Bring Happiness to a home

  • I had bought a facility for the elderly and now have owned it for two years now. I've modernized everything but was told they felt sadness when they came to it. Is there a feng shui cure to bring happiness to a home/apartment/living area? Help please. Thanks for reading and for any future response.

  • I just went to a funeral about four weeks for my good buddy Wendy. She died within 5 months of being diagnosed with Brain Cancer 😞

    When I went to visit Wendi in the Hospice facility, I WAS SO OVERWHELMED by Grief and Sadness. I can NOT explain in words the emotions, that I was feeling while there. I literally picked up on EVERY families Grief; who happened to be visiting there at the time.

    When I walked into the Meditation Room (This room was Beautifully decorated with a Zen like design) I stood in the middle of the room and looked at the Water Fountain that was custom made for the wall); It looked like the wall was a Waterfall with rocks, etc. The room was a Dark Cherrywood color with Sage Carpet.

    AS I stood there to take in all of the Tranquility and Peace, I felt a Tidal Wave of Sadness, Grief,and Pain. I did not know what was happening to me- for I always could pick up on a rooms energy; BUT, not to this magnitude!!!!!!!!!

    All of a sudden I doubled over in tears, and I was shaking my head from side to side,it felt like I was having a Hot Flash!!( At the time I was only 36). I looked around the room in confusion and I walked over to the table, that had the Prayer shawl folded on top of it. I picked it up and held it for awhile. Then I proceeded to read the prayer cards that the Hospice Residents families had left. I also soaked up their grief as well!

    I then dropped the cards and ran out of the room, I then walked down the hall and sat on the floor for awhile; and, then proceeded to pace back and forth to the other corridors of the Hospice Center.Later, I went back into Wendy's room and told my friend who happened to be visiting as well what happened. She then told me that a family had just lost a loved one earlier that day, and that they were in the meditation room crying and praying.

    When I had decided to leave, I had passed a family who happened to be standing inside a Garden/Gazebo like setting that was placed in the middle of the Hospice Center. THE WHOLE family's sadness went through the thick glass and literally smacked me in the face. I had to hurry up and walk and run quickly out to the parking lot. As I sat in my car, I quickly turned on my CD player and played Lady GAGA so that I could groun myself

    The drive home WAS so weird for I had NEVER experienced this much Empathic power before in all of my years here on planet earth. I think that since I am getting older I am starting to become more of an Empath?

    I think that certain settings ie.Senior Citizen Homes, Hospice Centers, etc., etc. hold a lot of energy pertaining to sadness and grief.

  • Thank you for responding and sharing pilot007. The only thing is this friend of my owned a facility as well and is a home health nurse as well that goes to different facilities. She said she's never felt this overwhelming feeling of sadness until coming to my facility. I was so alarmed by this. Should I be doing some space cleansing of some sort. - Blessings.

  • Ask leoscorpion, she has a lot of knowledge about this. I would suggest that you burn some Sage and say a Prayer, as you go Counter Clockwise throughout the Facility. BUT PLEASE, ask Leoscorpion...for she has a lot of experience in this!!!!

  • Hi pilot 007. thanks for the feedbacks. where do I find leoscorpion?

    😉 Thank you

  • Mariplatnum,

    The cleansing ritual I told you about with the smudge stick, can be used in a room / location as well. I burned a smudge stick at home (which I made myself from sage and lavender) at least once a month. It gives a boost to my energies and it is to get rid of negativities as well. I also have a collection of gemstones which I place in my bedroom, living room and carry with me.

    Hope this helps!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Emergence,

    Is it okay for me to use incense - sage and lavender? Thank you.



  • Hello Mari...Use plenty of green plants and adopt a resident cat after cleansing the space. They truly bring comfort to people. Perhaps a Feng Shui consultation would be in order. There are interior designers schooled in Feng Shui. I could give some cures I've read of but I think something like this should be in the hands of a professional. Think of it as an investment. Bless you in your life's work...

  • Hi Archersbow

    Thank you for the feedback. Will note - lots of green plants. I don't know about the resident cat (allergies and all). I was thinking of looking into hiring a Feng Shui Consultant but how do I weed

    out the bad ones and the effective ones. 😉

    Blessings to you,


  • Hi anyone willing to share their feng shui knowledge,

    My kitchen has three doors that are aligned to each other. My diagram (D = door)

    D kitchen area D small room D Garage.

