DO Scorpio's honestly want a lasting Relationship?

  • Anyone can chime in , give your expert opinion or thoughts on this question, Maybe a Scorpio can answer truthfully . The suspense is nerve racking!!!

  • niblett

    oh I love your screen name! I will answer your question though really the answer is not the question you keep asking. This is not a Scorpio solve the mystery problem you face. This tug of war has many dinamics. Yes there are plenty of Scorpio influences at play but trying to solve the Scorpio mystery-(there's an oxymoron!)--is not going to help you in the way you need. Actually you would do better letting go of why why why and just except the reality of your differences and learn to work as a partnership if the committment is there. This union will never be all smooth sailing--yours is a shapeshifter union--passionate and jet fuel fired and can take you to the moon and all the stars you choose BUT it can also burn your house down so you need to on some level to agree there will be days you just don't get him to the point of being downright insulted but you have to have a constructive plan of action you keep in place for those days of stepping away and letting the storm pass. This union can give you strength in all areas of life if you use it to learn to re-channel energy. You two together amplify much energy and when you irritate each other the key will be how you both re route this anger-hurt-agravation etc. What I am saying is that forget trying to ALWAYS get along peacefully with this attraction as it will never happen but with time--committment and growth you two could learn to manage your strong but different personalities in a eficient way. The absolute worse thing either of you can do would be to try to control the other in any way. Blessings and happy fire works!

  • Just a side note: I'm talking to a Scorpio too! I must say MYSTERIOUS at it's best! lol From my conversation with him last night, he said something similar to what blmoon said about he needs the fire and passion something to drive him crazy. They want what they want, it's hard to decipher what kind of woman they like. It just happens if they feel that connection...The control thing is a factor too..I LIKE being in control but with a scorpio I've noticed that they refuse that like she says...there must be a common ground somewhere..aaaaaahhh Hopefully I keep him like that ha ha ha. But yes..crazy I know 😉 !!! Look up your compatibility, have u done that yet? 😃


  • Blmoon , you are right a happy medium is what this relationship calls for. I guess I was hoping for a definite answer to build all my learned facts about us. So , far I have been holding my own. At times he is so mind blowing( negatively), but the connection emotionally is there.

  • Mestiza, Do you happen to do compatibilty readings or know of someone? Nov. 08, 1952 him, I am 08/20/1955 sun - sign,LIbra rising,Scorpio moon, I don't know his set-up!!! Get back to me.

  • Blmoon, Thank you, and Mestiza , you both have been helpful!

  • This post is deleted!

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