Captain..would you mind doing a reading for me please?

  • Hi Captain,

    I have read many of your posts and I would love it if you could provide me with a reading. I'm wondering about two men in my life. The first one's birthdate is July 22, 1963 and the second is April 14, 1968. The Cancer is my ex husband and the Aries is someone I am currenlty involved with. Do you have any insights as to whether my ex husband will move on and find happiness in his life? Do you see my current boyfriend as someone I will be with a long time? I feel like he is my 'soulmate' if there is such a thing and was wondering what you thought?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Torgirl44, I feel you haven't yet met the man who is your soulmate. I think he works as a butcher.

    Yes your ex has already moved on to a certain extent and will find happiness after a while once he gets over his hurt feelings.

    Your current boyfriend feels too interested in himself and his own life to be a good partner for you.

    I think you don't yet know what you really want in a partner. You think you know but that is only what society and other people have put into your head. You need to locate your authentic self to find out what your soulmate is like so that you can recognise and attract him.

  • Captain,

    Thank you so very much.

    I was shocked when I read what you said about my current boyfriend as that's the one thing that bothers me about him...he is very self involved and has a very busy life and I feel like I fill a space instead of being a priority with him.

    How do I go about locating my authentic self as you've put it? I agree that sometimes I follow society's norms/rules instead of my own.

    Thank you, your comments were very enlightening.

  • Letting go of all the men who have passed through your life will open the way for the new man to come in. Deal with all past residue from old feelings that still linger so that his path to you is clear of all emotional 'rubble'.

    Out with the old and in with the new! 🙂

  • hi captain

    is there a chance you could do a reading for me please ?

    weve had problems with a neighbour for the last few years and its really taking its toll on our families health

    my husband and i are librans me 14 10 51

    my husbands is 13 10 43

    and she is a leo her husband is a virgo

  • Astrablue, I feel you and your husband have been far too reasonable and accomodating with your neighbour who loves to get her own way. You need to make a stand against her because the more you give into her, the more demanding she will become. Don't let her steamroll over you. This is not someone who will respond in kind to a balanced easy-going approach. You need to be very firm with her and show her you cannot be bullied.

  • i suspected as much ,and the fact that you picked up on the fact that shesa bully is amazing !!

    shes made our lives hell with her gossiping and whispering ,poking her nose in others buisness ,things that dont concern her .as we live in flats 6 on one side 12 0n the other noone trusts anyone anymore it hadnt used to be like this,till she came we all went along amicably .i was chair of the residents commitee, the first words she said to me were youve met your match now ????? she always wants to go one better than me as a keen gardner this has been a nightmare !!!!!!!when people move out which is quite often she grabs the new ones that come in and bad mouths us all we want is a quiet life ,

  • Sometimes, in order to have a quiet life, you have to make a noise,

  • thank you for your advice much appreciated captain

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