TheCaptain, please could you do me an analysis??

  • i have known this cancer guy with libra moon for the past 6 months now out of which first month we dated and the remaining 5 months he started seeing his ex to work things out with her since she kept imploring him. However, during this period even though he maintained we were just friends, a lot of things would invariably happen between us. he would call me when drunk or upset and not her etc. recently, he broke up with her for good and we began spending lots of time together..several hours every single day..he became more clos towards me but his ex (libra sun) is back on the picture again. she kept pleading, begging and haunting his house for 5 days refusing to budge and he finally gave in and told me that we should just remain friends for now and that by the end of 3 months things would definitely be clear (whether they break up for good and forever or they move in together). i keep trying to convince him not to let things change between us but he says it depends on how things go with her. he cannot understand why i am so upset given that we were never in a relationship. he says he owes her this last chance since she gave him 2 years of his life and that she is 25 now. further i know that he is not in love with her and doesnt really want to get back but has done so only because she convinced him so much. now, i can either be good friends to him and let him go by getting over him or still try for him and wait for him for 3 months? what should i do?i really dont know..besides the june 26th lunar eclipse is going to be of some significance. how does it affect me and his relationship with his ex?

    here is my chart (first one) and his chart (second one)

  • Those chart images have expried. Just give me the birthdates for you and your friend..

  • mine 13th april 1988 (al madinah, saudi arabia) and his 5th july 1984 (jiddah, saudi arabia). time unknown for both.

  • You are two very different personalities - diametric opposites in most of your respective psychologies. You Arienprincess are oriented outward toward the world and your friend inwards, yet both of you are usually very independent. The crucial issue in this relationship is whether you two exercise your desire to be free or subordinate your individuality to be together. Your friend for example may join you in a drive towards success, or may decide that his own emotional life and inner development are more important priorities (which it sounds like he is doing). In love or friendship, furthermore, he is unlikely to let you in to his private and often strange fantasy life. So it is questionable that this relationship will ever go very deep or personal from the outset.

    Your friend is very into nurturing and domestic activities while you like to be out battling the world. Your need to communicate is likely to be frustrated by your friend's moods and his need to withdraw periodically. He finds it very difficult to share with a partner unless they are joined in the close bond of marriage where he feels safer to let himself go. Thus he will hold onto his marriage through thick and thin once he has shared himself deeply with someone. He is often too tied up with his own concerns to care for your needs AP.

    Frankly this relationship is based on very shaky ground - you only went out for a month five months ago. What you are to this Cancer man is a sounding board for his complaints. He only sees you as a friend, a shoulder to cry on. He may say he doesn't love his wife but his ties to her are stronger than his ties to you. I think you are reading too much into what you think you have with this man and I have to agree with him when he says 'he cannot understand why I am so upset given that we were never in a relationship'. I'm not sure either why you are putting so much hope into a relationship that is really only a sort of on-again, off-again friendship.

    Chalk this one up to experience and move on. It's not love, it's just infatuation.

  • captain...your analysis has me completely said he is more into nurturing and domestic activities but he is the biggest party animal i have ever seen infact he hates any kind of routine and absolutely loves to go out party and socialize a lot. infact he initially thought that i'm less outgoing than him. initially i tried to keep away from him so much but he pursued me really hard even when he first decided to try things with his ex. i know for a fact that he shares more about his feelings with me than with her. they are culturally very different from each other too. he finally told me now that it is very unlikely he works things out with her and doesnt want to ruin things between us for something that may not even work out. when i directly asked him how he feels about me..he refuses to answer saying that such questions are pointless to be answered and then after a bit he says that if this fails and he has to date someone then it would be me and that should give me my answer. he hesitates so much to say it in words but frankly his actions doesnt make it look like he's just friends with me but more like he's torn between the 2 of us unable to make a decision. he once even told one of our friends that i make a better wife and friend than his ex. it's not just me who's not letting go but he's hanging on to me as well 😞 and i cant push him away when he does that.

    oh and he's not married and doesnt intend to get married for the next 2 years. and his best friend of 5 years says i know nearly as much as he does and probably more and its only 5 months. my gut feeling or instinct is hardly ever wrong and something tells me to give it a last try for the next 4 months. what should i do? when i asked this question with the tarot cards about waiting for him for the next 4 months it revealed reversed moon in the first and reversed devil when i was asked to pick a second card to assist..what does it really mean??

