An Aries with another Aries

  • I was just wondering, is it bad to be with another Aries? I think I may be attracted to those who are and I am as well. Give me your thoughts.


  • I've thought about this before. I hope I'm not in love with myself, but fire turns me on. So does taking action, being a leader, bravery, and strength........... Those are all qualities of Aries, of course. I'm not sure if a long lasting relationship could be a possiblity though. We're also very stubborn and hard headed, and would probably be at each other's throats a lot. But I'm a firm believer that if you truely love someone, you can work it out. Couples therapy? I don't know. But I am definately attracted to other Aries as well. Maybe because I need a guy as hardcore and badass as I am......... or moreso..... preferably moreso.... haha! 😉 just being facetious

  • Personally if an Airies is on the positive side maybe but I mostly have run into very negative selfish jealous Airies that will attack and destroy in an instant to take the glory for themselves. They will lie cheat and steal and can be cruel and heartless.

    It is all about them, very very self centered.

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