Libra Men in a Friends w/benefits situation

  • So I just ended a friends with benefits relationship with my Libra man friend.

    Before any of this, he was a good friend of mine. One night we hooked up and since then we've decided to do the hole friends with benefits thing. I decided to end things after one of his drunken nights when he threatened to end things with me sexually. He was getting too possessive, and flirted with girls in front of me in order to spite me, especially when he thought I was flirting with other guys. So we came to a "mutual" (it was mutual in my part) agreement to stop and I began to ask him why he wanted to via-i.m. As I was doing this, I did some Libra Men research and it said not to do it this way so I said, lets meet up. He said fine but changed his mind and agreed to meet up later to talk about it, face to face.

    So my question is, how can I make sure we end up talking about it (should i push him to meet up?), and how can I explain how I feel to ensure that he will reply by letting me know how he feels also? How should I approach a LIBRA MAN in this situation?

  • Your Libran friend wants to have a light-hearted no-commitment relationship and to be free to see other women. If that's not what you want, then he's not the one for you.

  • Seriously, why the hell do u wanna be with such a guy? libra male or not he is playing u. I think u oughta more ask, what do i want? what is good for me? what is best for me? what are my wishes dreams needs? Seriously, i sense u allow him to use u as he sees fit. To me he comes over as overly NOT serious at anything, but as long someone allows him to have his cake n eat it also then ...........................................

    If i was u, i´d say enough n run far far far far away from this dude. I sense toxic for ya.

    Anyhews, to sum up, ask yaself what u want, n not what he wants.

    Good luck dear


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