Long distance relationship for childhood sweethearts? Help!!

  • Well first of all, hello everyone!! As usual problems occur and I need help/advice...

    I am now 24. Since the age of about 11 I have been very good friends with a male, there has always been a connection but due to our age/circumstances nothing ever came of it. we used to write letters to each other and everything, so romantic looking back!! We have not seen each other for a couple of years and recently met up. It was amazing. The connection is unbelievable. Everything is perfect except...he is studying miles away(about 5 hours travel). We both feel upset because circumstances are against us again and we have both waited years for this. He is back in easter hols, and every now and again, where we have of course arranged to meet up and see what happens but i dont know what to do. id love nothing more than to be with him, but he is away a lot and everything. its also only because, as i say we were childhood sweethearts!!

    Although he thinks the world of me and in his own words has said he has waited a long time for this, he is so much more wary about giving it a go than i am, wondering if i will find someone else in that time (no matter how much i reassure him) and just him not being happy at all about the circumstance. I would love to move up to be with him, nut I have too much going on here with me and circumstances mean I cant leave. I am fully up for giving this a go, but he is much more wary and worried. Looking into it, im not sure if this is just because of him being like his star sign or not! If its any help as well, I am aries and he is taurus. I do not rule my life by star signs at all, I just find it interesting looking about them.

    Thank you in advance, I am so confused.

  • Hi, The feeling I get from this is to stay your course where you are at. If he is so wary, then let it be for now. Continue to be friends, if that is possible. If it gets too bewildering, maybe you should follow a different path. Personally, I would tell him that you want to remain friends. It almost sounds like he isn't ready for a relationship and doesn't know how to express it.

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