*For The Captain* - Thank you for your time!!

  • Hello!

    I have this quick question about something very odd and weird that happened to me yesterday.

    I live in an apartment complex. Workers were hired temporarily to paint the outside of the buildings new colors. Yesterday, there was a man painting my back porch and I offered him a water because he looked tired and thirsty. He accepted and as I handed it to him, it was like time froze. I could NOT believe how handsome he was and how sweet he looked! I even felt as though I read his thoughts at that very moment.

    I am wondering was this a sign of a connection somehow? Maybe him and I knew each other in a past life? I am curious as to what you see Captain.

    Might I add, this moment was the strangest moment I have ever had in my life. It was not a bad moment, it was a moment of joy and a feeling of happiness washed over me when it happened. It was just so weird.

    Captain, if you could help me explain what this was and what you see, I will so greatly appreciate it!

    If you require any more details (I only know his name, as I had this "push" inside me to ask him today as well as introduce myself)...I can certainly provide you with those details, if you need them.

    Thank you so much again for your time!

    -Megan 🙂

  • Megan, I feel like this was a 'flashback' moment to a past lifwe with this man. You had a deep recognition of meeting him once before. I feel you were close siblings - actually twins - in the past life together. But I don't feel he has the same recognition or memory of your past meeting, so go carefully or he may think you are nuts. 🙂

  • Captain,

    I had a feeling that is what it was! I knew it had to do with knowing one another in a past life! I did not think of us being related though! Wow!

    Do you think anything could come from this? I mean, romantically speaking? What do you see with that? I believe that there IS an attraction there, but I am not sure if that is all it is. I just feel a slight pull (the past life connection, I'm sure) to get to know him and then go from there. But I do not know how to approach him, as he seems very shy.

    If we ever get up the nerve to speak (I am shy, but he is more shy than me!) then I will not mention the past life situation. I think he may think I am nuts as well, and we would not want that! 🙂

    Thank you SO much for your time, as I know that you are busy! So I really appreciate you replying so quickly as you did! 🙂

  • I sense there is reluctance on his part as he has learnt not to trust people, especially women. He will think you are after something from him. Tread carefully and don't frighten him by coming on all loving and romantic. Just settle for friendship for now if you can.

  • Hello Captain, Yes, I am sensing that he is very hesitant in regards to women. I think that is where his shyness stems from, actually. I was re-reading what you wrote the first time regarding me feeling the past life flashback moment. Now when you say you do not think he had the same memory/recognition of it, does that mean that most likely he probably did not feel that moment we had? Only I did? Or do you think he felt the moment too, just is not aware of it having to do with his past life? I am wondering if he felt what I felt because we both looked at each other and it was like we were saying with our eyes "Hey, I know you."

    I am definitely going to settle for friendship right now and then go from there, if possible.

    I still cannot get over that flashback moment. It was the weirdest and most incredible thing that I have ever had happen to me! I still cannot believe it. 🙂

    Thank you again for your reply! 🙂

  • Well, on a soul level he remembers you but his subconscious mind has many blocks against women which prevented him from consciously remembering you. He has been hurt by and is very wary of women who are attracted to his looks and care nothing for his inner person. He is tired of being used.

  • Hello again Captain!

    Yes, I can sense that he is very cautious towards woman. Sure, he is handsome and I am attracted to him....but NOT only for his looks, as I know personality and WHO a person is INSIDE (rather than out) is the most important of all.

    If I can work up the courage to talk to him and express my interest in getting to know him (as I am shy too lol) then I am going to be honest and tell him that he works hard and it shows, and I admire him for that. That is why I would like to get to know him. Not just for his looks.

    (But this is only if I can work up the courage lol!) I guess the worst that could happen is that he will say he is not interested though.

    Thank you for responding to my post again, Captain! I always enjoy reading what you write to others as well as what you have written to me! So, thank you again! 🙂

  • You're welcome! 🙂

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