Will someone help me decipher my ex-lover's spread?

  • I did an ex-lover's spread last night and these were the cards

    1. 6 of Swords-this is our past

    2. The Emperor-Where I am at the present

    3. 9 of Wands-where he is at the present

    4. Queen of Pentacle-How I feel about getting back together

    5. Temperance-How he feels about getting back together

    6. 10 of Swords-who or what is the opposition

    7. the Chariot-who or what will help me get what I want

    8. the Fool-what I may/may not know about the situation

    9. 6 of Pentacles-the outcome

    I'm trying to make sense of all of this but I'm still a novice. any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hey Buckley,

    If you still need a possible interpretation for your tarot spread regarding your ex,I tuned in and thought you might be interested in what I felt from it.

    Hope this helps x

    6 of swords (Your Past together) :

    It seemed that in the past,this relationship was one of escapsim from a rather turbulent life.It seems that possibly you travelled together a lot to distance yourself from the troubles of everyday life.This relationship was like your sanctuary.

    The Emperor (where you are at the present) :

    Your in charge at the moment,feeling very authoritive,business like and able to take on leadership qualities,you can achieve anything you need to,and your a cut above the rest at the moment.Also because this is a part of the MAJOR arcana,this shows that it is a very powerful Identitification that is taking place for you right now.

    9 Of Wands (where he is at the present) :

    He may be at a stage in his life at the moment where his energy is down,as he feels like he has been through much trauma and battle,he is still standing,and will be prepared to fight for what he loves and wants,but whether or not he will be 'complete' or come out 'unscathed' is a different story.It seems he is fighting something or someone but no matter the result he still manages to be standing.

    Queen Of Pentacles(How you feel about getting back together) :

    There is a particular yearning that you have,it could even be maternal,you feel secure and feel that the amount of caring and compassion that you have,you would be able to give to your ex,you feel rather steady,but often wonder 'what if?'.I sense you want to be with him and offer him the love or support he needs.

    Temperance(How he feels abotu getting back together) :

    He is undecided,His balance is a little out of whack and his thoughts and feelings are probably a little out of moderation,his chemistry needs balancing in order to see what he would like from you clearly.This is intensified as it is once again a MAJOR Arcana card.

    10 Of Swords (Who or what is the opposition) :

    There seems to be a betrayal of some kind?Someone was stabbed in the back or felt like they were decieved,either that,or there is someone who is deceiving you or him and preventing the union that you wish to reconcile.

    Chariot (Who or what will help you get what you want) :

    A family member,blood related or someone that is of a stable and positive influence on your life.Also a feeling of a safe surrounding,confidence and sense of direction will help you find what you seek.Taking that control that we see from the emperor and taking the reigns,taking charge and knowing exactly what you want,and know that you're able to achieve that.

    The Fool (what you may or may not know about the situation) :

    'It's unknown'

    In the sense that it is still a risk in what you decide to do,a leap of faith,and their could be a bit of naivity on someone's part,or someone hasn't fully matured to advance to the next level that's needed to build a foundation.

    6 Of Pentacles (The outcome)

    There is a lot of giving in the possible outcome,as in the sense of a compassionate nature,I feel one of you will help and give the other the support that is needed,or that there is a hand that is wanting to be reached out and taken.'Help' is needed.

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