Hello captain ! from the sahara need advice

  • bonjour captian!

    brian tristian suggested i direct my questions to you as you would have more insight on my situation .

    ive been living in the sahara desert of morocco for over 3 yrs with my berber nomad boyfriend.

    its been quite the experince !

    i have my issues with the nomad and im trying to work these issues out with him as we are very connected to one another .

    but this is my real question, ive been really focusing on money and career right now with my life here in the desert .

    i have a jewelry collection that i have been trying everyday to sell . with the sales of the jewelry im financing a small guest house im building here in the desert .

    but im running into somewhat of a road block with sales .im reaching out to all places on the globe from south africa/europe / dubai america and india.

    there is interest but no real concrete sales yet!! and i need them right now !!

    can you give me some insight is it going sell ?am i going to get this guest house / sahara tours going ?

    ive been so focused on this and i feel thre is something blocking me . it should be flowing as what i want is success in what i do here . money has been the biggest issue and im trying my best to turn this around in my favor .

    will it break loose , this block im having and start moving forward in my favor ?

    so i can fullfill my dream to create this santuary in the desert and be successful at it a a woman here in the sahara ?

    your insight on this would be sooooooo appreicated !!

    blessings from the sahara


  • Can you use your jewellery collection (or anything else) as collateral for a bank loan? I feel like the opportunity to make your guest house a reality is right now so you must act fast. Is there any other way you can get money together for this project?

  • the other thing that i can do is get an investor . sell 50% stake in the guesthouse for 40k . with that its a done deal ! that amount would also help in th first yr operating costs !

    do you see jewelry selling at a good price soon? like this month ?

    i dont want to take a loan . im trying to use the resources that i have .

    i feel the same i must act fast ! and i am trying !!

    thank you for insight !!



  • hello captain !!

    any insight on my situation with money/career issues as i wrote above ??

    thanks you !!



  • I don't feel your jewellery will help you get what you want right now. The idea of getting an investor feels better. You need to move quickly before opportunity passes.

  • so abandon the idea of selling off all the gold right now and sink all my focus/energy on this proposal for the guest house and out to the right people this week !!

    and it will happen ??

  • Yes, if you are open to new ideas of how to achieve your dream. By focusing solely on the gold as your only option, you don't see that there are other avenues to take.

  • That includes being open to a loan.

  • ok will open more but not a loan from a bank . that is not a way to start a project like this. it has to be cash either from resouces i already have or a partner .

    do you see a partner coming into the picture ?do you see success with this project ??

    i really want it to happen now !!

    thank you !!


  • You may have to approach business people for a partnership as i don't feel anyone just coming to you out of the blue. It can be successful if you remain flexible and open to suggestions from others. Don't try to be the ultimate boss.

  • ok flexible it is !! i will start to put it out there to money people see what comes back

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