Hi, Twinsoul Here Week Of May 16, 2010

  • hello ts soul.......thanks much for the contacts to my grannies, you said you had much coming through about this for me and would like to give me a reading, for which im grateful and honered, just wanted to touch base with you on that(no rush) you have got to be busy i know!, and i wanyed to share with you this, you told me to sak for a specific sign when one was with me, i did ask for a quarter to appear and not less then 20minutes i found a quarter on the counter when i walked in the door of the office i work in! now how cool is that?........lol... blessings dear ts!

  • Hey Twinsoul, many thanks for your kind offer.

    Will a new career path open up for me? (poss. music or writing).

    I have a wonderful family to take care of, but have this antsy feeling that I should be doing something new, and feel like I'm at a standstill.

    Blessings to you, and Peace.


  • Twinesoul, thanks for your advice. I am wondering ...is there anybody that I have or had in my life that I do love deeply? Of course if there is and they did not want to further the relationship, then there is nothing I could or can do about it. But it would be nice to know what is blocking me. I wish I was an open person. And I need to find away to trust myself and those around me.

    L en D

  • Happy Sunday TwinSoul!

    I too am on page 3--as Rising Phoenix--changed my forum name here from ZwhocanSee, but kept the avatar pic so my friends would know it's me--struck me that might have confused. I imagine you already know why I've change d the name:) I'll be changing the avatar pic next week.

    I hope you can get a read on my potential partnering in web-business with Greg. He's well-equipped to handle what I need technically so I can really move forward--and I NEED to start pulling big income in ASAP!

    Just as I was thinking how worn out I am by trying to "do it all" he posted on the forum we met on that he's looking for a project he can really get behind. He understands a lot of where I've been--and has respect for my overcoming--he and his wife took his son thru a similar crisis.

    I''ve been burned so badly by people doing work for me before. I'm pleased at the aspect of working with Greg--but cautious. He IS someone I've respected, liked, and learned a lot from on the other forum.


    I really need someone to take on the technical so I can handle the creative!

    I'm wearing myself out trying to handle it all.

    Can you tell me: should I go for it? Will be a positive/mutually beneficial and lucrative relationship--where both of us will be pulling in the kind of income we both want and need?

    Thank you so much! ZwhocanSee now RisingPhoenix

  • Hey twinsoul ,

    a big cheery hello !

    Couid you please help me to connect to my guides . I am a little blocked up . Will i be able to reach a great spritual place any time soon on my inner work? can you get me a pic about my guides and any messages and solutions from them ? please help !..gemini .

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    On top of page 4, guess its hard to wait.

    bssed be

  • Opps.... Blessed be

  • st clairs start another post and and me for reading ts

  • phoenix rising

    i cant believe that i am getting a ,no dont go there message for you. i am sorry



  • Dearest Twin Soul--THAT's OK--don't be sorry--it's why I asked you:)

    I am VERY grateful for your reading. I've been torn.

    I CAN put it all together myself--just--I'm TIRED!

    Interestingly--he has not yet answered my first negotiation e-mail.

    I was waiting for your read on this before sending a query.

    I'm going with your message! Must be good reason!

    Many years ago--as a teenager--I wrote a poem with the refrain--

    "and so I go on--(my first name)--alone."

    These last years have been very tough--I've been SO on my own--and that poem has resounded in my mind often. I GET that I have to do and achieve some things all by myself --and I KNOW I'll not take on employees again--but work with independent contractors!

    This one may just want too much of a piece of me & too much control.

    I'm clear I'm unwilling to give that much. I'm willing to give a % of A piece--but not a % of the whole kit and kaboodle:) That's what he suggested. I broke it down to what piece I'm willing to give him the % of in that 1st negotiation e-mail, that he's yet to respond to. Maybe he's only interested in all-or-nothing? I think we can maintain our good relationship even if it's nothing.

    On the bright side--FYI--the reading you did on my previous Q (my much-younger Gem friend) Things've been very interesting--we both appear to be resolving some unfinished business and setting ourselves up to be ready for something serious. I really didn't want to be his first relationship after a 4-5 year one--& he knows I'm a keeper--not a passer-by. Hallelujah--he found himself in a rebound--and I was pleased to see his great discomfort when I unexpectedly saw them together. Not happy FOR his discomfort--but glad he WAS uncomfortable with it. I then had clair-audient dreams of him in conversation with himself, then with me! I knew he was afraid he'd blown any chance he had with me--so I gave him space but continued friendly communication. Rebound done--then his ex came to town! Was he nervous about our meeting at a small gathering of friends! He was relieved we got on nicely, liked one another, and she picked up on something between us no one else has & then made comments to let us all know their relationship was done--just friends now. Though she was staying at his place--late that night I got a good night text that let me know he was alone in his room & thinking good thoughts of me:) The attraction's even bigger--for us both--and I kind of like how slow things are developing. The Universe is creating the time it seems we both need--some big changes & clean-up's of past happened for us both individually (and are still happening--at least for me--maybe him too.) Yet the mutual interest is clearly still high. And now his work is taking him far away to a very magical and powerful place whose Goddess I have strong connects to--for the couple of weeks I need to get MY work and biz handled and moving! But I have a sense that though I must continue to do my WORK alone--I will not be a woman alone for very much longer. This one has an ability to make me feel very very special--and I think I've conquered my fears. Will keep you posted:)

    Thank you for the reading--it helps me know how best to proceed:) Take good care of yourself:)

  • Hi Twinsoul

    I need your help. I met someone DOB Oct 7 1946 and we had a relationship for 6 weeks, (well I thought we did) and then he decided to see someone else. is there a chance at all of us getting together again. My DOB feb 3 1957.

  • Hi twinsoul, I think you may have missed mine on page 6, so I have copied it to here...but if you did see it and didn't pick anything up at the time it's okay, I understand.... love and blessings to you!!

    Hello twinsoul,

    I SO need to know the outcome for my Son....I'm worried sick for him....

    thank you

    Much love and joy to you twinsoul!!


  • Thanks TS for clarity regarding my parents.

    Isn't it strange that during the phases of life the children become the parents and the parents become childish? I have accepted that they no longer need to be together.

    My mother has moved on, my father is battling. Thrown into that they are fostering an HIV positive little girl of 5 (had her since 3 days old and knew she was positive).

    Thank you again, love and light. Fan

  • Hi Twinsoul: my question is, will I achieve my doctorate in 3 years? Thanks!

  • Good morning TS,

    What do I need to do to get out of this rut?


  • Hello Twinsoul,

    I am having my 3rd ulnar nerve surgery on June 23rd. The neurologist said this surgery is just to hopefully alleviate some pain by moving the nerve. It won't help the permanent nerve and muscle damage I already have. My question is, will I be going back to my job after everything is said and done? Not necessarily the same job but the same employer?

    Thank you for your time and sharing your gift, van5521

  • Hello Twinsoul....

    I had a "gifted" friend tell me my true love was right around the corner & she hoped I didn't miss him. I was wondering if you could tell me if I already know him & if he is younger or older than myself. That would help me out tremendously..Thank you for your help....many blessings to you.

  • poetic555

    yes she is going to be fine.



  • td

    not soon enough. honey stop feeding him, and he'll go away. by december this year



  • mustique

    if it is your true love you will not miss him. relax, he's coming. you have seen him. best of luck you will be very happy



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