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  • healingways

    no worries. it is not stupid question, in fact it makes sense.

    the blue and white light, is to protect living beings inside it. you visualize it around you and around humans and animals you love, it will work the same way.

    but if it's a person, it works better if she or he is the one visualizing it. if they visualize it, that means they believe in its power. and so it will work better for their advantage.

    remember the light only protects us from harmful energies from outside. if we send harmful energy ourselves, we will not be protected of it. that's all.

    also, the light doesn't protect non-living things. boxes, houses, cars, dolls, etc.

    you can cleanse them with sage. but not protecting them.

    for your home, you want to try my suggestion to Mari. It's long I know, I tend to lose it when I type LOL but I hope it helps and if you have any questions just shoot. I might know something.

    sometimes, just sometimes. the spirits do not scare you. you are just not used to see them. this is why sage is good. when the air is clear, you will 'feel' more. you will know whether the spirits do mean bad or they just happen to love the place and want to stay there. Who knows, they may actually be your guides, or they are there to watch and protect you? If they are there for some time now, and they never harm you, then there is no need to be afraid. If they meant harm, you or someone in the family, will already be harmed.

  • Hi leoscorpion,

    Thanks so much for the explanation, it makes more sense to me now, and I have to say I feel a little better because the way you have described it, you see, my thoughts on the subject of spirit guides is, I love the idea that they are with me helping and guiding me, and they would know I would never want to "see" anything so I have felt at ease with it, but, it has been the thought of something not so nice popping up in my home thats caused me major issues that are now affecting my health, because I live alone I have allowed my thoughts to turn into irrational fear... I have always had the feeling, and been told many times over the years there are lots of spirits here, and I've been told this house is like a "safe haven" to the confused newly dead ones, ( but I'm truly grateful though that I haven't actually seen anything, well, apart from an instance a few years ago, and that was directly outside this house...I think thats why I'm wanting to place the light all around the house as a means of "stopping" energies coming in?...

    when I first moved to this house I felt uneasy, to the point of getting a feng shui consultant in to help me maybe change the energies of this home to allow the flow of abundance to come to me, and then it would enable me to move, that was 5yrs ago and sadly it didnt work on the abundance cos I'm still but I still believe in feng shui it does lift the energy feel to a place, and I still do a bit of tweeking here and there, I try not to do a lot of changes at once as this could make things worse and it could be just one element that causes it, so if you change lots at once you wouldn't know what caused things to get worse.

    I will certainly be doing the sage smudging more often, I have been very hit and miss with that, so, I really must get into the habit of doing regular cleansing's, I will buy lots of it today and burn sage daily, I will also certainly be placing myself in the "blue egg", I love that!!....

    Thanks again for your help leoscorpion ,

    much love and joy to you,


  • Hi Leoscorpion,

    Thank you! Thank you! It wasn't a long read. I actually enjoyed it. Lots of information and it was detailed too. But ofcourse me, I have more questions to ask. About the stones: Does it have to be smoothed out? a certain shape? size? that it would be affective. How would the affect be if the stones (both quartz & black tourmaline) in the form of a pendant/ring/jewelry? If so whats the best metal it can be casted in? If raw stones where do you keep it w/you all day? pouch? small jewelry box? You say you have wash this - everyday? Time of day I have make sure I wash it? when drying it this would mean I can't have it on me, how do I know its ready for me to carry again? Sorry too many questions. 🙂 As for the sage, I can't usually leave anything burning for some of my residents curiosity and mental condition. How do I do this sage cleansing? As for the white/blue egg visualization - WOW! it helps w/ even calming myself.

    Thank you!! I can't express how much I'm thankful w/the information you've shared w/me.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Hi Mari

    "As for the white/blue egg visualization - WOW! it helps w/ even calming myself."

    Awesome !

    "As for the sage, I can't usually leave anything burning for some of my residents curiosity and mental condition. How do I do this sage cleansing?"

    If you can't leave anything burning, even if it's only an incense stick -- then don't leave it by the door or windows.

