Bring Happiness to a home

  • OH-a male in the family is attracted to the energy--not a good influence. There is an elderly lady spirit tall woman glasses dressed in a slim dress--kinda like the 20's but could be late 18oo's as well--sturdy woman--german swedish decent--rules the house---keeps the man in the garage out of the house.

  • Blmoon,

    Whoah! that explains the weird, unsettling feeling I get when I do the laundry. I can't stay long in the garage. It feels like someone is there watching me. Its always cold and even when I don't need to go to the bathroom (#1) - sorry TMI (too much info 🙂 every time I step into the garage a few minutes later I have to go. I can't stay in the garage.

    This incident was after the fire, our house was restored and we just had moved back in. My sister said when she was sleeping in her room which was directly above the garage. She was sleeping and had slightly woken up (half asleep/half awake) she opened her eyes slightly because she had heard something. She saw a man late 40s to early 50s sitting on the chair at the foot of her bed in a suit and a girl standing behind him could be in her early twenties but haggard looking with frizzy hair. They were both wearing black or some dark clothes. They were just there watching her. She closed her eyes and recited the Our Father and fell asleep reciting it. Are these the same spirit?

    I'll check when the house was built but I remember checking the property profile and it was about the 1960s. I'll check again. As for he male in the family - younger or older? what do you mean not a good influence?

    Standing by for more post. Thank you

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  • The influence is a depression thing. A male who has lived in the house has introverted aspects. Is sensative to this energy. He's not aware of the connection. This is a man not a child. But younger than you I believe. Yes the spirits your sister describe are the presence I felt as well--the man being the dominant darkness that is attached to the house--would take over more space but there are other happy guides that prevent that--specially the woman I spoke of that is very attached to protecting the home and the older female of the house. The man in the garage roamed more before the fire but afterwards this female presence became more permanent and dominates the home energy in a positive way. The mans presence in the house mostly felt by a male growing up in house. Again depression issues--lack of energy--isolation. Moody. I pick up a family trait on your moms side--the gift--psychic women.

  • The male in your garage had a daughter--kept her with him--she felt trapped. Very sad. I think though that she has moved on for awhile now--the female who watches over the house has brought peace to her. The father not happy about that but his energy is no match. The closer I get to your family the more spirit activity pops up. I suspect it must be the psychic healing ancestry in your family tree. I'm wondering if this man follows you outside the house--he was very posessive and thought women should be held back and kept in their place. Strange energy to see around your family as the female energy that dominates your ancestry is so not like that--I feel you have such a strong positive bunch around you. I will let this rest as mostly psychic impressions should not be thought out too much as it can muddle things when I let my thoughts in.

  • Blmoon,

    Oh my! Yep, my mom side! My mom said she knows of it from my great grandfather then to my grandmother, then her. I think it skipped me and gave it to my sister 🙂

    We've moved to the house and been living there for about a decade now. As for the male being influence by the negative spirit in the garage - likely my brother. He's not a child, a man in his 30's. Depression yes. But he wasn't this way before. Before the incident a couple of years ago he was an extrovert. The life of the party. He was very popular and was athletic. He was in the dean's list. But something happened to him. I don't know if its the spirit or outside factors? people he met (bad crowd)? We were close. One thing I am proud of is that my siblings and I kept an open communication we were close enough to know each other's "issues" but something happened to him that up to now a mystery. This is what I wanted to ask you about. Would you be able to give me any insight to this?

