My Body Leading Me Somewhere?

  • Hello. My Name is Jacob. i am 16 and i am clinically significant for Depression. ive been depressed for almost 2 years straight. Ive noticed a few things that have caught my attention with having major mood swings. I could be all hyped up one minute, but then i would be sulking into a very dark place :(. Normally everyone has moments like these, but what ive noticed is that everytime this happens, something else happens in real life, to me, or somehow includes me. I feel like there is an inner force inside of me that is trying to break free and warn me of things about to happen, and i want to know what this means. If anyone can help me, i would appreciate it.

  • Jacob, yours is a very tricky situation. Be careful when listening to advise from others regarding your situation. Depression is a very complicated thing and it can play tricks with your mind. The highs and lows you are experiencing are quite common with your condition (I'm sure you have heard it all from doctors). I too suffer from these mood swings and I wish that I could attribute it to a higher calling. I am much older than you and lived with the condition for a long time. There is a lot of help out there for people like us, find some, believe in it, use it to your advantage, and never stop your quest for peace and happiness. It is out there.

  • hmmm... let me get this strait you believe that your mood swings are warnings for the future. This may be so. I have mood swings as well( i'm a cancer so i am constantly going through whirlwinds of emotions and moods). I have suffered from depression as well. What i have found in my life is that my negative moods breed more negativity while my positive moods create more positivity. Basically whatever energy your producing is drawn back to you.

  • Hi, Maybe you could talk to someone (counselor, psychologist), about things in your life. Sometimes our environment can produce depression. I talk to a psychologist about once a month. Usually it's stuff that I have to work on to create more harmony. It's important for me (and you) to do what's best for ourselves. And hopefully things will fall into place. Talking, in general, is pretty good therapy for some people.

  • Hi again, I forgot. You might be intuitive. I guess, if you have bad thoughts about a future event, try to keep track of it.

  • Journaling would be great !

  • whatever you something...take control of the situation...don't let it control you...know that we all are different in some enbrace and control it...I think everyone has given you good advice...this is a very caring use this group as one of your positives...

    peace and happiness

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