Aquarius Man

  • Are a Pisces female and an Aquarius man doomed? I was dating an Aquarius for the past couple months and he suddenly stopped talking to me, completely. We see each other only every couple of weeks, which is really frustrating for me. In typical Pisces style, I wanted more intimacy and told him this. Just 3 nights ago he was telling me not to quit. Then I haven't heard from him since. Ignored a funny, a caring, and a concerned text and hasn't bothered to return a phone call. What the heck happened? How do you go about fixing it with an Aquarius?

  • Hello"Drpisces" sincerity and honesty is sometimes they key

    stop txting and email if you can see him face to face then go ahead, dont put all on table through, give some sort mystery

    or surprise him, send him something cute

    i be you and i m an aquarius i will face him and i will tell him i m here to find the truth, any proper aquarius will respect this guest because we live for that but we also live to not hurt another human being

    face him and telling him his hurting you and you just need to know what happen

    be ready to accept what is telling you through, whatever the outcome be ready to let it go

    if he say that he want to try again or something, then turn the table and dont contact him

    his a man, dont chase him and wait ( i mean live your life, never wait for any men to make up their mind dear)

    i hope this help

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