Long2010 where did your readings go?

  • Long2010, where are your readings. I know admin had no right to erase them as you were not using information from another website. What happened?

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  • oh Admin will say that Karma readings, Astrology Reading, Numerology Readings etc can be purchased from their site. We have to admit....Natapier and Long2010 readings / reports looks very professional. Better than the ones we paid for.

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  • email them at forums@tarot.com

    according to them, they will answer all emails sent to that address as quick as possible.

  • Hello All,

    We did set up the email address forums@tarot.com so you could contact us directly if you need help with anything or want to communicate. You are also welcome to continue to post questions here as well.

    We're sorry you are upset that certain topics have been deleted. We only delete topics that violate our forum rules, which we have for legal reasons and liability and to protect our members. We wouldn't be able to offer forums at all without having some sort of rules in place. We do not delete posts that are critical of the rules either, we value your free speech.

    Again, we're sorry that you are upset -- but there are still plenty of discussion topics and terrific people to interact with here on the forum that are still within the guidelines.

    We have never banned anyone for violating these rules (except spammers) since they are all well meaning people with no ill intentions. Everyone is welcome to post anytime, but we will continue to stay on the lookout for posts that go against the rules.


    Forum Admin


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  • Quenkath:

    Personalized readings are not allowed for a variety of reasons: 1) because we have had issues in the past, and 2) because we cannot verify the accuracy of these readings 3) nor can we tell if the information was lifted without permission for another site to name a few.

    Sorry again that you are upset, but we have reasons for these rules. We're starting private discussions with posters of topics that are deleted to offer more detailed information to respect their privacy.


    Forum Admin


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  • admin,

    I had a READING from Long2010. I gave her my date of birth. She told me 2 things;

    1)My income is unstable but my finance is always good.

    2)I had a major accident but it won't effect me long term

    She told me to verify this and I did. After that, she told me why she said my income is unstable; it is because of the profession I chose etc, nothing to worry about because overall, my finance remains good.

    Well, this is very direct and simple. Something that I am able to confirm. This is more like a guidance, not a reading. Same guidance and advice as Brian and Hans are giving others. She is not predicting that I will be a millionaire next year etc....so she is not breaking any rules.

    Am I seeing this the wrong way?


    x x x

  • Hello Emergence,

    If you vouch for the authencity we'll take another look at those posts. Unfortunatley, it's impossible to check the accuracy of every personalized reading done in these forums with hundreds of posts per day -- which is one of the reasons for our "no personalized readings rule." So your feedback is helpful.

    We're also waiting to hear back from a private email we sent to Long2010 to make sure they are legit and not a scammer.

    Thanks for the input,

    Forum Admin


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  • Hello everyone,

    I guess I could not do anymore reading (I was about to post 4 more readings). I had learned a lot from all of you. What did you think of my reading? I didn’t really give out any forecast. I just gave you some facts and ask you to verify if those facts were true. I was surprised to know that all of the things I said to you all (about 7 people) were really accurate. I try to make my explanations as concise and as clear as possible. My explanations require only a yes or a no, so people should have no problem verifying them. What do you think of this style?

    I wonder if a thread will get deleted if I predict the past and tell people to verify them.

    Oh and by the way, I am male.


    Can I get your birthday again? I would love to study your chart because it is truly a unique one.

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  • I AM SO SORRY THAT THEY DID THIS TO YOU LONGHORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Lovingsilverwings,

    Again, Pyschics who charge for their readings aren't allowed in this forum either. The forums have first and foremost always been a commerce free zone. We created them as free benefit for our members -- but the rule against personalized readings has always been there and we've explained the reasons for it.

    Forum Admin


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  • Sorry about your disappointment pilot007. After my post got deleted, I also thought of making a website. I didn't know that I could not ask people to verify historical information. After I do a reading, I would not tell people anything about the astrology symbols because I feel that talking about the stars confuse people.

  • Hello LongHorn If you develop your own website, PLEASE let us know!!

  • Im sure everyone know how the site is operated,

    Its publicly displayed at all times, If a user didnt

    want a thier business displayed according to you they obviously

    have no choice since, admin delete private emails that would

    allow it, Besides people ASK for readings,advice ect its not as

    if its been forced among us to accept these readings..

    Ive had readings done by the tarot site and I personally

    would'nt consider them as accurate as ones i've recieved from

    users here.

    I wanna be clear about the sites motives, Are messages being deleted

    and unallowed because the site is loosing service due to free advice ect ?

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