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  • Hi Leoscorpion,

    I don't know if he was wearing a black robe. It looks more like a black smoke in a figure of a man. I've told everyone in my family to do the protection visualization and to refrain from any negativity. Leoscorpion I have been "seeing" more presence around me. But the funny thing is I was always oblivious to it. Why is now that I’m more sensitive to it? Or is it because I’m living in a hotspot? I have motion sensor alarms going off in separate rooms with no one there. I've noticed, I have been experiencing some "sighting" which is new and always right about the border of my plain view to my blind spot and I'll turn nothing is there. However, I did see at one time I changed linens in one of the rooms and was in a hurry. As I was coming out of one of the rooms I literally had to say "oh sorry excuse me." After a few steps I realized what in the world did I just say and to who/what. I then looked back and no one was there. I remember it to be a smaller lady and was dressed in a nice white dress. It gives me goose bumps when I think about it. I thought maybe it’s a good spirit, it had a bright fussy light to it I'm more worried about the dark shadow thingy. The first time I moved in I've seen this cloud of black smoke literally was disappearing to go around the corner of a hallway into a room. On the first floor of the care home has this long hall one end is the staff bathroom. On the other side of the long hall its the elevator and to the right are two restrooms. I was coming out of the staff restroom and I saw about right to the ceiling was like a black smoke I had to blink my eyes to make sure what I saw and then disappeared. I had my sister and I do a walk through around the area but nothing. I haven't seen that till now - but now its in a figure of a man. I always keep in mind the white/blue light visualization

    when I'm feeling the fear or frustration. It really helps. We pray every morning and every night as well.

    Thank you for replying. Keeping up with the prayers and cleansing.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Hi Blmoon,

    I don't know if you'll believe me or not but I was writing a note to post for you asking you questions since I read through the replies on my thread. I do see that a whole lot of people is asking for your help as well. But I hope you could help me too. I literally almost fell off my seat when I saw your post on this thread!

    Blmoon - you got the hair on my arms standing. You're right (with everything), the property has had some tug of war between several families that owned this place well and you could say even now. The owner previous to the one that sold it to us at the height of the business had to sell it because of family fighting over money. As for the family that sold it to us (with still 10% of it they still own) they too also had issues with one family member taking money and another family member wanted control of the business - it was a mess too. On book the business had a great return but it didn’t factor or forecast in the economic times at the moment. So its been sloooow.

    I'm glad there are good spirits around us which I feel as well.(any of them you see may have been a resident here?) Was mr. sour puss a resident here? I don’t know if you would be able to know that? But I do feel some areas has energies that makes me feel awkward or uncomfortable. Actually there are a few places around the building I really don't like going by myself.

    You said the "mr.sour puss" attracts other spirits? So these are outside spirits Mr. sour puss has attracted to come or people that visits had brought in? Do you see which room he was in or he likes to hang out? There are two rooms I feel even just passing by it I feel

    heavy hearted ( I don’t know if that made sense). Have I met "mr sour puss" or he has been a spirit that has been around for a while? The reason I ask this is because

    the family that sold the business to us who's nephew ran the place had mysteriously died in his sleep. One of his housekeepers tried to wake him up but he wasn't even breathing. I was told by previous caregivers said he and his uncle and his aunt (the family that sold us the business) had a power play as far as how things should be ran and especially about handling the $$ so he ran off w/the $$. Wow blmoon and you saw this family

    fued. If this is the family fued you're talking about.

    As for the employee I had employed. did you know it was a she? (sorry so many questions). Do you see the age of this gal? I have three in mind and one

    of them I’m very particular about. As for the energy of the place, I've tried music, plays

    and laughter to fill the rooms. I don’t know if I’m winning the space but the great hall

    I have my sister and I take turns at least everyday three times a day to play loud music w/the piano and blast little chuck berry and have a little dance session with the residents.

    My jaw just dropped when you described the entrance to the building. The entrance is like a T shape and when you enter through the door at the foyer you'll see an enclosed koi pond with a waterfall in front of you. Then to your right will bring you to a hallway leading to the different circuits of the building and to the left leads to the great hall. On my walls I have big framed reprint posters of Renoir and Monet. But I do have add more plants/greenery. There is this main closet on the first floor. As soon as you go in the foyer and turn right you walk about 8 paces and a you’ll see a closet. In the closet is another small room w/ another small cubby hall filled with stuff of things. I have not cleaned this out yet. I feel really uncomfortable just opening it. But my first floor linen is in it. Do you

    Think this is one of the hang out rooms of Mr. Sour puss?

