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  • Hello everyone,

    I have always loved anything spiritual and some years ago I found I have recently moved house and now is the time for me to really get into Feng Shui. It is so exciting and today I joined the forum to learn more about Feng Shui in particular. I look forward to many hours of interesting reading and joy.

  • Hello ~ I faithfully follow and am very interested in feng shui principles. I look forward to learning from all of you here.

  • Hi i'm new to the forum,what is feng sheni i'm not sure if i spelled it right but can someone please explain this to me thank you be bless

  • Nice to feel a welcome wagon and Blessings Be. About me and the 'arts' am very gifted however doesn't seem to feel like what a gift is to be...feng shui definetely a classical practioner and just finishing a consulting course. I know timimg in my life has been at odds and never knew the why until Feng shui and Four Pillars. Flying Star is probably what I am most intrigued with/into due to the mathematics. Reside in the midwest bedroom community of about 1700 and that may include the pets(ha-ha) Trying to find connections of 'familiar-kindred-spirit' thought this may be worth it--been reading diffent entries for some time and today was the day.So thanks again for the welcome!!

  • Congrats on your move and today is my first day 'speaking out' so post a question if you get stagnant and I'll help. Blessings Be

  • and what have your learned so far?

  • Greetings all. I was just reading the tips on getting organized through Feng Shui. I was curious about one aspect which seems to differ from information I use in my inner work. It says that 'North' is the direction of beginnings. I've always worked (from a Wiccan POV) using the East as the place of beginnings. If I'm working specifically with Feng Shui to help the flow of energy through my home, would I 'switch' the place of beginnings from East to North for the purpose of setting up my space as opposed to working within my rituals?

  • Hi I'm fairly new to this site and am just starting to read about feng shui. I feel about stale in my home and am hoping that by reading up on these techniques that I might be able to improve the energy for myself and others. On a site related note though I wonder if someone can explain to me if it is possible to communicate directly with a poster like via an email or if you can only do so on the various forum blogs. Just wondering. Am open to suggestions on where to begin. Would like very much to improve my finances as well but don't know where that corner is in my apartment.

  • Hi I'm Angie8, I've been reading about Feng Shui for about 10 years. Sometimes I feel like I know alot and at other times it can just be confusing. I know most of it is common sense we just have to think and assess areas. Feel them. My 2 most important sections of my house are the romantic relationship area and the wealth area. To me, if I have a loving relationship and financial security then All is good in my life. I feel, believe that applying Feng Shui has helped me. But some crazy and very bad stuff happened this past year (worst year of my life!). Now I sometimes wonder if I Feng Shuied an area in a really bad way or is this just life. Anyways, I think I can still learn alot.

  • I've been putzing around with feng shui for a few years now, and I'm still unclear about the best way to read a room. I've read where you should adjust your bagua to the actual compass, and I've heard some say that it should be adjusted from when you walk in your front door. I tend to agree with the latter, but then what about room to room? Should the bagua be overlaid for the entire house? Or by room? And then is the doorway to each room considered the starting point? I've always been curious about that, and since I'm a Virgo, I need to know!

  • Hi Angie - I hear what you're saying! But here's the thing - I find astrology, numerology, and psychology pretty awesome tools to use on the pathway of life. If you want to understand and predict human behavior, then you have to observe human behavior and that's psychology. It has an important place in life.

    Astrology can give an insight into the influences that play in a person's life, from birth on up, and I definitely think it helps give us an idea of how we should plan for and respond to certain planetary configurations, etc. Plus, I think it's a useful tool for understanding ourselves, as is psychology.

    I think numerology can be quite uncanny, and sometimes I rely on it more than I do what's going on in the sky at any given time. Numbers are marvelous things, although they don't seem to like me much! I really think that pretty much everything in the universe can be defined by numbers. For example, the relationship between mathematics and music. One would think the two are totally unrelated, but apparently they are very much related. All I know is that I find numerology to be even more spot on as far as what's going on around me than even astrology usually is.

    Feng shui is, to me, a lesser form of these arts, only because it doesn't really delve into the depths of personality, etc., like the others. But as far as making sure the energy is flowing unencumbered, offsetting any negative energy, and promoting positive energy, I think feng shui has its merits. I'm just not as familiar with them as I am the other three.

    I'm still trying to figure out the bagua thing. 🙂 Whole house versus room by can it be both? Anybody?

  • As I am a Taurus, I am really into earth colors. I have moved to an apartment and have a fairly good idea of where to secure the fire element in my rooms. It kind of just happened that way.

    I have a mirror thing that makes me nervous, I feel that I do not want to even hang them, but did hang a larger one over a portable wooden fireplace that can only burn sterno flame behind fake logs on the southern wall of my living room. My sofa is across from this as I like it to face toward the main door from a split stairway up into this room/that has a garge under, which also makes me wonder if that is a problem. I know that it must take years to really understand Feng Shui, but I do know how important the flow of energy is in all places and around people.

    Thank you, Cyndi-Ann

  • Hi I'm Jennifer. My Kua number is 2 and I'm a "west" person. Any tips anyone can give me on some directions in my living room would be great! Also a child room (they share) with a small boy(kua 3, east) and a little girl (kua 6, west) lt would be completely amazing! =]

  • Hi. My name is Alexandrea and I am trying to learn about fung shui. I bought a book on it for Itiots but it's such a long read and I just wan to use it. I'm afraid that I'm quite impatent and I only want to work on my room. Could I perhaps get some pointers?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello and Blessings, I just began to explore forums on so I am new here. These days I seek order and balance in my home. I have so much clutter it is cluttering my karma. I am a single mom with two children. They have a lot of stuff too. If any one would like to offer me starter feng shui tips, it will be greatly appreciated.

  • Angie8---Check your four pillars of destiny. Might be the reason/timing ho hai you are experiencing; all things run in cycles. Also-each year the stars move (flying star and Ki-9) so have you been implementing the removal and additions as neede to appease the stars' movements?? Accept apology for time frame--been on quest sabbatical, natural environment only--thanks for accepting. Hope to be of assistance. Blessings Be Redwic Donna

  • FoxyGem--young grasshopper must learn patience--no short cut will bring the lasting postitve results you are seeking.---AS I stated so many times warning warning wrong placements can be detrimental to your environment and you. Seek knowledge--learn and practice before making major removal and addition. However any positive action must be done in a clean and well-ordered environment. As you study de-clutter, clean and organize and listen to yourself. Ask yourself what it is you trully desire and is it something you can do yourself??? Keep learning and I sent you "chi" Blessings Be

    Redwic Donna

  • Stargazer21 Move...yes Move. Blessings Be Redwic Donna

  • KentuckyWoman--Putzing Around With Feng Shui...A lesser form of an Art?? The three you referred to are sciences; not arts. Also If you state you are unfamiliar with feng shui...then why do you give an opinion which is actually an insult and not to mention a testament to your ignorance? Enough said...I hope you increase your knowledge of one of the oldest artforms in science known to the "Chinese Man". I hope newbies do not take your advice--for all will be in error. In Truth Redwic Donna

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