Would love a reading of any kind

  • What do you see for me? DOB is 06/07/51 time: 5:01 pm born in Ca and live in Ar now.

  • Hello theneed2know,

    I did a karma reading for you to help you in your direction in life. According to your DOB, you are here on Earth to fulfill the karma of Saturn in Virgo/North Node in Pisces. What does it mean for you personally?

    A Saturn in Virgo suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to efficiency in your job or career. In order to succeed in your social position in the world you will have to gain knowledge and expertise associated with the correct attitude to work, employers, employees, and co-workers. Life-experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the development of a sound business sense and a well-structured, accurate, precise, practical and efficient way of working. Health and hygiene matters are stressed and are of great importance to your overall sense of general well-being. With this placing of Saturn, sickness, lost opportunities and disappointments are sometimes experienced through circumstances over which there is little or no control. Your profession could be in science, engineering or other fields requiring detailed skill and precision.

    Tips to help you deal with your Saturn in Virgo:

    1. Accept the reality of daily life.

    2. Learn the way of ‘the healer’... help others heal their pain and in turn, heal your own.

    3. Connect to your inner PERFECTION.

    4. Pursue life with Clarity.

    5. Learn to be modest, practical, and precise... your talent is to make sense out of the chaos – for yourself and for others.

    6. Focus your energies on serving others... there is no clearer path to your happiness!

    7. Find ‘comfort’ in your ability to heal others.

    8. Surround yourself with people who will support and appreciate your analytical and organizational abilities.

    9. Incorporate Virgo symbols into your daily life to remind yourself of your mission like the Blue Topaz, Celestite, and Flourite Potential: The Virgo Saturn urges to serve humanity, sometimes putting his own dreams and needs on hold. Wearing a Blue Topaz can help the Virgo Saturn find balance between helping others and doing what’s right for the self. It can point him towards his own truth so he doesn’t continue living out scripts written by someone else for his own journey. And most importantly, can help the native realize that true service comes from the heart without any expectation of future reward or recognition – a realization that can play a significant role in the Virgo Saturn’s eventual happiness.

    The Celestite is a crystal that speaks to the Virgo Saturn creative side. Since many Virgos are gifted craftspeople and the Celestite has been linked to Mercury (the planet that rules Virgo) and the arts, there is a strong possibility that this crystal can help the Virgo Saturn tune in to his inner, spiritual creativity…releasing a plethora of intuitive ideas! Last but not least, we have the Flourite.

    The Flourite speaks to the Virgo’s ‘healer’ side. A Virgo individual is drawn to the healing professions, wanting to know the nature of true health and needing to understand the connection between emotions and the mind-body dynamic – something that the Flourite could assist them with.

    10. And most importantly, become the ‘Practical Healer’ that you are meant to be!

    North Node in Pisces:

    You may find happiness in accepting and thus transforming or dissolving your Karma to complete a cycle of experience. The achievements of this cycle may become the seeds or foundation of a new cycle. In an 'occult' sense, you may even find it possible to reach 'personal immortality', so that what you are as a formed mind is able to survive the disintegration of the physical body. You will find great happiness and joy through periods of solitude for meditation and attunement with your inner self.

    Hope it might help you. Good luck

  • Thank you so much Natapier! I am always thinking of others and trying to do for others that I

    think will please them. I was in HR until last Nov. when I was laid-off from work. I like being

    a people person that could help anyone that needs it. You said it right when you mentioned

    health matters. I had breast cancer about 3 yrs ago and I am now cancer free, praise the

    Lord. To sum it all up.........you are a great reader and I appreciate you more than you know.

    Many blessings to you!


  • Hello back, theneed2know

    You are welcome!!

  • I wanted to say congratulations! theneedtoknow, on being a cancer survivor!!!!!!!! How wonderful for you and praise the Lord INDEED!!! : ) Bless you, Stefin

  • Thank you Stefin! I am very fortunate because I had a sister that passed about 6 yrs ago from breast cancer and I feel I learned from that. We just can't give up the fight and we must pray for a cure.

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