    As for our residents we're blessed to have great and sweet residents (well as far as I know on my watch). However, I'm noticing a change in two of my residents. I have one who for some reason she's been "seeing" her husband lately. Since her birthday in January she's either told me she's seen her husband or she’d ask me the whereabouts of a man she was chummy with and has conversations with. I told her we only have women

    residents, and asked her who is this man. She just responds with its that gentleman. (could this be "mr.sour puss" face. (The only male staff I have is my dad and brother who is here only on certain days of the week to do regular maintenance cleaning and gardening and hardly have any contact w/the residents). The days she has these episodes they’re not here. Recently have another resident who has been suffering from insomnia. We've got her meds check and everything is fine. She doesn't have a sweet tooth so sugar isn't a problem. So we're just observing. Has this anything to do with the "mr.sour puss" spirit as well. Does the spirits say anything why he’s attached to the property?

    Sorry so much questions. I truly, truly am grateful for your insight and help. I hope you continue and don’t get tired of listening and replying. I am truly am grateful. Looking forward to your feedback.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Good morning everyone Thank you for all the wonderful & helpful advice. My home was filled with alot of negativity for the last four years & then in the last month I bought this book called mindlight by silver ravenwolf. excellent help for clearing negativity from ones self & for the home. I implemented a water feature in a corner of my living room along with a varatie of small candles & it has been working wonderfully. I know it will take time to get my home & relationship of 12 years back on track but this book was a tremendous help. even my outdoor alter has helped my yard of getting rid of all the negativity.

    Blessing to all

  • Hi Mari

    You're welcome. Don't worry about determining whether a spirit is good or bad. If they don;t hurt you in any way, you have no reason to be concerned. Most likely what you are feeling is not fear, but more of frustration and fatigue. It's very common to feel this way when you are in a healing industry. Just do your best , the rest leave it to the universe or whoever you believe in.

    You start seeing more presence, because the 'air' is clear. as a result of the cleansing you have done. Sage for the environment and gem for yourself. Sometimes just one week of sage and gem cleansing can do wonders already. Also, staying positive, or at least try your best to stay positive, helps you clear yourself of negative thoughts that in return gives you clarity. You are not holding yourself back, and now you SEE the spirits as who they are so no more fear.

    There is a reason why spirits are there. Some of them probably used to live there and some are just 'new' and watching you. In fact they may know how to help you in your work. I know an astrologer who received help and guidance from the spirits, a botanist who gained knowledge from the spirits in nature. There is also a healer in South America receiving guidance from spitits and this person doesn't know any medical training. So when you feel comfortable, maybe try communicate with them. This doesn't always work because they don't always reply, and when they do, they don't communicate verbally. I know because it happens to me with the spirits at home. But no worries, just keep up protection and cleansing, and try communicate ONLY when you feel up to it. You never know what information you can get.

    Yes, the shadow that I see is just as you described. It comes and goes, without me saying anything. If you want to pray, of course do so, but be careful your choice of words. There is a reason why the ancients believe words can manifest a reality. Because THEY do. Take care now.

  • I see the main negative spirit claiming the property as being someone who has lived there a long time ago long before you stepped in--he honestly feels it is his---this selfish energy has manifested for years and attracts like energy--also he plays people against each other as I said. Think of him as energy--he attracts both outside spirits and trys to attract inside as well but mostly the spirits of those passed in your care have no attachment to that --they have no reason to join him. If anything they visit as positive loyal spirits who would love to help you out. This selfish man who must win feeds on fear so again don't give in. And don't think of him as powerful--just a negative nuicence. To not make him welcome you must address the very spaces you hate --trust your gut--he's saying back off or I'll show you something ugly and you must override that energy with something not so comfy for him--target those places you feel say go away--clear them out--leave the door open--place something sacred there--bless that space with symbols of love and sharing--the very energy he lacks--he can't claim the whole house so he claims small ares but drifts around constantly trying to claim more and hopefully drawing weaker people to his side--most of your tenents have loved ones in spirit watching over so they are safe but he just loves stiring things up--making your day more complicated. To research who exactly mr. sour puss is you would have to go back to the early days of the property spirit gives me a name that sounds like Kennedy so I'm not sure if that means a direct name or tied to the time of Kennedy because in my mind I see President Kennedy. I can say that this tug of war has been ongoing long before you came in and the loving positive spirits actually pulled you in hoping you would be the force to change the energy--as a healer this is a good place for you to educate yourself about the laws of energy and how to protect yourself in a way that keeps you balanced. In fact I really think all healers have at least once early on had there "haunted house" lesson! It comes with the gift to be drawn into these energy battles. It is like a bootcamp for learning as this negative energy is indeed trying to wear you down. He just wants everyone to leave--mine all mine he says. This is your time to asses the price--is it effecting your health? Is his energy growing and dominating. Sometimes we do have to walk away. It's a committment with eyes wide open and a lesson on what we can change or what we cannot depending on how much we can afford to give. Your choice. Blessings.