    I have three doors aligned like this. I was told this wasn't good. Can anyone give an input?

    All advice is appreciated! 🙂


  • I can share cleansing and protection I have done myself since 2006

    but none of these is feng shui

    let me know if it's OK, I'll share it tomorrow

    it's quiet long

  • Did you feel it too or just others brought it up? How many others commented negatively and what key words did they say? How is the buisness doing?

  • Hi All!!

    Leoscorpion: Oh my gosh, pilot007 suggested I ask you. I'm soooo glad you found this thread. Thank you for replying. Any suggestions will help...I'll try anything at this point.

    Blmoon: Thank you also for replying. The business has not been doing well. At first it was steady and then it was a steady decline to a point right now thats - soo not good. As far as the comments the first comment would be "who designed this don't they know its not good to have doors aligned this way?" I've had also people say its not "feng shui" I have to keep one door closed at all times - which is hard b/c it leads to the other room that I have to go through to get to the garage. The reason for this I was told money will come fast and will also go fast as it came in. ( I hope I explained that clearly) I actually noticed that about the business the money would come fast but would be gone as fast as it came in. There is no steady growth and the business is struggling. If I can take it down I would but I can barely pay the bills to make any remodeling that big. Any suggestions I'll try anything and certainly appreciate it.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Hi Mari

    sorry I was swept with work the last 2 -3 months.

    It isn't that much anymore so I can log in here more often lately.

    In general, if you are going to live in a new place

    you need to always have it cleansed

    it's different if you are just staying for a few months or something

    you may not be affected so much by the energies in the place or the land it is build on

    but staying or living for more than 3 months

    you will need the place cleansed

    it's true that energies don't affect people the same way

    it's not that the energies are being 'picky'

    it's just that different person responds to different energies differently

    but this doesn't change the affects or the intensity of energies

    it's just that some people are 'carriers'

    means instead of 'feeling' the energies, they carry these energies with them to everywhere they go, and they also bring these energies home

    this is why we also have to regularly cleanse and protect ourselves

    on top of cleansing of the places we stay for a long period of time or live in

    it's a good thing that you modernize a building so that it suits its purpose

    but modernization doesn't necessarily mean cleansing it

    sometimes renovation etc doesn't even help with healthy energy flow

    if this happens, a place will not only be healthy to stay in, it may also be dangerous

    on top of it, people also exude energy, be it negative or positive

    it's nothing less than contamination, it has to be cleared

    especially, a place for treatment and healing

    in fact in a spiritual healing ritual, cleansing is the first step to take

    in a physical sense, this is also true

  • first of all, I would suggest using sage

    not sage soaps, but sage incense or get sage candle, if you can't find sticks or leaves to burn

    every day, take the sage with you as you go around the building

    you have to go to every room and corner, even if it's only inventory or kitchen or basement

    place the sage by every door, especially where there is a lot of traffic from and to outside

    because you can't keep a place 'clean' if people keep taking 'dirt' from outside in

    also this way, you also avoid 'carriers' from spreading unhealthy energies out

    if you are using candle, place it in a container or a holder so no one will topple over it and cause fire

    if you are using leaves or sticks, leave them by open windows so you won't suffocate anyone allergic to it

    also, if you feel that certain rooms are 'heavy' with energies, place the sage there too

    pick a safe corner anywhere in each of these rooms

    I would suggest you have your friend with you when you go around the building for the first time

    pay attention to items, anything small or big, that don't seem to belong there or nobody has a clue what they are

    like human body, some items can contain energy that may interfere with the energy flow in the building

    if you find such items, return them to the owners or their family

    if this is not possible, cleanse them with sage and donate/sell them

    do just anything, to get rid of them

    even if they are useful, it would be safer to just get a new item because you never know

    you or your friend might actually be able to feel the energies in these items (if there are any) or in the rooms

    sage is not going to cleanse the place completely, but it will 'clear the air'

    try do this for a few weeks regularly, then see what happens

    if there is no change, then you will need to find out what is actually going on

    find someone you can trust (or recommended to you) who is also an expert

    be it feng shui expert, or a shaman (if you are dealing with spirits), or if you are religious then get someone who can help you

    take this person around the building and see what he or she said

    if you know a bit of history it will be good, because sometimes it's not 'what happened' but 'what occupies' the place or the land, prior to construction taking place

    in any case, sage is necessary because it does clear the air

    it won't interfere with any fengshui advices, religious ceremonies etc

    maybe you will need to place the sage somewhere else, but not necessarily stop using it

    so try do the sage cleansing every day

    for personal protection :

    visualize a white/blue light surrounding you and say a prayer based on your belief

    keep it up as you go around the building. it's called the 'blue egg'.