    Just do the regular daily cleansing : take the sage (candle or stick) with you and go around the building, every corner, every room. Then you can probably place it in your office or somewhere private. Or store it for use the next day. Remember to keep the visualization up for protection, at all times.

    When you come across unknown items or not comfortable with some items, then waff it around these items. Read my post about cleansing items again, if you are not sure.

    "About the stones: Does it have to be smoothed out? a certain shape? size? that it would be affective. How would the affect be if the stones (both quartz & black tourmaline) in the form of a pendant/ring/jewelry? If so whats the best metal it can be casted in? If raw stones where do you keep it w/you all day? pouch? small jewelry box? You say you have wash this - everyday? Time of day I have make sure I wash it? when drying it this would mean I can't have it on me, how do I know its ready for me to carry again?"

    No, it doesn't have to be smoothed out. Raw ones will work. No specific shape or size requirements. If you are getting a pendant or jewelry, I would suggest the metal is silver. since silver is known for purification also. The thing with jewelry is that you can't wash it. But this is fine. You just have to use the raw ones for daily practice and keep at it, until you notice a change. Then wear the jewelry when you are going out. Just keep the visualization up all the time.

    The gems are yours, as long as you don't let anyone else touch them. OK? The whole washing, drying, blowing your breaths onto them, placing them under the sun -- is a daily practice. The practice is what makes the gems work for you, means you don't have to carry them with you unless you will be travelling for days. Or if you feel that visualization is not enough. Otherwise, just store them safe at the end of the day, in a pouch in a jewelry box or even safe deposit if you have one. Then the next morning, it's the same practice all over again.

    About time of the day, just adjust your cleansing schedule so that it will be ready for the sun light and that the gems will receive at least 2 hrs of sun rays. Depending on your geographic location, you probably need to start early, because the sage cleansing will take place prior the gem cleansing. You can't do any of them in a hurry, you have to be thorough, not missing a single detail. The sun usually rises around 4 - 6 AM and sets around 3 - 5 PM, depending on your location. Plan your day well. In your case I would suggest daily (both sage and gems) to start with, until you notice a change, then maybe you can do it weekly. Visualization, is the only thing that you have to keep up at all times. You wouldn't want to do that one weekly LOL

    If you are into moon ritual, you can use the gems too. But I won't get you into that, until you are comfortable and get used to the daily sage, visualization and morning gems practice.

  • healing ways

    I am glad that it helps and I hope you will not be as afraid anymore

    it's normal to be afraid but don't dwell in it or it will cripple you

    a guide is there to guide you, a guardian is there to guard you

    sometimes one spirit can do both, sometimes it takes more than one spirit to do it

    but these are what they do

    they won't stop life experiences, good or bad, from happening to you

    because life is to learn and move forward

    some lessons are to be learned by experiencing them

    try to communicate with these spirits

    bring the intention to communicate with them, in meditation for example

    if the sage clears the air, meditation will help you quiet the mind chatter and step away from ego

    that's when guidance will reach you

    I have to go now, work is piling up 🙂

    let me know if you need anything. I might be able to share more.

  • Hi Leoscorpion,

    Oh my gosh. I don't know if you're into superstitions or anything. What does it mean if you found a dead bird in your koi pond? Well in my county, we were told the west nile virus were killing the birds. Besides this fact. I'm freaked out with this. I was told to remove it, put it in plastic bag and throw it outside for the garbage man to pick up. I then was told to splash holy water to the pond and say a prayer. Am I just over reacting? Okay -white/egg visualization...visualizing to relax. I'm just freaked out about this. Feedback?

    Thank you.

    Love and Blessings to you.


  • Mari

    if an animal dies in your environment, then something is not right

    it could be just west nile virus

    or the energy of around the pond is not healthy

    is this the only animal that died in the area? what about around the building?

    If anything, you have to keep up the protection and sage/gem cleansing

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  • Hi!!

