Is it True Love, Romantic Love or just good ole Lust?

  • Dear Captain, Great topic and much food for thought. What a great benefit for all of us to be able to look at our situations from "another window" and learn from them. Thank you. MissD.

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  • Unconditional love is so very rare. Animals give it easily and freely but humans are much more selfish.

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  • Dear Captain, I was wondering what you see about a guy that has been in my life roughly 2 yrs. his name starts with "p". and what does he feel or want with me if anything.

    I would also like to ask you what a guy name starts with "g" feels about me.

    Thanks very much!! my bdate is 4/27/1979.

  • Wickedmoon, wrong thread. Try starting your own personal thread if you have a question.

  • "Love is when you care about someone more than you care about yourself."

    Actually, that is self-sacrifice, and which is not love. We cannot truly love until we have stepped out of living dualism. It occurs utterly in the moment, without context, concept, projection, thinking, expectation, knowledge, beliefs, past or future. It cannot be contemplated or defined. I would suggest that it must begin with, have its roots in real compassion, something that most people will never experience. Anyone who knows what real love is cannot explain it, but can only encourage another to, er, find it, although seeking is chasing something that is already within. But we've got to have a few words to "explain" what we mean...



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