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  • Your brother is hard to pickup--low energy--withdrawn. A spiril that feeds upon itself. He carries a lot of guilt--sefl loathing for failing and this energy just keeps him stuck. I must go with spirits first telling me yes the man in the garage bad influence so it's relative and adds to the weight of trying to climb his way out. The spirit did not cause this event but the energy attracts like energy so is not good for your brother. I remember the feeling of the garage spirit committing suicide--either directly or indirectly because after the suicide came the drinking words so it's that kind of spiril down I pick up with your brother. I see that it feeds from many directions of influence---a depression--tainting the perspective, the guilt the self loathing and ultimetly the self destruction. The root problem is from the depression. There was a a conflict that triggered it. This man before the change had an attachment to being liked and popular even though he didn't wear it on the surface--he seemed very confident and could say no to people--a strong sense of self. It's not so much he was a pleaser but he had a strong ego--believed in good character and was a protector of good. A stand up guy spirit shows me--head up--stand tall. Something tested his character--broke him. He had great feelings of shame--a very quiet shame and disapointment he drew inward with--isn't going to talk about it--pushes people away---deams himself unlovable. Slow death. This man had a predisposition as well geneticaly to suffer from depression and anxiety. Preceding this were triggers--a time of stress but nobody noticed anything to worry about as he was trusted to be capable but this stress time plus a few other personal questions hit at once and the first depression hit. I see a chemical issue--and no way out--self medicating--periods of self neglect--dangerouse lifestyle choices--complete spiril. On the outside many positive spirits around him pulling for him. Very sad--has so many factors all at once hit him--it happened fast once the spiril started. Medication would help him but it will need to be monotered closely--he needs to stay away from narcotics and any kind of depressents including alcohol. I see the help is available to him but he's not in a place to make the best choice. He's a grown man but he is not capable of taking care of himself properly. His thinking is just so clouded. Mostly though he just does not feel worthy. I don't see this kind of depression as lifting on its own or even something any of you can talk him out of--its in the catagory of mental illness--he needs the highest medical approach. I think you already know all this. I feel your worry is overwhelming--trying to be optomistic yet It's hard to imagine someone making their way back from so much. His chosen evironment and friends reflect his self loathing--its all he knows. I feel there was a childhood event as well he plays over in his mind that feeds his self loathing but is not as damageing as he makes it. If the fog of depression would change he wouldn't latch onto bad thoughts. The problem now is even with proper meds he needs therapy to accept and forgive himself for his actions. Trying to zero in on him I pick up so much from other loved ones--lots of theories--questions anger blame and pain. He has profoundly effected everyone elses lives. This is the sign of mental illness--if left untreated spills over to loved ones in unhealthy ways. Very hard on the family unit. Also the other sign of mental illness--when you can't find the logic--despite all your intuition and smarts it does not make sense--their behaviour totaly makes no sense. Thats when you must consider mental illness and put your energy towards treatment.

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I’m speechless. I…WoW… You… read it as if you were there when it happened.

    My sister and I… just stared at each other after reading this post. You’re right we have lots of theories – questions – anger – blame and its been painful to see him the way he is.

    “There was a conflict that triggered it.” “Something tested his character – broke him.”

    Does the spirit say what the conflict that triggered this and what test of character that broke him? To this day it has been a mystery to us. The doctors asked us what happened to him. We had no idea. Do you see an insight to this event.

    Also “there was a childhood event as well he plays over in his mind that feeds his self loathing – its all he knows.” Do you also see an insight to this event.

    Thank you. Will wait for your post. More questions to ask. Thank you again.


