A request for the Captain

  • Captain, you were kind enough to answer a reading request a few months ago, could your give me a reading on my future with LWC. Thank you very much

  • Sportclip, your relationships live more in your head than in reality. No, this person does feel the same as you do. Try being more open and honest about yourself to others. There is a veil of secrecy and illusion about you that makes people wary and they wonder if you can be trusted.

  • Sorry, that should have been 'No, this person does NOT feel the same as you do.'

  • Where can I start from? So here it goes around 18 months ago an old friend calls me up I use to work with her 17 years ago. she called me to let me know that there was a job opening up. I thought sure I think I should go back to work. She knew that I was in the business for 20 years. At the time she asked me to go work for her physician. I thought I was retired. but anyway time went on. I drove a distance to get to work, it was a 45 minutes drive. I thought why not I can get back into it. Because I loved what I did. Well time went on I started to get some bad vibes for her. I went into work with a positive view. Everything that was given I did it with no problems. But she started to change she blocked my pay increase. I was very hurt toward her I did confront her. I don't feel holding anything back. I thought handle it in a mature way. She grew more recentment toward me. Well her being there for 10 years. She just kept bad mouthing me. I didn't want to quit because I never quit a job. I take my job very serious, and me being a taurus is very dedicated and loyal.She did everything in her power to over work me and tried her best to make me look bad. Everyone in the office can feel the bad vibes. I continue to work with a smile on my face because I thought she would get over it. Me confronting her about how inmature she was behaving and how she would be blocking me from getting a pay ways. I told her that I came out of my way for her, and yes that I was very hurt. Well she didn't like it and held onto a grudge about it. So time when on everyday it was almost impossible working there anymore. As she turned the physican and his wife against me. So know I was given 2 days to work only. So that means work only 16 hours a week verses a 40 hours a week. I did get sick from all this, and felt that all my positive energy as been sucked up by her. I have not gone back to work. I don't feel like I should go back in. Hearing from the other staff members that I have trained, she is just a happy person. I don't get her?

    Captain what do you think about my situation?

  • Diamondomay, please start your own thread because I don't want to mix up your vibes here with the original poster's vibes.

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