Can we be more than friends?

  • I'm virgo.He is libra.We are good firends ,I like him,but i don't know ,does he feel the same?


  • Doree,

    I feel Their is a possibility here, but i also hear a

    a tick-toc sound as if, time is limited before he ventures off..

    hhmmm, i get the sense he get around. Are you timid hun ?

    i feel you can be timid,shy, or more self-controlled rather

    than following your desires or instincts fully, which may come

    off to him soon, as 'uninterested' or 'disconnected'

    one of you should make a move fast, and in his eyes he has little

    evidence that you wanna take a further step so get involved!

    open-up and let him know how you feel, it dosent have to be verbally with this guy

    which is what you fear is verbally telling him, No gestures, movements, affection

    ect will show him..he's romantic.

  • Thaank you very much.:)

    It's all trueTime is limited..We spend the ''last day ''together.We will see each other a few times more ,i guess.

    I afraid to tell him what I feel,beacause I'm afraid of rejecting.

    So I will try to send him a message :)I hope it gonna work.

  • Best Of My hope Being sent to you honey!


  • thank you 🙂

    I decide tommorow send him a message.I 'm scared and exicitng.HuH

    I will tell you what happend .


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