"MIKO" Please give me a reading

  • Hello Miko

    One of your friend advised me to contact you for a reading and i was wondering if you could take the time to help me in the matter

    i have this guy that i m in love with but we stop speaking to each other since last week, well i feel i need to pull away, i feel not happy with the connection

    His a gemini man, keep let me down, sending mixed message, unreliable, asking a lot attention from me but give me nothing back

    i feel losing my peace and the love i have for myself and with my mind i dont believe this man deserve me at all but in the cosmos i feel something important is in place here

    i m scared to lose my time and invest in something that is only going to bring me more pain then gain

    i decide to give myself and him some long space, about 2 months no contact

    he work a lot and seem to live for his job, during the time we fall down i told him i m going to start dating again and replies "i met someone yesterday, she has a child and i want to try, this kind give me a sense of purpose"

    i felt broke but one week later he kind tell me he want to see me again, i cant see someone that is involve with someone else

    i see no way out then pull away

    mine birthday, 3 february 1978 (woman), and his 26 May 1976 ( Male)

    i m fire snkae and his fire dragon on chinese lunar calendar

    i feel a strong connection with this man

    thank you so much

  • She's in Malaysia now and i'm not sure if she'll get to you quickly, i'll let her know you're asking for some insight.

  • oh thank you so much Kiba, The reason i came to this site was because i was looking for answer about this relationship.

    i find my peace now , i need to know i guess if i should leave it completely

    i m an aquarius and i m a very strong woman i dont like inconsiderate people and he seem to inconsiderate and self centred

    i m not ever sure if it's true he met someone else i feel it's a kind of defence again me or something

    thank you

  • Hi Miko, could you give me a reading please, thank you

  • Sorry for late reply... I will do a detail reading for u tonight.. 😃

  • Thank you so much Miko

  • Hi Mikyo, I waould also love a reading. Mines is 1/23/63 and his is 5/27. Thanking you early.

  • hi star2u... I am pretty late for this reply.. 😃 but well i wil do a detail one for u~

    right now in ur situation I can see that thigns are coming fast and everything just swipe off within a ittle time.. and the things that u persue is consider a failure~ i woud say that things heated up too fast and it has angers in this situation~ thi situation in fact hurt both of u I would say.. mainly is u~~

    u once say u feel connected to him but in ur present i don see a strong bondng with both of u~ that feeling maybe just for a limited of time only i would say.. even u are standing guard at this position it makes no difference of getting back or better.. as u can't even see your road clearly~ U may have the fire to light up and guide u but still everything is just plain darkness which demoralise all ur hope and dreams~

    All this while this has been a fear of yours~ U trade away ur time to exchange for him but i can say all is not worth for u to do it~ and balancing is even harder too.. U can't possible handle it well when only u give and other parties don't~

    my advise is quite simple~ to break down everything.. U need to rebalance yourself again~ it is no point to keep thinking.. u can also give up your hope on him~ no point even thouh u say u feel connected~ and i would say u are someone who has a inne beauty yet unfortunately use it on someone wrong~ regain urself back~ and U will see even different paths~

    I am once like that before.. i do have an ex who i feel connect yet I break it.. if i keep have that feeling I will ended up suffering.. whether to feel connected or not is ur choices.. U can simply cuts it off~ everyone have their life to choose~ 😃 hope this help~

  • i also felt that ur life have too much fire in it~ u may be very passionate one but just be cautious~ sometime U may ended up burning yourself with all this passions of yours~

  • Hi"Mikyo" sorry for the misspelling of your name before, thank you for the reading.apart of me wanted to believe there were something there. the short period we had was quiet upsetting to me, i felt distanced, alone, unloved, unappreciated, messed about, alone.

    i pulled away and i m starting to regain myself again

  • Well if thing isn't in ur way u should let it go.. 😃 don force it.. I am sure u would find someone who treasures u..

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Read the thread here and would you do a reading for me too! Totally appreciate it my dob is 11/4/74 (female). Thank you in advance!

    Blessings to you,


  • Mikyo will you be coming back on this site again? Was asking for a reading. Thanks.

  • hi worthy1248~ i am still around just that was busy for the pervious week~ feel free to ask~ 😃

  • Mikyo

    Can I get some answers from you?

    I just need to know, is Bill or Tom the person i will spend the rest of my life with?

    When, where and how will we meet?

    What will the relationship be like?

    This is really important to me and I just need straight answers

    birthdates: mine 11th of august 1989, theirs 1st of september

  • My b'day is 1/23 and his is 5/27. Thanks 🙂

  • i would also love a reading from you Mikyo,

    November 9th 1991 is my birthday

    Wonder if u can do like a detailed reading too, if thats okay?

    Best wishes


  • hi worthy1248.. I presume u are askig for a love reading. mind to specify wat u wanna ask?

  • HI Mikyo,

    You did a reading for me last week and I was very impressed with it..

    I did one for myself and it was just a general one and im wondering if you could do a general one for me to compare notes 🙂 DOB 1/13/1977

  • hi RebeccaAnn.. just done a general one for u~~

    I would say your relatonship are still under constructing there is still much more to do before U would actually get to have the relationship that U want.. but at time we often don really think of wat we have gone through and learn~ still a reminder of reviewing your history of your past relationship.. thrugh experiences U would have a good foundation.. At times your past may be cruel to you hurts u even more.. but this doesnt mean an ending for u.. I believe those events that u gone through is very hurting~

    At this stage U would have proably say u would want rest from the relationship U would want to stop and stay away from it until u are fully recover from the experiences~ I believe from all this expereinces U would have seen through the illusions of what a guy would do.. right now u have becomig more and more heartless and U might ends up doesn't believe in wat guys have said~ instead U would look for wat u can see from the guys and believe in wat u have seen..

    I would say u re a very open person~ U would always speaks wats in your mind and have no defence for yourself.. this would proably cause u to be easily deceive by them.. in a way u are simple which is good.. that's the thing that I would never have~ I would always admire ppl who have a simple thinking~ of course guys who knows u most of them doesn't have much stable and always refuse to go on a trail~ I would say that's your fear~

    what i would see is that u just nee someone to appreciate who u are.. the way u are.. not just knowing u from the surface~ yet most of them know only the surface but not inner self.. which is a pity i would say as i met alot of ppl of this kind~ I believ this day would come for u.. to met someone who can understand who can appreciate.. if u are ready enough to see through the unclear path of yours~ and using your experiences and your judgement~

    the thigns that u need to look out for is to listen to some advise on who relationship works especially ppl who are much more older than u~ their expriences are far more experience and u wil not always have the feeling of suspension when a problem arise~ sometime listening to more is better than U don get any of the advise~ of course not to mention U have a good stabilities just not to be to over confident.. just do wat u can manage wat u need~

    😃 hope it helps~

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