Some one got any ideas as to whats up?[taurus]

  • hi all, i wanted to see if anyone here might have any help on my situation.

    im a aquarius pisces cusp male and my long time girfriend is aries taurus cusp.

    we were together for a long time, when we meet i didnt think much of her but her persistance got me hooked and i fell madly in love, i think she did too. we spent every moment of every day together, but then i had to leave for 3 months becouse of work, about 2 and a half have passed, now and things seem to be a little shakey, we comunicate everyday over skype and i cant wait to hear from her but things have got a little shakey the past couple of days, its started with little lies like her telling me shes going to sleep bit i see her acitve on facebook or whatever much later that night, i didnt really care much about that but she just seems to be getting distant and that seems to be bothering me, theres definatly a elephent sitting in the living room but i cant seem to figure what it is either. things got messy when she told me that she went to her home town and meet an ex who was out of prison for short leave and told me she still had feelings for hem. it got kinda messy and i cut off comunications( not the first time) she imdiatly contaced me telling me she was sorry and so on, that she was in a mess and didnt want to make any dicisions till i got back. even before that if we had an argument and i blocked all comunications she would find a way to contact me and it we would make up it would feel great for a couple of days, and then she would start fealing cold again, ignoring me or just acte ing as if it were nothing. to somlevel i do believe she still loves me, its just a headache figuring her out, i am going to see her when i get back but i would just like to see what other people think about my predicament, is there something there or am i bieng played 🙂 thanks in advance

  • Look up Jimmy Wayne lyrics to You're No Good For Me...

    I don't get the fatal attractions, but they happen and I've seen it to people all around me.

    Do you really want to be with someone you can't trust?

    Do you really want to spend your life and energy being sucked dry?

    I believe good relationships take work. But I also believe that it takes two and that there is always an open line of communication. And in a good relationship, there is no room for lies. And there is a basis for a mutual give and take. You know, in your heart, something is wrong or you would not have asked the question. Something there? Fatal attraction? Fascination? Enthrallment?

    (1.(transitive) To hold spellbound; to bewitch, charm or captivate.

    2.(transitive) To make subservient; to enslave or subjugate.

    [edit] Synonyms)

    Not all relationships are healthy, but sometimes they are there to teach us lessons we would not otherwise learn. Discernment is necessary...

    Good luck.

  • might have misunderstood me there, i dont have trust issues , the girl is allright in that manner, and when we were together no one ever filled me with that much trust, she told me nothing happend when she meet the ex and i do believe her, the thing that bugs me is the distance we now have in our conversation, i cant seem to pull one emotion from her. is that a taurus trait or something?

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  • Hello gnjilishepard, I am intentionally not reading everyone's replies so my own response won't be influenced. I'm a Taurus/Aries cusp woman and can relate to what you're describing about your girlfriend. I know that when I start behaving like that it's because I'm struggling with something and trying to "sort it out" in my mind and anyone pressuring me becomes a distraction that causes me to withdraw. I can't speak for your girlfriend of course, but I know that I am a very loyal and faithful woman and the one and only time I ever found myself torn between my feelings for two men, I was not intimate with either one of them while I was "figuring out what's what". Intimacy would have just confused matters more. I needed to get my head straight about what I wanted before I could be intimate with anyone at all. So if she's anything like me, I'd suggest just being patient and let her "sort it out". Being on facebook after she told you she was going to bed may have just been her "searching for answers to help her figure things out" and not telling you is just avoiding the influence of a confrontation. She may communicate with this other guy, but that doesn't automatically translate to "cheating". If she's like me, she's being "honorable" in her own way and trying to get her facts straight in the fairest way possible. You would not want her with you if she has an "unanswered question" in her mind about this other guy. Rest assured, she will give 100% to the one she chooses and you would not want it any other way because a Taurus/Aries cusp woman who isn't SURE about what she's doing can be very much the "Bull in the China shop"! Better to "just keep being you" and let her figure it out for herself. If you become clingy and demanding, you will only push her away.

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