  • The triggers that started his illness are blown out of porportion by him and if he had not had the predisposition for illness he would have worked his way out like most people. It started with that transistion from youth to the reality of the adult world. Your brother had it all figured out he thought--a lot of high ideas about right and wrong and working hard. Very black and white. You do the right thing period and life rewards you. He had a disiplined mind and body process that he used that worked for him. In an immature way he silently looked down on F ups. This haunts him now out of control he began beating himself up by his own too high standards he set. The stress triggers had to do with money--job issues--the reality of the workplace. There was an uncerteinty to it that kept him grinding his teeth at night more than normal. Anxiety set in--heart palpatations--shortness of breath--dizzy spells. Hit him hard that he was so out of control. Suddenly nothing is like he thought--he's not the strong fighter. The uncertainty of life became huge to him. Another trigger was s e x related. A fear of oriantation that was blown out of perportion. This is the anxiety stage racing with fearful thoughts. I see he did visit a doctor but the real problem was not treated and instead he got a taste for self medicating. At first it was alcohol but regretful things happened and the self loathing came into play even more. I see friends teasing him everybody laughing including him but he doesn't let it go like everybody else. He obssesses about these things he should have let go. He uses a childhood event to back up the s ex fear--the somethings wrong with me thoughts. Lots of shame but really blown out of porportion. He tried too hard to have a girlfriend but she was all wrong for him but at the time it just added to the heap of stress and confusion. This is how mental illness can be dormant then triggered--stress from all directions and then out of control. I also see a death of someone close to him hit him hard on top of everything else. He has a real chemical imbalance that will not respond to talk therapy alone. Also because of the extended time of distress he is emotionaly stunted. He's stuck in imaturity. The normal growth process most people go through from young adult to adult has been totaly missed by him. His thinking is immature for his age. Also the self medicating has made him an addict. He may be treated again and again for addiction but untill he is treated for the root cause he can't resist going back. What you can't see is the real pain he is in. All anyone sees is when he medicates or withdraws without feelings---by law of energy the pain he displaces is dumped on surrouunding loved ones--this is where the sickness spreads. Somebody is carrying his pain. He has no coping skills to even deal with living life like real adults. To be treated properly he must have another loved one on board with his doctor who has legal rights to discuss his treatment. He cannot be trusted to take his meds--someone must be on board with that as well. The meds he needs most are the kind given to bi-polar patients is my impression but you definetly need a psychiatrist for that not a counselor or GP but a psychiatrist as just an antidepressent will not address this . I'm seeing the anti-siezure meds as being more apropriate. Someone has to lock up the meds and give them out as directed. Because his anxiety problems are real the drugs for that are too tempting for him on his own. This will be easier once he gets a taste of "normal" he doesn't know what normal is right now--it must be forced on him long enough for him to make the choice otherwise he is not open to taking away the only relief system he knows. I think what would help you and your sister most is education. Hook up with a group for families of the mentaly ill so you can get some direction for all the resources. You must do this because his illness will make you sick.

  • Hi Blmoon,

    (O_O) Whoah! - you’re like a fly on a wall! Your right, you know it!

    “This man before the change had an attachment to being liked and popular even though he didn't wear it on the surface--he seemed very confident and could say no to people--a strong sense of self. It's not so much he was a pleaser but he had a strong ego--believed in good character and was a protector of good. A stand up guy spirit shows me--head up--stand tall.” Yes you’re right. He was very popular. He was known to be the life of the party. He was intelligent and at the same time a wise crack and loves to joke around. People were just naturally drawn to him. He was the guy everyone goes to for problems and will find you the solution. (I think in some sense he liked that. His guy friends saw him as a big brother and I knew my brother longed for such a relationship – he didn’t have a really good relationship w/my dad) So he was confident and omg yeah he was the type to stand up for people especially for his “friends.” He had a lot of charm and appeal. He could sell you back your used socks because he had such charisma.

    “At first it was but regretful things happened and the self loathing came into play even more. I see friends teasing him everybody laughing including him but he doesn't let

    it go like everybody else.” Is this during childhood? Or was it the time he stayed with our uncle in Australia b/c at the time it was a good idea my mom thought he would be good male figure to talk to since he couldn’t talk to my dad, – not! He didn’t help one bit used my brother to ask for so much $$.

    “He uses a childhood event to back up the s ex fear--the something wrong with me thoughts.” What is this about? Something done to him during childhood or some sort of performance issue as an adult? Unless it had to do with the last girl he was going out with.

    “Another trigger was s e x related. A fear of orientation that was blown out of proportion.” You may be right here. Before the spiril down he was trying to talk to me about a girl and something. He couldnt say it. He just kept crying about it. He then got a bunch of my dad’s wine and alcohol and got drunk the whole night.

    “He tried too hard to have a girlfriend but she was all wrong for him but at the time it just added to the heap of stress and confusion.” I think she (the last girl he dated) was one of the factor that triggered it. I also think she was all wrong for him when he didn’t want to introduce her to me. He always introduced his girlfriends or girl-friend to me. Even when he knows I wouldn’t get along with her. Do you see an initial to this girl?

