Visual Tarot is very strong and powerful program aimed for professionals, enthusiasts, collectors and novices in Tarot.

    With Visual Tarot you can:

    1. Learn Tarot, Spreads, Decks (more than 500 Tarot Decks for VIP Customers), Meanings of the Cards (ideal for the beginners)

    2. Keep Your existing readings (made with original Tarot Cards) in the "Diary"(place like the database) in light-weight, easy-to-learn and crystal file-format! Or

    Export the Report to RTF (MS Word and OpenOffice compatible text file format), HTML (any browser compatible file format) or Make Screenshot of the Card Table. The Screenshot layout is fully customizable.

    3. Make Visual Tarot Readings on the PC. Tarot Cards will answer your questions about love, relationships, career, money, health, dreams, pets, business, timing and general questions!

    The program will shuffle and deal a virtual tarot deck for You and read the cards in the spread or You can select the cards from the deck by the mouse, put it on the Card Table "face up" or "face down" and the open by right-click of the mouse in your own order.

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