Hi, Twinsoul Here Week Of May 16, 2010

  • Hi Everyone

    One question only, like: Will i get married to Bob?

    Please no two and three part questions like: Will Bob and I get married and will we be happy together and Live in Los Angeles with his mother and Aunt Flo, and by the way does his mothers' aunt like me and my children? That is five questions,k.lol

    Every week I will start a new thread for readings. In order for me to serve you with 100% clarity, I unfortunately am only able to answer , up to 10 pages of questions, for the entire thread .

    So here is what to do. Before you hit the reply button, look at the bottom of the page. If you are on pages 1-10 you will get an answer from me. If you are past page 10, you will not receive an answer for that week.

    I will try to do this every week.

    Blessings to all of you


    Admin Please Delete all of my threads that have last replies longer than 5 days. Thanks TS

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  • HI twinsoul,

    Will my mother's business idea become a strong source of income for her?

  • Will I get my unemployment benefits back this week? Thank you for all your help!

    Blessings to you!


  • Will I find a new job?

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  • HI Twinsoul. you m ake me chuckle with you examples above of the only one question, its cute! anyway i would like to know which grand mother is with me marie or rose? ..thanks dear.....blessings

  • Twinsoul,

    I've been told that I can expect changes in regard to my job. What kind of changes? changes for better or worse?

  • Twinsoul,

    could you help me, can you see where my engagement ring is? it was in a red glass votive candle holder next to my bed. When I woke up the candle holder was on the floor and I cant find my ring. Any help would be appreciated I am in a panic about it 😞

  • What changes can I expect in the next few weeks? Thank you for your kind offer, love and light 🙂

  • Twinsoul,

    Thanks for this and again, thanks for the reading you did for me. I appreciate it so much and it makes a whole lot of difference to me. I am at much better place now and I owe that to you.

    My question;

    Is my ex happily back in the dating game now?

    Thank you!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • hi, i'm new here

    and im wondering can u give me any hint on who likes me or wants to be with me lol i know im only 16 but i wonder because people stare and i wonder why they do ...........when will my electrokinesis develop really gud or my telepathy......it takes time for me to open up to the questions i want to be answered

  • Hi Twin soul,

    I hope everything is good with you.

    Will I be getting married this year?

    Hugs & Light


  • Hello Twin Soul,

    I was wondering if I will receive some of my backpay, now that my exboyfriend finally sees that I was telling the truth; in regard to his employees behavior.

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • I believe I'm finally past the phase in which I would still try to make sure if psychic powers are real or not, and I've reached the phase in which I'm pretty much sure that they exist 😛

    When will my attempts to meditate start to bear fruit?

  • Twinsoul, will my translation agency be a success?

    Blessings to you.

  • Hello twinsoul

    I broke my knee a while back in March. My question is: will it take a long time to get my body back? I am still healing, hurting and want my body and strength back. Need to get back to work.

  • Hello Twinsoul,

    Again, another kind offer from you! My question is will I marry? Okay, so I know I have to find a date first! Lol,,,but still can't help but wonder.... I am basically in a pretty good place in life and love seems to be the only thing that has eluded me, I think by my own choosing but now I am open to it. Thanks ever so much!!

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  • twinsoul,

    Is my sister's anxiety concerning her job justified? Will she keep it?

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