    Leoscorpion: I called a friend of mine who lives in the area and she said there is west nile virus that is killing the birds. So she was specific on how I should handle it. I had my cousin clear the overgrown brush on top of the mini falls of the koi pond this weekend and he actually just also installed new fresh bamboo and fern plants around it. So I don't know about the energy around it. Shouldn't that help w/ the good positive energy. As far as any other animals that died in the area within the vicinity of my building - none. Will keep up with the cleansing.

    ~D: Thank you. Will wait for your color post.

    Thank you Leoscorpion and ~D for a reply about this. I'm so freaked out about it. Thanks again.

    Love and Blessings,


  • Hi Mari

    don't know about feng shui and plants arrangement

    but certainly anything not taken care of (overgrown, not cleaned regularly etc) is not good for energy flow

    I'm glad to know, that nothing else died there

    I found a dead bird in my place once, and I was told to throw it to the garbage also.

    but at the time it wasn't virus

    it was a crow. a crow is known to bring bad news

    nothing to do with the bird, just so happens that it is the message it carries

    someone in the area was dying and he/she died soon after

    that's why the crow was there

    even if no animal dies

    you still need to keep up with the cleansing and protection

    try do it regularly and when you are stressed out or worried, tell yourself This too shall pass or apply Bach Flower Rescue Remedy like I mentioned above

    don't let worry or fear cripple you

  • Thank you Leoscorpion. I already feel blessed for the information and support you've given me.

    So do you think it was a message? After I had disposed of the dead bird and called my friend that lived around the area. I also called my cousin who didn't have a answer for me. Then called my mom and found out one of my extended aunts who helped me through school had died. I didn't even know she was sick but apparently she had made her sister not to tell anyone until she had passed. Said a prayer for her.

    I had shared the white/blue egg visualization with my sister and she's doing it as well. She's been feeling a little funny lately like she has something heavy attached to her back and feeling tired as well. She sleeps on her regular schedule and rests but just can't explain it. Between the two of us she's more intuitive. She gets a lot of deja vu. She's still observing herself after I told her about the white/blue egg visualization. Should I suggest something else for her?

    Leoscorpion, with the cleansing how do I put protection around my property? Do I project

    my white/blue egg visualization to it as well? I forgot to tell you about my two puppies that visits on the weekends. Do I do the same cleansing on them and does the white/blue egg visualization work for them? It seems a bit silly but they're like family members. They seem to be little on the edge at times when they come over but I think its because they're still puppies and very sensitive to sound and can't differentiate between the air condition to actual walking noises.

    Thank you Leoscorpion. I appreciate you, your insights, support for taking the time in lending an ear and a shoulder w/ all my woes.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • "I didn't even know she was sick but apparently she had made her sister not to tell anyone until she had passed. Said a prayer for her."

    there is the message. a deceased relative or soon to be. I don't know if the person who died in my neighborhood at the time, lived there or not. but his family did.

    "Should I suggest something else for her?"

    if you want, then try suggest the gem cleansing too. since she is more intuitive, she is probably more attuned to the moon ritual. but let her read my posts about the morning gem practice and see how she feels.

    Visualization is only to protect her from harmful energy so unless she is surrounded by this kind of energy 24/7 she won't feel much difference. The gem and sage cleansing, however, she will feel the change at least between 2 to 4 weeks of regular practice.

    There is a presence around her, spirit is giving her a nudge, so to speak. that's what she feels on her back. Sometimes this happens on the back of the head, or the solar plexus. She feels it, because as you said she is more intuitive than you are. Ask her to bring this experience to meditation, and trace this presence to the source. How is she physically, BTW?

    "with the cleansing how do I put protection around my property?"

    Read my post for healingways, about property. To protect your loved ones, animals or humans, you can visualize the blue egg on them as well. but if they are humans, it's better they do this themselves this way they don't have to be around you to receive protection, they can protect themselves. If it's animals, yes I guess you will have to do it for them.

