• hi, i'm carole,i come to this site regularly but never to the forum. i have a problem and if anyone can help i would appreciate it. my sister wants me to move to florida and i'm not sure if i should go. i love it there but i'm settled here. i'm a capricorn and hate change but there's nothing here for me. kids are all grown and gone. i would appreciate it if someone can help me with this problem. thank you

  • You say you love it where you are but then say there is nothing for you there. What do you love about the place then? Are you attached to the place and not the people? It's more important to have people and a purpose in your life than just have a place. You are just fearful of taking a chance on the unknown.

    Are you renting or do you own your home? If you own it, why not rent it out so that you can return if things don't work out in Florida?

    Your choice seems to be between staying put and living a dull but predictable life or taking a chance and moving somewhere to find new experiences and new people. Life should be an adventure, not stagnation.

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