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  • I am going to say exactly what I see--in fact I have read your other posts and started to respond--deleted it and decided to answer would be a waste of timeAND the deception issue wasn't clear enough to pinpoint. But here you are in my backyard--a very positive thread. First spirit says the word deception--loud and clear. A very big lie. I wasn't sure if it is you decieving us or you deceiving yourself. Either way this issue you present--the answer you want does not exhist. There is no ghost haunting you--there is no big love connection. If you are telling us honestly what's going on, the energy in question is YOU--you are paranoid--fearful and your boundries are very weak--meaning you have no desire to be joyful within yourself and are always latching on to an OUTSIDE source--some shiny purpose to pull you through your life because without someone else you have no love for yourself. This is not uncomman--many of us have been there. BUT the degree of paranoia you express that the dead boyfriend haunts and meddles in your life is crossing the line between normal anxieties and mental illness. I am being kind here and not judgementle--you asked persistently and many are going to just tell you what you want to hear because the truth is not easy--but the truth will set you free. It is your energy--your thoughts that give this haunting life. YOU and you alone--living a lie in your head. Energy is real and you have a choice. Be careful what YOU believe in. You give away too much power to others--particuliarly men. Get out of your head! Get busy withe your loved ones--they are real. The best thing you can do for yourself--a commitment to self love would be to make an appointment withe a mental health doctor--it will change your life in the ways you really need. Make it a Christmas present to yourself and your child. I pray to Saint Michael--the strongest of Angels to guide you to make the right desicion. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi everyone hope you are all having a wonderful day,

    To Blmoon, with all do respect, I don't what your gifts are, but that I am not paranoid, nor do I need a mental health doctor. You saw wrong, and this spirit, lied to you, which bad spirits will do. I know exactly what I am feeling, and hearing. If I don't have any ghosts haunting me, how can you see something that is not here. By what I wrote, you are picking up on me, trying to find answers, but if I don't have anything then what did you see. Because I have psychics tell me in person what I am going though. I don't fear this ghost nor anything. I am real and I didn't come here to Tarot , to lie about something like this. I believe in God, and pray everyday, for myself and my love ones as well as friends. I do love myself, very much. ? This Issue as you say is real. Like yourself I have gifts too, I feel and hear, runs in the family, the only reason I came here was to meet people that can understand and also if someone knew why this spirit has not left and gone to the light, like I have told this spirit to do. Not everyone will believe, and I can respect that,but don't tell me I need a mental health doctor, I do have a busy life with my son, and the only Christmas present I need is to be with my love ones and friends. I also pray to Saint Michael... only professionals like mental health doctor can diagnose if have anxiety, mental illnesses or being paranoid. And if you are a mental health doctor, then don't evaluate me so quickly and believe in a spirit that lied to you. Bad spirits will do that. And I say this with all do respect, and I am being kind. Lots of BLESSING to you.

  • Hi Blmoon!

    Hi SpanishRose45..I'm sorry with what you are going through but... With all do respect, I rather you start your own thread responding to Blmoon regarding your thoughts and issues. This thread was meant for my own questions and thoughts....I hope you find your answers. Thank you.

    Keeping Positive thoughts and feelings for everyone. Hope all is well.


  • That won't be a problem...I was looking for positive thoughts also, I have enough have a bless day.

  • ...try using bright colors and something that has running or moving water in a container!

  • Good morning mariplatnum I think I have a solution in part to the resident cat issue for you

    when my elderly aunt was in the hospital my siser found this realistic cat that looks like it was sleeping & it purred and you could pet it just like a real cat (it looks real & it feels real but no allergies) my aunt still has the cat & she still pets it when she doesnt feel well or a little stressed & it seems to offer her a lot of comfort I hope this helps

  • I think that happiness within a family needs cooperation from all sides, whatever your signs tell you. Though conflicts could never be avoided and each one should set aside whatever indifference they have so that you could reach to an ultimate goal.

    Losing someone is really hard and I believe that you should always relate to others and be of help to them especially in times of need.

  • Who were the former people who lived in that space before you made it into an elderly home? The people who lived in that space, land before you (and the elders) energy is still present. Feng shui, can help some, but you need a real good clearing someone like, to clear out that energy.

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