  • Hi Leoscorpion!

    Thank you! You’re right its not fear its fatigue and frustration. But I’m keeping in mind the protection visualization and positive, positive, positive thinking. Earlier today I was so short tempered I didn’t even know why. I immediately did my protection visualization because I’m not about to feed into that negativity. Wow. It makes a difference. I also don’t feel as fearful as I use to. I feel more stronger and bolder – trying to have my amazon warrior to rise up and fight-fight-fight. I also keep my faith. I do believe God is on my side. I have the whole family praying daily now – which truthfully we use to do before but with all the junk in between we forgot. But now we’re praying together again. It feels good. Although we have all sorts of these problems to deal with, I feel we’re stronger as a unit.

    “I know an astrologer who received help and guidance from the spirits, a botanist who gained knowledge from the spirits in nature. There is also a healer in South America receiving guidance from spitits and this person doesn't know any medical training. So when you feel comfortable, maybe try communicate with them. This doesn't always work because they don't always reply, and when they do, they don't communicate verbally. “

    Do you contact this astrologer and healer via email?

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Hi Blmoon!

    You wow me. You’re right on the money. Could I just say Wow – again. For the identity of Mr. Sour Puss, you know what Blmoon when you mentioned “Kennedy” – helllooo – that’s an irish/scottish origin name. The building that is now the care home I own use to be occupied by nuns and over seen by one pastor/priest from Ireland. You wow me. You’re right on the money. I’m going to research more about the history of this place and tell you if that name or time period has any relevance to our Mr. Sour Puss. There is a room in the whole building, which use to be the office for the pastor and was then converted to a live-in quarters for employees and their family. Blmoon, before I forget you also told me about the “she” employee. Do you see an initial letter? My sister has three in mind and one I’m particular about. We’re also suspecting she was the one who took my mom’s jewelry. Just curious. She’s in hiding and wouldn’t have the nerve to show her face here. You see an initial letter?

    I’ve always been so oblivious about all this but now its been so different. I’m more sensitive to this and this gut feeling of mine. When I get the feeling I tell everyone to flow with it. I’ve also never thought of myself as a healer, but then it would explain all those people I’ve become acquainted and friends with while working for a non-profit clinic. I had patients, their family and friends even the doctors and my fellow employees come by my office to see me for no reason or just to talk out their issues with me. They say they feel so good after talking things out with me.

    I’m now actually curious, intrigued and bold – not fearful. The more information and knowledge of what I’m dealing with makes me feel stronger and find ways to fight it.

    As for assessment, right now I really don’t have a choice. If this was about a few years ago when I was totally immature and naïve I would just run away. Now, I'm more mature and level

    headed. I know what I need to fight-fight-fight and succeed! I feel stronger with the advice and knowledge I’ve gotten here. Its such a blessing.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Blmoon,

    I hope its too much of me to ask. You’ve been so kind in answering all my questions about the business issue, that I would to like to request of you – not for me –its for my brother and sister. You’ve been right on the money with all this. I wanted to know a few things about my siblings. I worry about them so much. Should I start a new thread or continue on with this and ask my question to you about them? I appreciate your help and patience.

    Love and blessings to you


  • hi Mari

    I read about the healer. He is probably dead now.

    I was 15 or so when I read about it.

    the astrologer, she has written many well published books

    and now teaching workshops around the world

    I won't give out names here,

    if you are meant to know, you will come across it

  • Hi Leoscorpion! about manifesting your destiny. If it was meant to be it was meant to be. If she has

    written books and known worldwide. I may know who she is. 🙂

    My sister wanted to also ask you about sage sprays and bells. Are these as effective as the incense? She was also wondering if there are certain flowers or plants good to put up at the building entrance for protection.

