Gemini man in love and the conflicted Mind Game

  • Star2u, Hello, honey, you have just described every red blooded american male out there, sorry. I do not think it is just a trait Gemini's have. Male species is more like it. I did date a Gemini when I was young. he chased after me and was obssesed with me. He did make a grave mistake, he suggested we date other people, I was fine with that, so I did and I started to really like another guy. Well, the gemini went crazy, threatened the other guy, for years, tried to keep us from dating. I must say, I am a Libra, so this Gemini had NOTHING on me. I was not affected by him in any way, except for the fact that he stalked me for the next few years and tried to ruin my realtionships with other guys. i should have kicked his ass! Hope this helps!

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