Reviews of "How to Channel from the Akashic Records "

  • I have been interested in the tarot for at least six years. After many readings done by professionals on a variety of decks I decided I wanted to learn to do readings for myself and my friends. About two years ago I joined an intuitive tarot workshop where I learnt how to do a basic reading of a Celtic cross spread with a Rider Waite deck . After the course I then attempted to do regular readings with the aid of a small tarot manual issued by the teacher. The manual she had put together from her own readings contained basic definitions of the Major and Minor Arcana and a few explanations on colour and symbols. I struggled using this method for about a year along with an assortment of other books, however I finally came to the conclusion that my readings were overly superficial, simplistic and the cards in the spread never seemed to properly relate or connect to each other.

    A few months ago I was introduced to an amazing book, Conscious Channelling from the Akashic records (when you are reading Tarot Cards) by Rozália Horvath Balázsi.

    I found this book very user friendly, it was clear and easy to read and it contained really comprehensive definitions of the Major and Minor Arcana. The book was especially useful in that it also detailed the significance of each card in relation to its placement from 1-10 in the Celtic cross spread and it was further cross referenced to other card placements. I now use Rosalia’s book to aid all my readings which seem to have grown deeper and more edifying. I feel this book would be invaluable for anyone wanting to get a deeper understanding and grounding in tarot reading.

    Brisbane Auchenflower/ Kristy Ujhelyi, (age 25)

    I found that learning to read my cards from the book was straightforward and simple. I felt that this was the best reading that I did on myself, compared to other readings that I learnt from other books. It wasn't confusing.

    Queensland Angela Marshall 2008

    I live in Victoria Point, Queensland. I bought your book from The Good Vibe Shop in Cleveland, I have just started working at this shop doing tarot reading's one day a week - and I just love doing this, I feel a strong need to help and guide people.

    I find your book so incredibly interesting and its a new learning curve for me as the reading of the cards differs to what I know, to be able to offer a client

    guidance with the access to the Akashic Records is a lifelong dream to me.

    Thank you for writing your book

    Love Angela

    Brisbane Kingston/ Elizabeth tarot fan (age 20)

    I have never tried to do tarot cards before, I always wanted to and always have been interested in it. At first when I was doing the spread I had no expectations or ideas towards it. Though as I started going through each card in the placements and reading the descriptions etc, I was stunned at just how accurate the information was. Even more great was how easy it was, all the information is laid out in front of you and very straightforward. It only took me just under an hour for the whole process and in the end I was very pleased...I don’t think I will be paying again to get my cards read

    David J. D.

    I was very impressed with Rozália’s new Tarot book.

    Not only does this book clearly explain the meaning of each and every Tarot card, but it also explains the layout of the Celtic Cross, (the most popular of all spreads), along with the meaning of each Tarot card within all ten positions of the Celtic cross. The book even goes as far as to explain how each card position can affect cards in other positions.

    Furthermore, Rozália has also taken the trouble to explain, in simple but comprehensive terms, the sometimes baffling concepts underlying the workings of the Tarot Deck, along with basic Metaphysical principles underlying the Universal Reality they represent.

    This is the first book that I have read that has attempted to explain Tarot reading in such a comprehensive manner. And, I must say that I believe it has been successful in doing so!

    Due to the simple, but comprehensive nature of this book, I am certain that it will appeal to many people, ranging from the complete novice taking interest in the Tarot for the very first time, through to amateur readers wanting to learn more about their hobby, and on to seasoned professional readers keen to add to the wealth of their existing knowledge.

    Being an amateur Tarot reader myself, with only basic knowledge of the cards and no formal training, I found this book to be a literal “ Godsend “. It has taught me more about Tarot reading than all the other books I have read combined. For me, it has been more than simply another Tarot book. Due to this book’s comprehensive nature, simplified language, examples from Rozália’s personal experience, and simple, practical exercises, I have found it to be a complete Tarot Workshop in its own right.

    I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone interested in the Tarot.

    Coral S.

    Dear Rozália!

    I am a student of the Tarot and I am impressed with the contents of your book. Especially the outstanding explanations of the placement of each card.

    The book has guided and helped me to understand the symbols, secrets and sacredness of the Tarot as no other Tarot book has.

    Through this knowledge my understanding of the Tarot cards has developed and deepened. I am now much more confident in playing with the cards, and read them with ease.

    I also now have a better realization of the code of Ethics relating to the Tarot.

    Thank you

    Valeria K.

    Dear Reader,

    You are about to read the most comprehensive book ever written on the Tarot.

    I’ve known Rozália for years and regard her as the most incredible person I’ve ever met. Her amazing accuracy and insight blows my mind away every time she gives me a reading but have to admit that I most adore her high moral standard and ethics.

    She has pulled me through difficult times in my life with her guidance and outstanding wisdom. I feel blessed to have a such a beautiful friend in my life.

    When she asked me to review and follow the format of this book I felt honored and privileged. I’m very pleased to know that she’s sharing her knowledge and wisdom and we all now have the opportunity to learn from her.

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