Will Greatly Appreciate a Reading

  • Hello! Thanks for reading 🙂

    I'm a capricorn, he's a virgo. He left about 6 months ago, we still talk since we have many mutual friends and we have an adoptive child. When we get into deep conversations it feels like we're breaking up again. I want us to try again, but he says he can't "right now".

    Last sunday we decided to stay away from each other to see if it will help him to miss me more, to show him how life is without me. We decided to only talk about the child and he will take the child 2-3 times a week. He said he will consider the situation, but to not expect him to get back to me within the week.

    He called me late last night, he hates talking on the phone and especially late at night. I didn't answer,didn't leave a message and he didn't text me either. He called again today, I didn't pick up, but he left a long voicemail with just background noise. Today he has the child. I'm giving him space to see life without me.

    Will we try again? Will his heart soften and his mind be open to the idea of trying again?

    Blessed Be

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