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  • Hi


  • Hi my name is lorraine and recetly moved from California to Georgia. My senses seem to be wrong directionally. Can you explain

  • how do I see replies

  • Hello all, call me Rook. I am just cruising the sites and I like horoscopes so here I am. Look forward to spending time with some of you.


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  • Hi! My name is "Onthetable". I'm a Libra, born on the cusp of Scorpio. I have a hard time with horoscopes because I always fall in the Scorpio category, when I am a true Libra. I always have the tendancy to look at the world thru "rose colored glasses". I look for the good in people and stay from the bad. My rising sign is Capricorn and my moon is in Aries. So I really have a hard time trying to keep my scales in balance. I'm pretty laid back and lots of times I keep things bottled up inside until the steam won't let me control myself anymore, then I blow up, but after that, things are over. I don't dwell on it and go off on some other adventure. I'm new to this sight and looking forward to possibly making some friends, or reading their views. Thanks.

  • Hi Onthetable. You have an interesting mix of Air,Earth,Fire, and Water(Cusp of Scorpio) for your core signs. Does identifying with being a Libra help you see many sides to people and circumstances? I'm Sun Sag/Moon Sag/Leo rising...hard for me to sit still a lot of the time being all fire. Nice to meet you.

  • Hi Meera17! Thanks for replying to me. Yes being a Libra is a tough sign. I'm the only one that's not human nor animal. I'm metal. Metal isn't supposed to have feelings like I have for other signs. I basically get along with everyone, or at least try to. I'm supposed to be the scales and be judgemental, but I look at the world thru rose colored glasses. I look for the good in everyone. I'm always trying to help people and was told I should be a social worker because of my compassion. My scales are always tipping around all over the place. I don't dwell on a subject that I may have exploded about. Once I've had my say, it's over with. (Using my husband for an instance) I never go to bed mad, have problems and beat myself up mentally if someone disagrees with me on a subject because I back down and tell them they're right. I get along great with Sag. My mom was a Sag. She spoke her mind, and all 5 of us kids listened or else. She could have a hot temper when someone crossed her line. But she also had a great sense of humor. I can understand you being unable to sit still. It's not only the fire, but the lion in you. It was nice to correspond with you. Hope we talk again, keep those fires burning and the lion roaming. You wouldn't be you and I see a nice person. Thanks.

  • Hi onthetable. What are some traits of Capricorn rising?

  • I am new here ,I was reading the horoscope and all , hope to learn more here from you all.

  • hi,

    i just joined the forum. hope to make some good friends and gather some knowledge abt astrology.

  • hello Lorraine, my name is Lorraine also i am from pennsylvania in the Laurel Highland Area up in the mountains. I love astrology as well I am firm believer in it as well as the paranormal. I have many talents enjoy meeting new people and sharing my life experiences take care Lorraine

  • Hi my planet is Jupiter.

  • im haveing trouble find the avitars so i can change . wold some onee please guid me through this or give me some insight to where i may find them?

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  • I am thankful that god woke me up this mourning

  • Hi, Call me Lilith. I have been learning about and practicing Feng Shui for a long time.

    I have incorporated it into my house keeping and my day to day living. I am looking forward to sharing and learning together.

  • Hello all, call me Peg. I have been curious about Feng Shui for awhile and was hoping to learn a little something and make new friends at the same time. Look forward to hearing from you!

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