    you can also keep it up wherever you go

    it will repel harmful energies that you encounter, be it in the building or exuded by people

    try not to exude negativity yourself because you will harm someone else and when it returns to you, the 'blue egg' can't repel it, because you are the one exuding it

    if you are into gems, you can use quartz crystal and black tourmaline

    they are for personal cleansing, not building

    it's easy, just let me know if you are interested

  • Hi Mariplatnum, Great topic!, I too am trying to make my humble little home "feel" better and lighter, I want to create better energies in this place and also need to create some abundance to able me to be able to move to a more suitable home for me.....

    Hi leoscorpion, I love your protection visualisation called "the blue egg", and I'm going to give this a try, you see, my home is built on land that was used as an airbase during the war as it is near to where Rolls Royce used to test aircraft engines, but apparently it is full of spirits, ... I have been so scared since living on my own here, thats why I'm hoping the protection will help me feel better, my health has deteriorated so much of late, but anyway, I know this sounds like a stupid question, but my home is in a row of three, so when visualising the egg all around the home do I include the vision of the blue light going all the way round the buildings and not just my bit in the middle?...see, I told you this was a stupid, to be honest I was worried about encroaching on the neighbours's "free will" if I visualise the blue light around them too!...Oh dear, hope I'm making sense


  • Hi Leoscorpion,

    You see I started this thread because of the business I bought and currently live in. Its an elderly care home that use to be a convent. For years it was lived in by the nuns of the parish church and after the parish couldn’t afford the upkeep of the building it was then sold for private use. As far as the history of the building that is all I know. I am the fourth private owner in a span of two decades. I said it may be “spiritually” safe to live in since its been lived it by nuns. Since I’ve lived here its been more of an opposite. I came in with positive thinking and of how I can make the business grow. I had several strategies and how to do it. I really thought of myself as a positive person and all. Since I’ve lived here I do see a shift of the way I think. I didn’t even realize it but I stopped my routine of prayer and meditation b/c (you’ll never guess my reason) I was too tired to. I don’t know why. I get my sleep. But again if I think about it the problems I faced since I bought this place I feel I aged at least 10 years this past 2 years. I’ve had my experience of bad employees and issues with residents which is my segway to my first question -energies.

    First I’d like to discuss about the energies. Since I was younger I’ve been aware of the “vibes” and energies some people give off as soon as I’m around them. So when I don’t like the energy they give out I try my best to not be around them. Its not I don’t like them, some of them are very pleasant and nice but I’m just not comfortable around them. At times I feel so tired and consumed after just talking/being around them. So it is possible for an individual to be a “carrier” of such energy. I have an elderly resident who has dementia and has been a resident of mine since I bought the place. I’ve never noticed it but lately every time I’m around her even first thing in the morning I feel overwhelmed, tired and consumed. She’s a sweet lady but for some reason after just bouts of contact with her I’m soooo tired like someone sucked the energy from me. So is it also possible for someone to feed off your energy? If so is there a cure for this?

    She’s one of my favorite residents. Leoscorpion w/ this energy carrier thing if the person has negative thoughts and walked around my facility then it would affect the energy of my facility. So how do I deal with residents who has dementia and would consistently chant things everywhere they go around my facility… okay I just thought about what you wrote … cleansing everyday. Also could someone attack your psyche? I had an employee (who no longer works for me) I remember she joked around but she swears its true. She was so mad at someone b/c of something she couldn’t get from them that she had paid someone to “voodoo” them. Since she left – which I was sooo glad she did – I seem to have her in my mind. As I work around the facility, I remember her expressions and statements like she’s in my head. Is this an energy she left behind I’m picking up or she’s trying some sort of “voodoo.” I’ve even dreamt of her several times and she’s been gone for about 6 months now. Since my first post of this thread, I’ve gone back to my prayer routine. So far haven’t seen her in my dreams. Now and then when I hear her statements or expression in my head I do a little prayer.

