I would like a vibe reading as well...

  • Thanks for all the offers, especially since I am new to this....have been gaining "insight" the more & more I go along...I feel "at home" here....


  • Nailsaz, I feel you can be a bit off-putting to people who see you as rather tough, secretive and a bit forbidding or crusty. Inside you have a good warm heart but you don't let it shine through because of trust issues. Don't put up such protective barriers around yourself that no one can get pat them. That's when walls become cages instead of shields. You test other people's limits and push their buttons quite a lot and then feel bad when it all backfires on you. Just be yourself and you will be amazed how much other people like and appreciate that from you. And be careful of being overly possessive, jealous or dependent in relationships.

  • hey. well i can't get my photo to post to get a photo reading so maybe you can help me with a vibe reading. my current meditating focus is on relationships. I need some clarity on this issue ... some closure ... or new love or reopening a closure.


  • Christeerose, can you start your own thread as I may not have finsihed answering all Nailsaz's questions here and I don't want to mix the vibes up?

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