Cancer...the underdog?

  • I wouldn't describe them as under dogs, they have a different fighting style, thats pretty damn effective, they win often and leave many scared in the their wake, they should never be underestimated or counted out just because they are not agressive or loud mothed.

    As far as skettilover a-holes come in all signs and astrology has nothing to do with that piece of nothing you got stuck with, I'm glad you kicked him to the curb.

    I find it funny that all of these cancers are willing to say how much they give, but not one has acknowledged my acknowledgement or tried to enlighten me on how to be more supportive of the cancers in my life, do y'all think maybe you like giving and giving wihtout recieving equally because it means your friends and family are and will always be in debt to you? (just wondering)

  • I wouldn't say I am an underdog, but I like helping underdogs, because I feel so sorry for them. I can get along with so many people, but then when I have a choice, I typically side with the underdogs... tho, there is so much abuse one can take... I think cancers have a high threshold for dealing with crap because because they care so much, and want everyone to be happy. But when they are fed up with all of the bull, then I pity the fool who pisses me off.

    I know a way to be supportive of the cancers in your life is just to be there. To be dependable, reliable, generous, kind, and loving always. Actually, treat them to a homecooked meal, or something involving delicious food and drinks... or get them to relax more... take them someplace cozy and comfy and fun.... not dangerous... just fun... ask them about their hopes and dreams and encourage them to put their dreams first... you have to be really intuitive to understand a cancer, because sometimes they expect you to be mind readers. I think they need reassurance and guidance a lot, and need to know they have made the right decisions in their life. Don't patronize them, just be there. If you wanna show more appreciation to your cancer pal, you really ahve to ask what do they do for fun... if they don't tell you specifically, hang out with them, and ask them daily... watch them carefully and be observant... but not stalkerish... because if they like something, they'll show it...

  • Oh, and before I forget, if they know you worked hard at getting them something, they'd love you even more.

  • The cancer I know is a male. He does not know how to say no to people. And if he says no, it pains him physically in his heart. It feels painful to say no to people. He does not know how to say no and he is like a magnet for people in need for help. So he gives and gives and gives and in the end the people whom he has helped dont show him the respect that he feels he would have given himself if someone had done all of that for him. So he has often felt used and exploited because of his empathy and ability to help.

    Then one day he said: From now on I will say no to everybody, even though it hurts.

    He has only improved a bit. He still does not know how to approach this problem of his. Although the problem has diminished a bit since he stopped saying yes to absolutely everything. Since people have stopped asking so much for "help" all the time. So in that way, the problem has reduced. But he is still can not say no without feeling that pain in his heart. It is not in his nature to reject people.

  • Yo everyone, does the concept of self worth have any value here? Perhaps checking out your 2hd house , any tenants and their rulerships may give insight on what you can do to become more conscious and self aware...what is the message being delivered? what are we truly asking for...all is exactly as it should be and when we adjust our perspective everything else will change also....Cancers, especially the earlier ones are being prompted to wake up and be transformed, go willingly or be dragged there, choice not chance determines our destiny.


  • Thank you Turac!

    I am a Cancer (woman) and have read this somewhere else. I FEEL it! It is almost an urgent "Do or die" type feeling...incredible, yet daunting...

    Thank You!

  • yes we r nurtures.

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