Hi, Twinsoul Here Week Of May 16, 2010

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    nothing too bad



  • Trying again

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    moving in a new direction happy times no worries



  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Thank you for your kind offer.

    Can you please tell me what you see happening with me and Frederick. Do you see us together in a commited relationship?

    Thank you!

  • That dog is adorable!

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  • Thanks Twinsoul

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  • Hi Twinsoul :O)

    How are you today ? I post this question in other thread , but thought I would ask you as well . I seen that you were able to tell others who their Spirit Guide are and if they are around them at the present time . . Could you tell me if any of my Family members who have passed are near me cheering me on:O) or if any Spirit Guides are with me as well . I have had times when I felt a presence around me and even turn to see who it was ,but there was no one there . Can you pick up anything on this ? I have copied my post from the other thread below with other questions i asked .

    (I have been searching for someone who could tell me who my present Spirit Guides are and also who I was in a Past Life . I realize we all have many past lives , but I was also wondering which Past life effects me the most in my present life . I know that one can heal their present life fears, if they can find out what their past life fears were and acknowledging them .)

    Thank you for Your time :O)

    Have a great day !

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Hi, Twinsoul. In March, I was told that I would get a chance to meet a man whom I've known casually online for a couple of years; over the last 6mo we suddenly started talking more. We've gotten very close, and we both feel a deep, soul level connection. Well, we will have an opportunity to spend a day or two together this summer! I'm very excited and a bit nervous -- I think we both are. 😉

    I'm still confused and trying to sort through my emotions where he is concerned, as this was sort of out of the blue for me. And I believe he's going through something similar.

    What do you see in store for me and Shawn during our upcoming time together, or even beyond? (I'm not sure how far ahead you see so am trying to leave that open-ended.)

  • TS, thank you soo much! it brought tears! i hardley knew rose, and i was closer to marie( her real name was bridgette) she was irish immigrant and changed her name because bridgete was to irish and the irish were discriminated against at that period in time her last name was stclaire, she did always worry(like me) hense my worry comes in the form of fear and it causes me much stress, guess thats the health worry from her? marie was also my mothers name also a worrier and stiff, could it be that the marie your getting vibes from is my mom? cause you described her to a tee when your were talking about marie? thats wht i mentioned that nanas name was bridgette(dear i hope im not confusing you) should i start a thread asking about my grannies?,( you said you would like to do a full reading) i do so much appreaciate this cause i didnt know either one very well, i was a navy dependent and spent my life overseas till the age of 13, so didnt get to see them much, and very sad about that. its so sweet that your see your rose, im sure she is soo proud of you and what you do for all of the people you come in contact with giving of your self so compassionatly........much love to you! and much gratitide! x x x

  • emergence

    hi he is dating. not that happily.



  • light en dark

    yes. but are you really positive you love this person deeply



  • whatadoll

    fredrick, hmmm i sense quiet resignation i would like to sense more joy



  • mercin

    18 and over for your questions to be answered. Be as beautiful as you are now. Sending you blessings for a wonderful life.


  • doves

    i would love to help you, but this is not my area of expertise.

    Start a thread, and ask. there has to be someone out there who knows .



  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Do you see my parents getting divorced? (hope this is not an inappropriate question).

    Thank you. Fan

  • Hello twinsoul,

    I SO need to know the outcome for my Son....I'm worried sick for him....

    thank you

    Much love and joy to you twinsoul!!


  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Thanks for the infos, greatly appreciated!

    I am very happy to know that he is giving dating a try and doing his best to break free of his fear of commitment. Sorry to hear that he is not doing it happily but who knows, the happiness will come. I wish that for him.

    Thanks again!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hi twinsoul.

    This is my first posting ...(so Hello :)) ..& with a hundred & 1 questions ( all basically off of the same life changing subject ...) rattling around & around my head- feels like forever now...I saw your very generous offer & I thought I'd try and pick one aspect to ask you.....eerrr--it's hard! lol ...


    Do you feel that this move of mine ( & my kids) will positively facilitate many of our highest expectations please?

    if it's of any extra help my birthday is 14/08/1973 & I was born at 13.32 hrs in London ....just incase 🙂

    so many thanks for your time Twinsoul


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