How to email Captain?

  • Hey, I'm new on these forums and I was checking out the "Photo Readings" thread, and I found it really interesting.

    I wanted to get one done for my friend, or possibly for myself, so I decided to see how to email Captain, but unfortunately all the info I got is that the email was "posted above" but I just couldn't find it!

    So here's the question:

    How can I email Captain? And I'm really sorry if I missed something obvious and can't see it myself!

    Thanks in advance.

  • a6ur,

    Actually, to protect the forum members it is against the forum rules to post private email information.


    Forum Admin

  • I see, thank you for the clarification, and I suppose that Captain had the email removed from the thread for this reason.

    admin - Is there a way to private message people?


  • Thanks a6ur. Unfortuntely there is not at this time. It would be a wonderful feature that based on numerous requests we'd love to have. However, it's isn't avilable yet and we are still exploring options. Thanks for your input.

    Forum Admin

  • A6ur, you can still post photos of yourself and your friend in that thread and I will read them.

  • Thanks!

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