My life is falling apart.

  • I have no idea how to handle these things.First of all,Im moving.Which means Ill lose all my friends,and Ill lose the one I really am in love with.I just found out that my best friend,Carolyn's parents are getting a divorce.She needs me the most right now,and sad thing is,I don't know what to do.Because she'll be around my other best friend,Zara.Who recently got into a fight with one of our other best friends,Brianna.And if I go with Carolyn,that'll mean Ill be around Zara too,then Brianna will be alone.Even though she does understand.And I can't leave her alone like that.:/

    Then theres my boyfriend,hes the only person Ive really truely ever loved.And Ill be leaving him by July or August sometime,when schools gonna be over.And Im scared that next year,when I won't be around anymore,he'll probably get a new girlfriend.I guess Im not good with long distance relationships,but for him,Ill do anything.And Ill be moving soo far away.Im not sure if Ill ever see any of my friends again,including my boyfriend.Please,help me,pray for me,do anything.Even the tiniest prayer for me will make a huge difference in my life.Because I don't want to be moving.But we've bought the house and stuff already.Im MISERABLE.Honestly,I don't even know what to do anymore.My life is just hell now,my life is falling apart.

    All advice is appreciated.Thank you all so much.

  • CottonTail, you made friends where you are - you will make more wherever you move to. People don't stay in our lives forever. They come and go, and we can't depend on anyone but ourselves to provide what we need to survive in life. Instead of focusing on what you are leaving behind, think of all the positives that the move will bring - new people, situations and experiences. This is a fresh start for you, a chance to break out of the old you. There is also a plethora of ways to keep in touch with old friends these days so you will not be completely cut off from contact with them in your new life.

    Trust me - there'll be other boys and friends for you, probably many. Trust the Universe - it is taking you in a new direction that will be better for you and more rewarding than your present one. I bet that, after you move away, you start to see what the bad things were from your old life more clearly. You will come to be glad you moved.

  • Thanks.

    I guess I can see it better since you mentioned the "Think of the positives"

    I guess I haven't really been paying much attention to that part.

    I know Im like,a Gemini and stuff,and we like moving around from place to place.

    But I just feel like Im not ready for change yet.:/

    Who knows,maybe when I do move,it might actually be better.I'll make new friends,and it'll be good for me.Who knows?

    Anyways,thank you.Your advice really did help.From now on,Ill try focusing on the positives more.

  • With a positive attitude, you are bound to do well in your new life. It's a chance to start over so give some thought on what things you want to change for you.

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