    “This is the anxiety stage racing with fearful thoughts. I see he did visit a doctor but the

    real problem was not treated and instead he got a taste for self medicating.” Yeah he did visit a doctor, a neurologist. The nigh the was going to tell me his big problem with the girl, he got drunk, went to the bathroom and fell and hit his head. We didnt have to call for emergency he just stood up and walk drunkedly back to his room and laughed. But the next day I still took him for a cat scan- nothing- and then was referred him to a neurologist. But he didn’t seem to find anything with him. I don’t remember the doctor giving him any medication. But definitely remember asking my brother a load of $$ from my dad. Ofcourse my dad gave it to him. It was the only form or way he can show his feelings for him.

    “I also see a death of someone close to him hit him hard on top of everything else.” Blmoon do you get an initial for this person? Is this a family member or a friend he saw as support system for him I didn’t know about. The psychiatrist wanted to know if there was trauma this may be one of the main stressors for him.

    “What you can't see is the real pain he is in. All anyone sees is when he medicates or withdraws without feelings---by law of energy the pain he displaces is dumped on

    surrounding loved ones--this is where the sickness spreads. Somebody is carrying his pain. He has no coping skills to even deal with living life like real adults.

    To be treated properly he must have another loved one on board with his doctor who has legal rights to discuss his treatment. “

    You’re right it is mental illness. As far as feelings is concerned he’s probably numb. I always tell him that I love him and appreciate when him when he does his chores. I could see some response in the expression on his face. For a moment I know he’s still has some sort of sense in his clouded mind that we love him. I know we can’t imagine the pain he has inside. His repetitious habits (OCD) could be so tiring to him but he has to do it so he can move on to what ever else he has to do. Its overwhelmingly painful and sad to see him the way he is. Its hard. Its been really hard (can’t help to cry typing this) Its just been really hard.

    Since he became this way,, he’s always only fully entrusted me. I feel when he’s with me his guard is down and at ease above the OCD and the other jarble. My parents and sis see that I am the only one that is clearly the person he listens and trusts. He only wants to go out to public places with me like to the mall, see a movie. I see its hard for him because he has habits now that he can’t control in public specially with talking and mouthing things out. I see he’s trying his best to control it but its overwhelmingly hard for him. As for the doctors, he was seeing a psychiatrist and has taken medications. He was finally opening up to him but for some odd reason the psychiatrist sent him to some day program – which I thought he wasn’t ready yet – should have taken the time to find someone sensitive enough to deal with him. It was a total disaster. He stopped going to the program, and stopped seeing the psychiatrist as well as taking the medication. When taking the meds he was getting better the ocd started to go away and the little habitual facial expressions and talking was going away as well. Oh it was a disaster when he got matched with a resident in training. He did not know how to handle my brother. He was at the point lucid and very aware. But the resident in training almost reversed everything the psychiatrist and I had already achieved. It defeated the purpose and it took us back to the beginning and then some.

    Dealing with him it takes a lot of talking through the jarble with him. He’s got conversations with himself most of the time. He’s not violent or physical so far. He just acts like big kid. (I see a chemical issue- he’s been clean since he was hospitalized a few years ago –“and no way out--self medicating--periods of self neglect—dangerous.

    lifestyle choices--complete spiril.” He was so popular that even the bad crowd liked him

    He then got mixed up with the wrong people and it took only one person to do it. When you said dangerous – you’re right it they were very dangerous – I found out later after the fact.)

    “he doesn't know what normal is right now--it must be forced on him long enough for him to make the choice otherwise he is not open to taking away the only relief system he knows.”Its been also awhile since he’s been off meds as I said. He will do the chore when told nicely but there are times he will throw a tantrum. True, since his illness he does not live and act as he should for his age. He lives in our home with my parents during the week and visits here at the facility during the weekend. My parents take turns caring for him -my dad during the day and my mom in the evening. He had reverted into a childlike mind. Its only here when he’s with me that he knows he has to follow rules – like cleaning after himself after he eats or personal hygiene. Also when he has the need to buy something he wants, he’s told we don’t have the $$ to buy it, he wouldn’t pursue it. The only thing that is a must have is cigarettes. He’s like a walking chimney.

    “On the outside many positive spirits around him pulling for him.”

