Hi, Twinsoul Here Week Of May 16, 2010

  • earthwindandfire

    for some reason i feel compelled to tell you to count your blessings every day. you have so many of them. seriously, please do this and your life will lighten up

    blessings to you


  • hi tilly

    yes , your life will be filled with joy, all will work out fine. you have lovely and special children. their education must be a primary concern for you. one of your children is exceptionally brilliant, wow. yes your move is the right thing to do. go with love and blessings


  • wow! thank you so much! regarding the move..you have help me confirm what I already know...just can't quite believe! (if that makes sense....)

    (& fyi...I currently home educate all my kids-they have been both state educated in the UK & in France-but I felt (as do they) that they need as 'wide' an education as possible ....of course I know that they're all uniquely brilliant! 😛 ...so..yes education is an issue especially now as we're looking to move to s. Italy!

    thank you again so so much --love to you TS...tilly

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  • I take it there is no answer for me just yet Twinsoul? Thank you!

  • Twinsoul was curious to know why some people think june 21 2010 is going to be a big day for me.

    could you help me with this one?

    I will wait paitently for your reply

    Best wishes


  • Hi Honey! Just saying hello and wishing you and yours well, had a fabulous day on the 1st of June! "BLESSED BE." 🙂

  • Peacelili - I noticed in your reply about southern Italy. Whereabouts? I lived down that way too. Hope it all goes really well for you. Wishing you happiness and success. 😄

  • Hi Twinsoul, hope you are doing well and getting some restful sleep dear! you did a general reading for me and in the reading you said you saw some legal issue, i never did ask you how do you see that issue coming out? blessings and rest to you!


  • ABOUT the legal issue, how do you see the outcome? is it favorable to me? thanks and blessings!

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