Libra Girl Taurus Guy....

  • I met a Taurus guy recently, and we hit it off instantly.

    We went out on two dates together, we would spend hours talking...

    There was so much chemistry, and I found him completely irresistible.

    However, he came off as a little bit shy from the very beginning, and we still haven't even kissed which I find it to be a little odd.

    He asked me out on a third date again recently asking what I'd like to do or where I'd like to go. I suggested going to his house instead of going out together. He all of sudden became very reluctant and eventually canceled the date. He said he was a little tired and a bit nervous to see me that night and apologized.

    I blurted out saying he's rude for canceling the date, and he just said he apologized already, and how he does not want to see me when he is tired because he won't be talkative, and that's just awkward.

    I haven't heard from him a bit over a week already, and I don't know what to do! 😞

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