Question for Gemini man, please help

  • Hello to all, i came to this site after a roller coaster connection with a Gemini man, i m an Aquarius woman. i would appreciate some feedback from the Gemini man about how they feel when they start to like someone and love someone and whats going on in their mind with the multiple voice in their head,

    i m not here to judge i just want some feedback. i look at this site and there are so many ad about Gemini, especially Gemini man, a lot of those ad are from people that cared for someone in that star sign and got hurt

    I m trying to understand how they feel about all the feedback about it

    when a Gemini are in relationship does they feel their partner asking too much from them? and why? why they playing mind game? why they push people to leave and loss interest and then chase them? why they feel tie down when someone like them? why they loss interest and just want to runaway when a relationship is getting close?

    why they need to flirt? why they keep in touch with their ex;s? why they give mixed message when the other person made clear that they like them?

    why they keep switching between two women?

    why they seem so afraid to talk about their feeling?

    are Gemini man just a charmer and cant be a true lover?

    Does they care how other feel when involve in triangle relationship?

    How do you know if they love you or ever like you?

    i know it's a lot questions but hey nothing is clear with those guys and it's easy for anyone to understand the opposite of what it is

    please i need to understand thank you

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  • Star, you must really love this gem of yours or you will not make such effort to understand him. If he's hurting you at this time, let him go sweetly (difficult to do but less painful for you). If he comes back you both could restart on the same page, a healthier way to start or re-start and relationship. Also, because you do not understand the gem characteristics, it is possible that you are sensitive ( maybe normally sensitive) to the behavior and that is what is hurting you. You could approach this boldly and maturely by asking him outright in a non-confrontational manner. If he's ready he would tell you and you could get to know what's inside his head, which would then be a milestone towards your relationship. If he doesn't want it, then its time to let go to spare you from heart ache but you know that you did your best to reach out. Since a gem is cerebral, once/if he realizes the logic of a bright future with you, he will do something to reconnect and nurture the relationship. Do not build expectations, however, because that would be setting yourself up for another pain, which shouldn't be blamed on him because that would be your own concoction. Good luck and be well, friend.

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