    Wow. Positive spirits – pulling for hi?! I really thought that there was always an angel, guide, or spirit of a past love one of ours watching over him (could it be an uncle/grandfather/grandmother) do you sense who they are? Because with all the $#!! He’s been through – I’m in no doubt there are positive spirits surrounding him.

    “I feel your worry is overwhelming--trying to be optimistic yet It's hard to imagine someone making their way back from so much.” Yes am totally overwhelmed. But admit I still am hopeful he could at least live a somewhat normal life. The psychiatrist before had told me we may be able to get him back at 80% tops. So I pray and pray and pray and positive thinking that he gets to at least his 80%. Do you have an insight to whether or not he can overcome this? At least live a somewhat normal life?

    “Very hard on the family unit.” You’re right its been soooo hard for us. We’ve been coping with him this way for years. You’re right its also affected all of us in many ways. I myself including my sis, sacrificed a lot. When you said”

    “He has profoundly effected everyone else lives.” I understand (specially for my sister and I ) our present circumstance. Does this also mean our future? Relationship and career wise?

    Thank you for taking the time to this for me. I truly deeply appreciate you doing this for me. I hope you continue to listen and not get tired of sharing your insight to me. Thanks again.

    Love and Blessings to you


  • Bottom line is treatment and you validated that by confirming the change a good psychiatrist can make--but it takes a partner as well because sometimes just when things seem to be going well the patient can give false info to the doc and no one knows that so the doc thinks all is good and stable--psychiatrists deal with mostly in crises situations and they see someone out of a hospital and seemingly functioning better on meds and they will believe the situation is better not being psychic!. (there are intuitive doctors out there--psychics come in many professions) I see that your brother is faced with the limmitting fear that if he stops the anxiety and ocd or whatever distraction he finds available it uncovers the bad thought he fears. He needs the right doctor. Don't stop looking--that is why you need to join with others dealing with mentaly ill loved ones because you'll get word of mouth help to find that right doctor--also you must get him to sign the confidential paper that releases them to include you so you can be there to explain when things change because the doctor only has the patients word and his intuition. Example: a patient can go in saying they don't sleep and answer that no changes in diet but actually not tell the doc they are binging on liters of Coke all day. OCD is just another form of addictive distractions from the root pain and thoughts. The death was a friend--not overly close but by then your brother was already in crises and he associated the death as being tied to his being a bad person--makes no sense really but he was in that frame of mind of being bad. The S e x fear also keeps coming up--he fears he did something t a boo. The childhood thing is tide to that. Most people have s e x thoughts or even experimentation that remain nothing as child play but your brother later questioned himself because something DID happen when he was older that made him fear he was g a y. I think this fear is so big he will sabotage any therapy just to keep from going there.. His relationship with his father is part of his fear--he has a love hate relationship with being male--he craves the male attention but cannot understand why so he fears being g a y when really it's more complicated then that. He so craves the father energy yet there is deep deep anger that he just can't live with--it scares him! This is buryied beneath all those OCD habits. The real fear is if he will be just like his dad--is his dad. In fact untill he heals this no matter were he goes he'll fall pray to men who could take advantage of him as he can't fight back--he fears his anger woulod kill. He turns his anger into thoughts of being bad--hurting someone and just as those thoughts were peaking someone he knew died and he attached that to his badness. Spirit is stopping me here saying enough with the why and has this advice. First you are lucky to be very blessed with lots of good energy about you--there is a history of healing and helping in your family history so use your gift. VISUALIZATION. Use your energy to heal the root pain so he can stop fighting recovery. Before sleep or other times of deep relaxation try meditating on your brother's connection with dad. See them both and create in your mind's eye a long chord that connects from the top of your father's head to your brother's head and start speaking the words that will heal. Spirit will help and you can pray to his guardian angel to help. Example: you can have the message travel from father to son that says my dear son please forgive me for any hurt I may have caused you and please know how much I love you--you are a perfect man and worthy of all the love life has to offer --(say what you feel a good father says). Think--affirmations of all the good your brother really is beneath his illness. You can also speak for your brother to your dad--saying I have so much scary anger dad but I want to love you--I DO love you and forgive you so I can forgive myself. (trust the words that come to you) Practice this consistantly and I promise you will see a change. Also you can pray at night for your brother's Gaurdian Angel to speak for him to your father. Guardian Angels are good messangers of communication when the earthly methods are strained by illness or negative emotion. It really does work. I am opptomistic about improvement in him. You have so much spirit connection around you. Focusing on the father son--man to man connection in a healing way will help. Do it silently at first and eventually it will come to "light" on its own. Blessings.