  • he's not even a typical cancerian, the jealous clingy possessive kind but is quite rational and mature. he even says that i'm not like others about how i fall in love. i just dont fall in love like works very very differently with me. i need to spend loads of with the person for a bit etc

  • Hi captain can you give me a reading for me and my significant other 4/28/1982 2.50 am MST and her bday is 10/29/85 3 07 pm MST ..will we have a successful relationship? how can we diffuse our anger and opposite energy and when we do explode or fight how do we make up?

  • Gorgeoustaurus, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" at the top of this page. This is Arienprincess' thread.

  • Areinprincess, your friend behaves differently with you than when he is at home. You really don't know th true man at all. It shows how he feels about you by his partying behaviour that that is all he wants from you - a good time now and then. He tells you whatever he thinks you want to hear to get his way and you believe it. Is it really your gut instincts telling you he is 'the one' or just your heart telling you what it wants to happen? A Cancer man wants a home life as his base - it is his deepest need. If he does not seem to want to set up house with you, then you don't hold his heart. He will keep stringing you along with false promises until you understand what is really going on.

  • it's my heart that wants things to happen but my gut feeling saying that i should wait for him to sort his head out. that's the thing..he's not even making false promises but being completely honest with me. how should i approach this entire situation so that i dont do the same mistakes his ex does which completely pisses him off? her bday is 7th october 1985. frankly looks ver difficult of me letting go of him..i dont know can i help myself??

  • Thte truth is you are not enough of a homebody for your friend and in the end, despite his partying, he wants to come home to a wife who stays at home and cooks and cleans and raises his children. You are just not able to be that sort of person - you love to be out in the world, working and socialising. He may like you for a friend or lover but you two would never be happy in marriage. You both have too different personalities and desires. Plus your friend has such a strong desire for freedom that he can never stay with any one woman for a very long time. Committing to a long term relationship or marriage will be most difficult for him.

    You are not seeing things as they are but as you would like them to be. He told you himself that he cannot understand why you are so upset given that you were never in a relationship. This should tell you he doesn't think of you and him as being in any sort of close relationship. His own words! This man will never be yours. Face reality and move on.

  • TheCaptain! Hi, i know the rules, i won't ask here, i just have a short question. can you tell opinion/analysis also if i dont know the exact day of birth of the other person? i can tell it more or less only. im gonna try to find my old thread directed to you and ask there. just wanted to know this much. thanks.

  • I need the exact birthdate.

  • Dear Captain...i have finally decided to move on but it is so hard for me. This man has played a lot of games with me and put me in such a difficult spot. He just tried to keep me as a back up option. you already have his birth date..the girl he's trying to work it out her bdate is 7th october 1985..what exactly is happening? i'm tired of him messing my head up..please answer this query of mine and help me out. for some strange reason i feel that he's messing about with my head and expects me to wait for him lest things dont work out as he wants

  • It's not really moving on, is it, if you still want to know what your ex is up to? You think it will help you forget him by knowing more about what is going on for him. But it won't.

    It is only companionship that he has with this woman, not real love. He sees his relationships as a retreat from the world - for his own good and no one else's. Move on.

  • i want to move on but it is so hard because of so much uncertainty. i cannot handle so much uncertainty and this entire complicated situation. i just want to unravel it and walk off for proper closure. my entire life is a mess. i cant concentrate on anything around me. i desperately need to get out of this asap

  • You need to fill your mind and life with things other than this man. Sitting around borroding over him will just make it worse for you. Get into your hobbies, take up a craft, join a club or otherwise get busy meeting other people and you will soon get over him.

  • Dear TheCaptain, i require your help again..i have been doing my best to move on from this man and be just friends with him but he neither lets me move away nor come closer to him. he goes that extra mile to stay aloof from me and i feel he's playing a lot of mindgames. He takes me for granted and shares most of his problems with me. he flirts with all girls but me and refers to me as his good friend but when we are alone he doesn't behave like a friend to me. he now tells me that he wants only casual sex and one night stands and is not looking for anything long term and feels relationships are a stress. yet when i try to stay aloof from him he makes the craziest of excuses to meet up. he purposely tells me "he has stuff to do" because he knows i would get all curious and ask (but i dont anymore). His best friend and brother like me a lot but they dont seem to know much because he doesnt discuss his private life with anyone. sometimes when he gets moody he tells me i have all the negatives of a gf but not the positives. if am just a friend, why make these statements??further, he tells me not to expect anything from him nor does he expect anything from me but then adds that if i had used my "feminine" sense properly, we could have avoided all the arguments and unpleasantness and not pushed him so far away. I cannot understand this guy at all but i really really want to know. i cant rest until i have it all figured out. i would love to know what's on his mind for me.

    any help from you would be really appreciated.

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