    Leoscropion with the sage, as much as I would like to use candles with my set up I probably won’t be able to use anything w/burning of that sort. I’ll probably use sage incense (could I use from the produce isle and dry it?). Is there a specific sage incense I’m suppose to buy or any sage incense I can find in the store. When you say place the sage by every door – does this mean I have to leave the burning incense by the door? Sorry so many questions. Or did you mean get sage leaves and put it up by every door? Yes I have a room w/a “heavy” energy. Some of the items I have on the facility may or may have been donated or use to be owned by a previous resident. How about the bed/bedding/linen? Can this carry some energy? Yes, I’m into gems. Please tell me about it. I apologize for all the questions. I appreciate all the information.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • Hi Denise,

    Thanks! I'm so grateful for everyone here who's shared their insight about this. I'm glad you're learning from it to!

    Blessings to you


  • Hi Mari

    first about personal cleansing and protection :

    First, keep up your protective 'blue egg'. every single time. everywhere. This will protect you against any harmful energy, whereever it comes from.

    Second, buy CLEAR quartz crystal and BLACK tourmaline. No other colors. These are for cleansing lingering negative or redundant energy. Sage is for environment. Gems are for yourself.

    Buy them off any vendor, off any country. You just need to make sure of the colors and the type.

    Cleanse and energize them every day. To cleanse them, use salt ( sea salt, not bath salt ). Hold the gems and rub the salt on them, under the running water. Just use a pinch of salt, not too much. If you don't want to use tap water, you can use drinking water, it just has to be poured onto the gems as it washes 'dirt' off them. Ideally a waterfall is a good place to do this, but not everybody has the luxury to live nearby such a place.

    Say a prayer when you do the cleansing, or an affirmation, whichever you'd like. After cleansing, leave the gems air dry. No towels or tissues, just air. Then place the gems in your hands. Blow your breaths onto each corner of the gems. This will make the gems work for you. When you blow your breaths, think about the negativities you are experiencing or receiving. Blow as many times as you wish. Then place the gems on a container (leave it open, no lid) and place them under the sun for at least 2 hours or as long as you like. The sun is out during the day, even if it's cloudy. That's why people are still advised to use anti UV lotion when it's cloudy 🙂 because the clouds only cover the sun itself, but not its essence, its energy. The energy of the sun is that of fire. Fire transforms. If you burn something, it turns into dust. That's what fire does, transforms something into another form. The energy of the sun, will neutralize the negativities in the gems. so what happens is you pour negativities into the gems, and the sun will neutralize it. it's like throwing garbage regularly, sooner or later, you will have less garbage in the house (yourself).

    Do this gem cleansing and energizing regularly, give it a few months, you will feel a difference.

    Be careful, gems are for personal use. Don't let anyone else touch your gems, they may be affected or their energy will affect yours and the gems may actually stop working for you, and work against you instead because it doesn't recognize you anymore. If they want to use gems, tell them to get their own. Store your gems well, preferably in a locked box. Gems are attractive. Anyone can easily be attracted to touch or steal them or just curious about them. Be very careful.

    Third, when you feel down, worry or upset - tell yourself This Too Shall Pass. keep repeating it until you gain your balance back. Don't worry, you will. The word itself is a powerful invocation. the more you repeat it, it will strengthen you. If you do need more help in ganing your composure, try Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. It's a herbal mixture that helps reduce anxiety, nervousness etc. Any homeopathy store should have this.

    Fourth, try channel any pent up negativities to a positive way this way you live in balance. Maybe taking new courses, get a new hobby, or exercise. It's a good thing to return to meditation and yoga, because it is a spiritual exercise. It's also a good thing to maintain physical health, because you are in a health industry anyway and if you are not well, you can't take care of other people 🙂

    Now, negativities don't always mean you are attacking people verbally and physically. Energy attacks on energy level. A person that smiles and be nice at you, doesn't always mean well. Energy is the essence of things. The true intention of someone, can be seen by what energy they are sending out. They say nice things, but their energy punches you in the stomach, because they don't really mean what they said. This is why you need to keep the protection and cleansing up. It's good to know you can feel vibes, but without cleansing and protection, you will be suffering from numerous attacks and the energy will linger in such a way that it reduces your ability. it works like a blockage. if you let this go on and on, soon you will only be getting what most call "chain of bad luck'. due to the blockage, any positivity you send out, will be misunderstood. and when the universe sends you back the positivity, it will be misdelivered. You can do meditation but something will disturb the balance and you have to try harder to get to your center.