  • BIG PS--- Spirit just added you may get stuck on the "g a y" thought. Won't help if you have those thoughts--your brother is very very intuitive. See it in terms of affection. It's different for a man as woman can still openly seek affection in women and it's ok---it's not so t a boo. Even if our mothers were not capable of intimacy we can feel ok with lots of hugs and affection with golden hearted girlfriends. BUT in the male world it's different. Specialy the "jock's world". If a man has an empty place not filled by fatherly touch he can crave it but it doesn't translate well in adult life. Your brother can't be feeling those cravings yet he misses something. In his ill fearful mind he is scared by these feelings of wanting more from a man and he ends up attracted to men who don't give. So perhaps in your healing VISUALIZATIONS you can picture him as a child and his father giving him really heartfelt hugs and affection. Think--FEEL THE LOVE!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    My sister and I got teary eyed reading about the father and son message you wrote. It would be much easy well not easy but it wouldn’t get to this point if my dad had a good relationship with my brother. My dad didn’t grow up in an environment that having a relationship with his son is priority more or less with his children. He grew up with the thought that as long as he puts a roof over our heads, provide food on the table and a good education his fatherly duties are met. The emotional nurturing he left that with my mom to do. Its hard my dad is as stubborn as my brother. I could see why my brother was afraid to turn out like my dad. It’s the only thing he saw and grew up with. Don’t get me wrong we’re proud of my dad and his achievements. He’s very active in the community and very social. We hear from other people how they’ve gone to my dad and solved their “issues” and tell us how lucky we are to have him as a dad. We just nod our heads and agree but my siblings and I would just look at each other with a “wat?!” Even within our family – specially cousins, aunties and uncles. My sister and I see that my dad's regrets on things about how he handled my brother. He's elderly now and not as sharp and fast as he use to be. He's trying but still stubborn and bullheaded. With all his faults and shortcomings we still love him just as much.

    LOL! The spirits know I was going there. I wanted to address the g ay part. I won’t get stuck on it. I really saw him more of a meteros exual and not g ay. When we go out in public he usually looks at women head to toe and tries to flirt or get their attention by smiling at them. So when he does this and I know we’re going to pass by an attractive woman I keep a close eye on him in case he does something. But he doesn’t he just tries to give a flirty look and smile big.

    This leads to my question if this really happened...Within the first six months of the spiril, we really thought he was trippin’ on something. He never left the house stayed home. I know this because I was his caretaker. He kept playing out this scenario over and over. He kept talking out loud and acting a scenario to a point of we thought he was possessed. All I could make out was that he and this woman and a third party (I think it’s a bf or husband of the woman) walked in on the two of them and the guy was so mad at him aside from beating him he did something to him. His actions looked like he was pinned down on his stomach and my brother kept saying “sorry, sorry I didn’t know.” He then would refer to himself in third person and say his name and said “get out now!.. Then he would start talking as himself and say “stop…no…please don't…stop!” (like a guy violated him) then he would just pass out and fall asleep. I haven’t seen him do this for a while but I always remember it. Does the spirit see this as the s ex issue that started it all. Please convey to spirits sorry will stop asking why just wanted to know if this really happened.

    As for the issue of seeing a doctor, its been really a challenge. I’ve been trying to get him to one but he’ll throw a tantrum and go to bed. Its been really hard. I’ve tried n a m i but the only thing I got from my county branch was a brochure of services they offered for special kids. He’s not really “special” and definitely not a “kid” I’m actively looking for a support group for families dealing w/the mental illness my brother has. I’ve been trying to give time for it, but with the business and our financial issues my brother’s illness has been put on the side (although obvious has totally taken over our family). You mentioned of strong spiritual influence of the garage man. How do I and/or my sister contra that for my brother? I’m also wondering if he’s also drawn to the mr. sour puss in the facility and how do I contra that as well? With what he’s going through now, does he still have guardians, guides that look over him? See any of them?