    Love and blessings to you


  • Mari

    I'd like to let you know their names, but some people are not 'open' and I am not looking for debates on here. Anyone can read my post so I decide to keep it to myself. After all

    as you said : "If she has written books and known worldwide. I may know who she is. :)"

    In terms of plants, yes sage is good to put up. I won't say it is as effective as incense, but in your case additional help is not a bad idea. It may be a good idea to set up herbs garden if you have the space too. Rosemary and frankincense are good companion for sage.

    Don't know much about flowers. All I have is herbs, like sage and so on.

  • Leoscorpion,

    How about sage room sprays. My sister said she's heard of them. Is this effective too? Also wanted to know if resonance bells work as well?

    Love and blessings to you.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Lavender is very healing. You can buy the oil and spread it around in creative ways. A drop on a candle. A few drops on tissue in a closet or on cloth. A drop on the curtains where the sun comes in. True lavender oil is strong and will go a long way. Some stores carry it in their inscence and candle departments. Use it specially where you feel negativety in the house. When you need a calm yet energetic lift you can open the bottle and just snif for a few minutes--it lowers blood pressure. If you do pour a little in a dish keep away from pets Also I read your request on your siblings but do not get anything at the moment--you are the energy I pick up. Can you tell me where your sibling in question lives and I will try again later.. Blessings

    PS The lavender I have right now is called LAVENDER DREAMS made by Scents Of Creation but I'm sure there are other companys out there--oils usually come in small brown bottles. You may find sage as well in this form.

  • OH forgot--health food stores are a good place to find true oils as well!

  • Thank you Blmoon I was wondering where to get true oils at

  • Hi LeoScorpion,

    I kinda thought so about the incense vs. sprays. Burning of the incense would be more effective b/c in my religion (catholic) blessings the church uses incense. I could see the concept of it w/having it be smoke kinda mimic spirit form and help it fly up away into higher place instead of being stuck in something. I don't know if that made sense but its how the concept of it -I understand it. Gosh it was a bit hard to find the sage incense. A lot of the major brand stores only care the rose-lavender-apple-ocean breeze-spices none Sage. Had to order it online. What about the bell? Do you use the bell? Is it effective too?

    Will check out the site. Thanks. 😉

    Love and Blessings,


  • Hi Blmoon,

    Yay! Good to know I'm doing something good already. I have been putting a drop of lavender in my residents' linens. Yes, its got this calming affect. I didn't know I can drop on the candle. Do you drop it on the wick or just around it? I also didn't know this can contra against negativity. Good to know.

    I'm still researching the history of the building. I'm trying to find out who owned it before it became a convent or its use before it. I'll update you on what I find out.

    My update on any activity around the facility. When my sister and I pray in the evening at the great hall, we include in our novena intentions for light, love, rest and peace to the spirits that may be occupying our facility. Every time we say this there would be a significant noise that we would hear. We thought it would be coincidental but this whole week it happened every time. Is this good or something doesn't like this statement?

    Blmoon, was just really intrigued w/the "she" employee. I know I've asked this several times,

    but do you see an initial for this employee? My mom, my sister and I have three different people in mind. Who was it?

    Thank you. Thank you. - for accepting my request for my siblings. My brother lives with my parents at our original home (which I think is also haunted - specially the garage - is this coincidental that I'm living in places that could have these hauntings or just luck or something is just following us or me that I don't know about.) My sister lives w/me here at the facility. Do you need their birthdays?

    Love and Blessings,


  • Hi Mari

    yep I order mine online too

    I love sage, cleansing and I also like the light fragrance

    I don't use anything else but sage for 4 years now and it never fails me

    I don't know if you remember this, but I suggested you to use Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

    it is great to soothe you and calm you down when you feel anxious and nausea etc

    It's natural essence of flowers and is used in healing therapies

    you can get that one in any homeotherapy store

    I also suggested to repeat This too shall pass, when you feel down and restless

    then Bach flower Rescue Remedy will help soothe and calm you down

    don't know about the Bell, sprays etc

    I only know the plant and the incense stick

    I never burn sage leaves, because I found that sticks already help

    hope you find the info you need on the websites

  • This is just a quike respons. Had to respond about the garage. I see a very strong image there of suicide--don't know how--may have been even indirect like when someone drinks themselves to death but I see a man who spent a lot of time hiding in there--low energy not happy and died there. Strong impression. Either in that garage or a building once on that spot.