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  • here is crow's wisdom

    Guardian of the place before existence

    Ability to move in space and time

    Honoring ancestors

    Ethics and Ethical behavior

    Carrier of souls from darkness into light

    Working without fear in darkness

    Guidance while working in shadow

    Moves freely in the void

    Understands all things related to ethics


    "Carrier of souls from darkness into light " this is why crow comes when there is a dying person in the area. it is there to carry the spirit when it leaves the body, to the light.

  • Ok I have to go Mari

    take care and regards to your sister

  • Leoscorpion,

    I enjoyed reading your postings regardings cleansing and negativity. I have pasted these into a word document for future referrence and will put your recommendations into action right away. I have been having such a difficult time lately and I think this will help me. Many thanks.



  • luvslife

    I am happy that sharing what I have learned, helps you.

    everything I posted on this forum, are lessons I learned from life experiences and from those who helped me. I have applied many of these in my own life so I know it works at least for me.

    Some lessons I am still on the surface, barely touch the depth of them

    so I don't post much of these

    anyway I hope it will work for you, the way it works for me

  • Hi Leoscorpion,

    I had an odd experience this morning. My sister and I fell asleep in our living room sofas watching movies last night (we had a romantic movie marathon). I fell asleep on one couch and she fell asleep on the other coach in the other side of the room. I checked

    the clock (it was about 7am) I sat up on the sofa I selpt in and in the corner of my eye I saw a dark shadow (male figure) and was walking towards my sister. My initial reaction

    was turn that way and it just almost like it ran the opposite direction and disappeared. I woke

    up my sister and prayed the morning. She said she had seen this 2x when she was away for college. The most significant one was about two years ago. She was taking a nap and as pretty much half asleep. At the time she lived by herself in a one bedroom condo. So

    being half asleep she felt she wasn't by herself. She woke up with a shadow pacing back and forth around her. She tried getting up and wasn't able to move.She was trying to raise her hand to do the sign of the cross but she felt pinned down of some unseen force.

    She then just started to recite the Our Father and then right before she finished reciting it. The

    shadow disappeared. After this incident I stayed with her for a whole month and nothing occured or more less appeared.

    My question is no matter how spiritual you are, is there a posibility dark shadows like this follow you? My sister said someone has told her, she has a bright light around her that she may be attractive to dark shadows as well. Is there validity to this leoscorpion?

    We were told by my mom that our grandmother had a "gift." As for my mom said she can

    sense through vibes and read someone by first meeting. But my sister on the other hand has dreams and she would constantly have "deja vu." That is why at times she dread to dream anything bad. As for me. I think I was skipped when they were giving out this "intuitive" gift.

    What should we do with this shadow? Is this something we should be alarmed with? Your insight is appreciated.



  • Hi Mari

    I have the same experience with the shadow. I can't remember when I first saw it, but I've been seeing it almost every day now. There can be many reason why you are followed, as the shadow can be anything not necessarily bad.

    On top of the shadow, I have also seen quite often, a Watcher. This energy takes form of a man wearing black robe. I never got to talk to him and ask what he wants, because he disappears as soon as I walk towards him. If the shadow hasn't done anything to you, then let it be around. It may also be a watcher taking that form. If it means to do you harm, it won't disappear right when you see him. I never recite any prayer when I see the shadow or all kinds of things in the house because I don't fear them. Some words can provoke negative energy, so be careful reciting anything.

    If you keep up the protection, you will be fine. Don't be afraid excessively and easily. Fear can actually be a window for the actual negativie energy to consume you. We have the ability to create the environment we dream of, so keep up protection and cleansing and be firm on your intention. Don't let fear consume you, or all the work you have done will not bring results.

    "My question is no matter how spiritual you are, is there a posibility dark shadows like this follow you? My sister said someone has told her, she has a bright light around her that she may be attractive to dark shadows as well. Is there validity to this leoscorpion?"