    So sorry too many questions. But I’ve never thoroughly talked about my brother with anyone outside my family except for you and- with your insights it answers a lot of our questions.

    Thank you!

    Love and blessings to you,


  • Yes he did have a traumatic male encounter--I see it as happening when he was drunk and partying with a group--he was impaired and these were the kind of people who would put drugs in a persons drink--not a good bunch. He was defenseless but aware enough to know what was happening--he was violated and the thing is he felt he brough it on himself because of thoughts he's had. I believe later he had a second important encounter with an older man and they were both drunk. He felt betrayed by this man because he had started to look up to him but this incident changed their friendship and again he though it was his fault---I see the ocd really increasing after that event. As for the father thing you do not need to apologiz for him I understand completely in fact I saw past to his childhood and I do see enough of all sides of people to understand few people are all bad or good, My father was a coach and mentor and so many people loved him and raved how he changed their lives---but as a father he was terrified of showing emotion. He was one scary man when I was a child but in his later years we came full circle and I got to expierience a healing and close bond. That's why I suggested it is so likely to work for your dad--your visualization will work because the love truely is there. He just don't know how and your brother don't know how. As for the two sad spirits that are near I wondered the same thing if they follow and I did ask. What I got was the female spirit I felt so strong in the house who keeps the garage spirit out she really is protective of your brother. As long as he does not hang out in the garage he is fine. At your facility the sour puss would try to attract him with the intention of causing you agravation (he was a drunk and your brother could decide to drink around him)--it's his aim to get you to leave. Same thing--avoid having your brother spend time in the areas you know don't feel right and be aware of the energy rule--that it's about balance and overpowering the low energy with good. So try not to be overtired or sick when he stays as you and your sister need to make up for his depressive energy. Unfortunetly mental illness can attract sad spirits but I also believe there are so many angels that protect. I believe in good. The power of love. I really feel you can heal the wound between your father and his son by using your heartfelt visualization and healing words. I think after that happens your brother will be ready to committ to getting the right treatment. Blessings

  • Hi Blmoon

    After reading your last post, my sister and I had a good cry about my brother and then prayed a novena for him. You confirmed our suspicions on what happened to him. The OCD he’s been displaying- the classic behavior of someone who has been violated. He is so obsessed with cleaning himself. He has to take a bath every other hour and change his clothes. He’s trying to “wash” it away. My water bill shows for it. The plate and utensils he uses has to be spic and span clean. Before when we buy fast food like fries, we’d buy one and share. Now I can’t touch his food, I touch it he doesn’t want to eat it. I have to buy my own separately.

    Oh if only…I remember there was a group of boys he hung out with before he spiraled down and he did not want me to meet them. Oh if I could have just stopped him. I remember the night he told me he was going to party with a few friends of his I didn’t know. He didn’t come home till the next night and he was pretty awkwardly weird about everything. If only…I could have stopped him I would if I knew… I have to admit I kept saying this last night but I can’t get stuck with “what ifs and if onlys”. You’re also right about an older man that my brother befriended. My sister knew about him, but not really know who he is, I didn’t, she said my brother spoke of him thought of him as an older brother/fatherly relationship but that man ran the same very dangerous crowd.

    Oh gosh. When you said about the sad garage man spirit, my brother goes down through a small flight of stairs to the garage and to a door that leads to the backyard to smoke. He’s always smoked there only because we don’t want the house to smell like cigarettes. Then for no apparent reason he started to smoke just outside the front door. My mom told him not to smoke at the front door, only because if in case any of the men from the bad crowd sees him they might do something to him. He was a bit upset because he said make up your mind I thought you said I should smoke here at the front instead of at the garage or sometimes he’ll say I don’t know I just felt like smoking here. My mom said she never told him to smoke at the front (this happens almost every other day). I think it’s the protective spirit lady telling him so. My sister and I need to figure something out about his smoking in the garage. If only he would stop smoking but its his main way to cope with the anxiety and stress of the thoughts that is going through his mind. As for sour puss, well every time my brother is here he wants to go out – with me. I tell him dad will take him out, but he’d rather I would go out with him and he will be relentless until I do go out with him – that explains it. We’ll try to keep him from those places.