    About carriers, these people may or may not know that they are. With the cleansing and protection regularly, you will soon gain clarity. With routine spiritual exercise, you will be able to receive inner guidance. Some people, know so much about energy and how to use it to their advantage. Inner guidance will tell you who these people are and show you what they have done, probably also what they plan to do. The elderly and the youngs, are the ones most fragile to spiritual / energy attacks. Most people emphasize on the physical, they protect the youngs physically but not spiritually. The elderly, are mostly abandoned and alone. Physically, their health is decreasing too. They are easy targets. especially because the ability to communicate has left most of elderly and is not well developed in the youngs. So when they are attacked, they don't know how to describe it, they don;t know where to go and what to do. People will call them senile, delusional, need to grow up, need to get a life etc. The negative energy lingers, eating their live forces, and once it's done with them, the energy will move to another. Without protection and cleansing, anyone especially those working in the health industry, is prone to be attacked.

    Now this is another long post I hope it;s not hurting your eyes LOL but I hope it answers some of your questions.

  • OK now about sage and items.

    " Is there a specific sage incense I’m suppose to buy or any sage incense I can find in the store. When you say place the sage by every door – does this mean I have to leave the burning incense by the door? Sorry so many questions. Or did you mean get sage leaves and put it up by every door? Yes I have a room w/a “heavy” energy. Some of the items I have on the facility may or may have been donated or use to be owned by a previous resident. How about the bed/bedding/linen? Can this carry some energy? "

    Sage, like Gems, you can get them from any vendor, any store, any country. Just make sure it is sage, not something else. There is no specific sage, no specific place to buy. some people will do anything just to make a sell so just be careful avoid scams.

    You can use sage candle, or sage leaves (you don't want burning, I know, but just in case you want to try), or sage stick. Anything but sage soap, because you can't clean an environment with soap. sage is for spiritual cleansing, not physical. although its fragrance does help soothe anxiety to a certain degree so for this purpose, you can try them if you feel like it. Dried sage is fine. it's a sage, nonetheless. you can burn it like you burn the stick.

    I got gems off ebay. the gems cost me $ 30 for two incl. shipping. size doesn't matter, as long as the color (clear and black) and the type (quartz crystal and tourmaline) are correct. The sage I bought 1000 pcs sticks for $ 27.

    About leaving sage at the doors and windows, you can do so with sticks or candles. Buy candle holders that you can nail to the wall by the door or window. This way no one will stumble upon the candles and cause fire. If you use sticks, get a stand or small shelf. Nail it to the wall by the door or window. and place the stick holder on it. You only need one (candle or stick) for each door or window.

    In the room that feels 'heavy', you may want to place more than one, but go with what you feel. If after a few weeks, it doesn't feel heavy anymore, then one is enough. You can also stop going around with sage, if you notice a change. I wouldn't suggest it, but this is your decision.

    yes, any items, big or small. Beddings, furnitures and linens included. It's not the fact that it is 'donated" that matters. What I mean is that, the items that belong to previous owners, can contain their enegies and you never know whether these energies interfere with treatment or not. So do your best, get rid of them. Cleanse them first, before donating them or returning to previous owners. I have to warn you, some items may contain harmful energy, you have to destroy them or bring them to an expert who can cleanse them. because these items can't be cleansed with sage. If you donate them as is, they will bring harm to the next person that gets them. Pay attention to the vibes you get off any items you encounter, that are not yours.

    If you can't afford getting new items, then keep doing the sage cleansing on these items and the building. after a few weeks, see how you feel when you touch these items and go from there. You can always get new items from liquidation store, or make your own. no need to burn a hole in your pocket.

    Sometimes when you cleanse a place, you also cleanse the items in this place. But in a place with such history, and you are turning it into a place of healing, you will need to get rid of negative and redundant energy as much as possible. sometimes it's not negative energy, it's just redundant. let's say someone dies on his bed and the spirit lingers. it may stay within her/his belongings, or stay in the room. it's good if she/he stays for the intention to help, but if the spirit just stays for the sake of 'staying', then it's not needed there. it may not harm anyone, but it's not helping either so it's just crowding the place.

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