    I actually said this to a friend of mine. She has a bright white aura and seems to attract those with bad intention towards her. I can't see her aura but she can. Only she doesn't know how to protect and cleanse her self regularly, so she keeps attracting them and eventually she thinks I am rubbish and so on. This is what happens when negative energy consumes you. You will think someone is lying while they are telling the truth. You will think someone means bad while they only mean good.

    Nobody can hurt you if you are protected, so instead of focusing on fear. Keep up protection and cleansing and keep on going with your life and purpose. You will probably see more presences around you. That is fine. Just don't talk to them without keeping your protection up. and don't fear them, or you will give them a window to come in.

  • mariplatnum

    I wanted to tell you my impressions of your problem with the property but at first pulled back because it is a heavy impression and I wanted to wait and see if it changed--you were getting lots of advice and all valid. I hesitated as well because I want to give you some positive hope and did not want to scare you and make anything worse as fear attracts more of what you don't want. Bottom line is your property issues are very complex--not just a feng shui issue. You have many dominating spirits on board--there is a long history to the building--a dominating spirit attracting like spirits. Here's how I see it--tug of war--a war that has spanned several owners. Like a family feud thing--two groups fighting for ownership of the space. You have good spirits trying to call in helpful energiy and hermit spirits who want the place to themselves and the building empty--there is one male spirit who leads this energy and the only reason he even invites other darker energy in is he feels he needs them to get HIS house back--very selfish bitter and timmid man. Spirit shows me "sour puss face". He often greets any glowing types who enter and is responsable for the strong reactions that are not just feng shui. Heres the thing he is determined to send you away and has nothing better to do! There are positive spirits as well on your side and they constantly hope if they get the energy on there side they can get him and his few others to be outnumbered. That employee who HE attracted to you for his own purpose is on your mind because he is trying to still use that fear. It really ticks him she left and he is still trying to put fearful thoughts in your head to think she is in some kind of control--she is not. Her energy was no match or she'd still be there. I'm trying to see a fix but this is a tough one because the very nature of a home is already a low low energy--even the best of homes will take your breath away as you enter if you are sensitive because it is what it is--dying people with dimming lights. The best home I ever visited was not square but you entered into a square entry room then the rooms went left or right so the building was more T shaped and it was very peaceful because I feel the energy did not bunch up in one big square but was stretched out in a T shape--also this home did not take the more unruely patients. Otherwise it is the reality of energy you can't escape. You are a strong positive hea;ling energy and unfortunetly this can drain you dry--you need more on your side if you want to stick with this battle. You will need to adress from all ends--Feng shui and spiritual. You need more help than you have right now. You can try a spiritual church in your area to help lead you to the right person who can help you adress these issues. Once you can overpower the male spirit claiming your space as all his he will no longer feel comfortable there and leave. Spirit says he uses fear to weaken you so avoid fear at all costs---in fact if he does throw a fit it means you are winning! He does not like to be recognized--it makes him crouch away. Learn all the things darker spirits hate and use those things. The sage is very good---only positive healing employees--and careful because he trys to sneak the wrong ones in so only hire after several interviews and include other trusted friends to be there as well and always pray during the process. Lots of plants and flowers. NO clutter---dark spirits love cramped and cluttered corners. Put up famouse art prints---these are full of divine energy. Mirrors in the right places help (sunlight sunlight sunlight!)--there is a lot you can do. Just having someone with a healing touch go about tending and cleaning everyday fills the house with nurture energy dark ones hate. Never let anyone clean who hates their job--it makes a difference. Mostly you need as many positive energy people as possible. Even paint colours can help. Check all storage areas--he likes to hide in places were people don't go much. Spirit says treat those spaces as well (attics or basements or closets) If the thought of this sour puss around you is too unsettling remember that there are also many glowing brightly spirits with you as well and think of them--he wants you to not know that so he uses fear to make the biggest thought in your head. If you truely want him gone you must be strong about claiming your space. The other like spirits he attracts will not fight like he does because they really aren't attached to the property just his energy. I hope this helps you attract the help you need. God is on your side. Blessings.