Help helpppp ex trouble :'(

  • me and my boyfriend split up the other day, simply because we dont see each other, allways arguing ect... i deleted him off facebook, yet he readded me, hes speaking to me but very breifly then going, why is he acting like that he says he wants to still be friends is this really all he wants to be? and what is my best action? please help

  • Hello, my name is Shenita.. I understand how you feel... The reason he still makes brief conversations is because he still loves you... However he feels as though you two wont succeed in a relationship so he would rather have you as a friend than not in his life at all. Your best action would be to create a better friendship with him and work towards getting to know him better and when you do your relationship with him will fall right into place... If you want to ask me questions more often send me a reply in my forum called (Ask Me Anything Part.2) i will gladly give you my advice..

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