Question for Gemini man, please help

  • Star, I have encountered you in other threads and your questions about geminis are legitimate and yes, they are confusing. However, here's has helped me understand them from my own experience in my family and my love who are gems. The sign is known for high intelligence. They analyze everything and can't control it because it is just their nature. Sometimes they engage in multiple thoughts. I could just imagine the twins inside their heads are conversing none stop. Imagine how stressful that gets. It does. So, they disappear to rest or think some more and I guess to complete the thought process. What they come out with are usually deep thoughts and when they talk about it what they usually say are unique and interesting, brilliant, and original! That's entertaining and inspiring. Gems they say are playful and child like. They are actually friendly people. They like fun and don't want to hurt people - not intentionally, anyway. And a lot of people are attracted to them because of their wittiness and joyfulness. Quite amazingly, they are probably the only sign in the zodiac that could keep their ex's happy even if the relationship turns platonic. It is true that they are honest. They don't lie. Anything going on in their minds they verbalize to their closest friends/partners. So, no secrets. What you see is all real. Since their minds travel so fast they get bored easily making them constantly looking for things to do or be amused with. In a relationship they get shifty because of inquisitiveness and boredom. But once they find the right match they are devoted and committed. My aries mom lucked out with my gem dad. He met her when she was young. He might have played the field for a while but when she became an adult he courted her and they never parted. Gems, I've read, are not emotional people. They are cerebral and get to understand their feelings through logical thinking rather than feeling. So, sometimes, they do not even know that they are hurting people they are closest to by their unusual behavior. They may appear weird but if you understand what goes on in their minds, you'll understand why they behave the way they do. But, don't mistake this for people who are simply jerks, regardless of sign. They, also, exist, and just simply are jerks. Your gem could be a natural jerk and should be avoided. A gem is usually sweet once you and he are on the same page. Don't every think that you could change a man. DEfinitely not a gem. but men in general do not like that anyway.I hope this helps.

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