Long2010 where did your readings go?

  • Hi All,

    If we enforced the rules to the letter of the law, we'd have to delete 90% of the over 100,000 posts here. But, we try to cut the forum posters as much slack as possible since most people genuinely have good intentions.

    Yes, we do reserve the right to ban anyone, any time just in case there is a loophole we didn't cover in the rules. It's pretty standard as far as rules go. But, we think it's worth noting that we have never banned anyone from these forums (except spamers), even for violating the rules.

    Thanks for the suggestion of using a liability disclaimer, that is an option we have explored in the past. We'd have to append it to every post, though, which could make the forum post long and diffcult to read.

    You are right that there are some gray areas where something that could be consider a personal reading rather than advice is left up and/or slips through the radar while others are deleted. We could go in a delete everything to enforce the letter of the law, as some suggest. But, that would probably mean even more unhappy posters than there are now.

    In the end, we have to make a judgement call about whether a post crosses the personal reading line, although we know it can be an unpopular decision and may seem like our actions are random for people who don't have a lot of visibility into all the other topics that are going on.

    Forum Admin


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  • ok i don't know who this long2010 is but just from this uproar if anyone can find him please let me know i would love to get some advice from him also

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  • quenkath

    aw shucks that's sad but thanks a million for the info

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