    He doesn’t drink alcohol but drinks sooooo much soda. So I try to get him soda without caffeine and he doesn’t complain about it.

    Blmoon, you’re also right about the energy. When our parents and brother comes and visit, my sister and I are both so drained after they leave – actually it feels chaotic when they’re here – explains it and will try to prepare for it.

    My sister and I will be doing the visualization for our dad and our brother. My brother is really a nice and sweet kid who was just looking to fill a void and got crossed with the wrong crowd. It’s just so sad.

    I just hope those people who has done him wrong will realize how wrong the things they did to my brother and have some sort of justice to the damage they did to him. I just want him to get well, live a normal independent stable adult life. I feel like this weight of unanswered questions about my brother I’ve been holding has been lifted. Talking this out with you and the insights you’ve given lifts that weight. Thank you, Blmoon. I am truly grateful for the read on my brother. Thank you. Thank you Thank you.

    Love and Blessings to you


  • I'm so glad I could help--we covered a lot of touchy subjucts and I'm happy spirit helped bring the right words at the right time. You and your sister are such strong positive women. I know you will keep moving forward. You are so right--it is the woman who watches over your brother who tells him to stay away from the garage. And the drinking thing is about the sugar--it has a drug like effect. Simple carbs and sugar raise the blood sugar in a big spike and there is a calm high for a bit but then the blood sugar drops and causes irritabilty--low energy and sadness so like a drug they must keep binging --it's the chemical high. Alcoholics who stop drinking usually replace it with sugar. Alcohol as well is a sugar rush on top of the depressing efects. There was nothing you could have changed. I believe we all choose our life challenges before we are born. You are all here and connected to learn from each other and to grow towards healing. Blessings! And I'll be taking a break---I need to rest and play for awhile.

  • This post is deleted!

  • if the love is true, nothing will stop you two being in love in each other forever.

    cosmic lover.

    people around you will suffer if they mess around trying to separate you two.

    you do good, good will come back to you.

    gud luck


  • mariplatnum--just thinking of you!

  • Hi everyone,

    I started to come to Tarot to get help. I have a few threads that explain my situation. I have a ghost attached to me, an ex b/f who died at the age of 22. I was 14 and he was 18 when we were together, after 5 months I left him. After he died I started to feel something sit on my bed, when I lay on my side it would hug me from behind. I was told by two different psychics, that he is with me and says " if you are not mine you won't be to anyone else. They say that my mood changes, I could be happy and all of a sudden I get this out burst of anger, he also stands behing me and starts telling me things that make me feel bad about myself, ugly , fat, s t u p i d, and he laughs very nasty like. When ever a man comes into my life he ends it. Last year I started to feel and hear things very crisp, he laid on my bed and started to bother me, getting closer. I can't hear voices, just sounds, and feel. I did meet someone and we had a bond a strong bond. We both knew things about each other, and when I was 18 I started to have dreams about this man, his face faded, but I knew things about him, even his body scent. Then one day I saw this man online, and I felt drawn to his profile we started to chat and get to know each other, Everything that I knew about this man in the dreams, was him..I had found the man my dreams. We would laugh, had things in common, but somedays he would change. Today this man is married,, just recently, and it's hurt badly,..I really believe that this ghost had something to do with it. He has done it before. Now I want to clean my apartment and myself and get this ghost out of my life. I am 45. too long. There is so much to tell but it is a long story, with the man that I met online, day he called me and said "check your sons ears he is going to get sick" next day he did. I could feel him, even though we are in separate states, I would wake up in the middle of the night..seeing him when he was out, clubs..He would tell me where he was and describe it to me...the same as my vision...I need to move on but it is hard when the one you love move on...and I knowing it was my ghost....he pokes me at night so I can wake up...even touch my private places. Like I said it is a long story. I was told to burn sage. So I am here to learn and see what I can do to evict this ghost....

  • This man I met online...would sense me too,'s like we had known each for years and years..