4 an hour each day will help u. U need ME TIME. So try n implement it. It may take some time until ur fam get the DO NOT DESTURB ME IN MY HOUR OF ME TIME at all costs. but they will. once they respect this u can truely relax meditate n get into the gift reattaching ot it with ur new tarot deck.

    I dont think u need them long but only as long as u feel u need to reconnect to ur gifts n ur higher sense of self. I see once there again u will use the deck for fun n when u feel a grounding root foundation. which is good. we all need such a root.

    if u wanna expand ur gifts n u feel confident again n strong u could test runes n see if they r for u. Or pendulum. However i see u mostly with tarots n runes.

    if u have more to ask, ask away skeets.

    NAMASTE dear

  • Hey!

    Skeets --- I too saw runes for you! But, suggested the cards because I knew you'd find them quicker.( availability) Cute man with U in pic --- lol !

    CWB --- good to see ya! I wouldn't have said anything about runes ---- such a coward : ( I am sometimes!

    Wonderful journey to U both!

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