Scorpio man's fear of love

  • Hello Gem, your situation seems very similar to my own. This Scorpio man who I have known for more than 30 years founbd me online by accident, he pursued me, told me how much he had loved me for years (we did have a brief encounter years ago). We chatted online for weeks, very intense and loving. He didn't want to meet up til the time was perfect. We hadn't seen each other for ten years. We met, it was lovely we have met a few times (I have recently eded my current relationship) Since we see eachother more now we don;t chat online so much and the intense passiobate chat has stopped but our relationship has deepened I think. He has days where he just shuts himself away and makes no contact and I think he has gone off me but he comes back again. being a scorpio myself I do understand the way he is. He is very scared of committing to a relationship as he has been burnt in the past. I'm sure he feels a lot for me but I think he thinks I am too good for him in some way. It's a very difficult relationship.

  • rocito,

    Well can u tell me about the scorpio man that I just met last week...well we met on friday and hit it off real good, we both like the same thing in common,(hes a cwby & im a country girl)..We both went out dancing and was really touchy kissy and all that stuff.. and he told me that he really likes me and want to get to know me.alot better and vise versa on my part.....Oh we met online but hes the one who persued me...Ok now here the moral of the story...He was reciently got dumped by a girl about a month in a half ago..He said that he was deeply inlove with her and they was only toghter for 3 mos when he left her due to her lies and cheatn....drama..Well b4 he got with her she was with my friend and left him for the one im tryn to seeing...He didnt know wat was going on and finally met my riend in person and apologized to him...Well they both call her the black widow cuz she did this to other men too.... now she with another guy 2 wks after he left her....but she is still txtn both guys while shes with the other man..ok Well cwby & I was getn along real good and wanted to see ea other the next day but we culdnt (he had his son I went to a shower) so I told him I'll c you tomorrow cuz we had a date the next day...Well I knew about his breakup, ...when we went for a drive and to let u know Im a good listener...I let him spill his guts about the girl and what my friend tooo..about the same but we was having a good time too then by the time the date was over and him done talkn about her and his whole life story....His mood went from Happy to depression...real fast cuz hes still hurtn over her i respect that and I know he needs time to heal,...well b4 I went in we talked and he told me that we are better off as friends that hes not good for me.and I need to go find someone else....Well that really crushed me hard and still does...I fell inlove with the man and I know he had or has feeln for me but hes blockn them..due to her...He said that he cant stand the B***h and wish she wud die or get paid back for what she was doing to all the men shes hurtn..So I know hes in the love/hate phrase...He said that he cant trust and love any more due to her...But I keep telln him im not her and I was honest to him at the I respect him and told him ok we can be friends and that I will always be there for him if he needs me...Was that wrong to say? and I ment it too...well the next day we talked on the phone and txt ea other goodnite and stuff .. so the question and answer I want to know am I ever gona have a chance with him and does he really like me and want to get to know me more .or was he lying to me at the beganing ..or should i just give up and turn the other way....I know i was brought in to both of the mens life to help them out of their hurt...which some time i feel use too...But last nite my friend the one that got hurt I went to him and cryed my eyes out due to the other guy...My friend told me that hes a real good ,loving honest concerdent man...cuz he met and talk to him and still does...that I need to just be friends with him and to just be there for him when I need him and let him get over the hurt then will c where it may lead... he said that he may come bk to me or not..So as for you being a scorpio man is my friend telln me the truth...I really love and care for this man and dont want to loose him...which im so confused right now... My heart saids to stay and be there for him but my brain some time telln me go...what should I do....I know we are a match cuz I felt it when we first met it was like a close bond and attraction for the both of I just need help... He still txts me just confuse if he like me or not does he want me or not...HELP

  • I keep reading basically the same things from different people as if we're all dating or involved with the same weird! It HAS to be a Scorpio trait.

    I too, am involved/in love with a Scorpio..I am Capricorn...same things I keep reading..he was so intense in the beginning that my head was spinning. Then he became distant, then he broke things off (for fear of being hurt)...except he still keeps in contact with me for some odd reason that I cannot understand.

  • Loveapp,

    So do i im confused too but now we are actually seeing ea other alittle bit at a time..Hes finally easing down his wall for me...I guess im showing him that Im not her and that I will be there for him no matter wat...Im hoping for the best that it will lead to the direction that Im hoping to go at...Im just having faith and we are taking it one day at a time...

  • Well Im done with my scorpio, he was using and playn me the whole time we was together..I found that out last nite when I confront him...So he dumped me lets say on Thursday nite but didnt have the balls to tell me its over untell last nite when i confront him whats was going on...So im done with all scorpio men...taurus,gemini and Libra men they all are cheater, player and liars to me...sry that is just how I feel right now and im not ever gona put my wall down again for any man.ever again .or even trust..again..its just hard to believe any more

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