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  • An old friend and I connected by phone about 6 months ago and have been talking on and off since then. We both have discussed that we can feel some kind of spiritual connection so we have not met in person since we are both involved with someone else. We came in contact with each other about twenty years ago and again went our separate ways. I have heard that sometimes you keep crossing paths with the person you are really meant to be with but sometimes you don't realize it. Any insight anyone could give me on this situation would be greatly appreciated. I am sorry that I am going to post and have to leave but I will check back later tonight. Thank you so much.

  • This person is not what is missing in your life but is a reminder that there is something missing. You are ignoring a part of yourself and living mostly for others. Sometimes when we are not living our truth it manifests in a craving for "meaning" in our life. You tend to be a pleaser and do not like to rock the boat but there is a part of you that is needing to be heard and made room for. You find safety in your role as a loyal family protector but really you have a free spirited wild side that needs to fit in that safe picture somewhere. You need to go back to your youth and what gave you joy and fed your soul. You have a knack for coming up with inovative ideas and cutting through the bull--you are a leader more than a follower but somewhere you let yourself step back out of the limelight. Your issue is with being torn between playing it safe and dying a little inside or being bold and risking criticism or disproval. Ask yourself more often "what do I really want?" and feel entitled to have it your way more often. You deserve to be true to yourself! Blessings

  • Thank you so much Blmoon for your insight. I don't know how you could tell me exactly the kind of person I am and what is going on with my life just by reading a question. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. One more thing should we leave each other alone or should we meet for coffee and get on with our lives. I really would like to see him again as it has been twenty years and he would like to see me.

    Love and Light

    Bluebird 52

  • Hi Bluebird, Sorry to post here, but I feel like I'm kind of going through the same thing. I'm hoping you don't mind me posting a question for Blmoon here. THANK YOU!!! 🙂 <3...

    Hi Blmoon,

    I would greatly appreciate some insight into my current situation please.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    I'm a capricorn, he's a virgo. He left about 6 months ago, we still talk since we have many mutual friends and we have an adoptive child. When we get into deep conversations it feels like we're breaking up again. I want us to try again, but he says he can't "right now".

    Last sunday we decided to stay away from each other to see if it will help him to miss me more, to show him how life is without me. We decided to only talk about the child and he will take the child 2-3 times a week. He said he will consider the situation, but to not expect him to get back to me within the week.

    He called me late last night, he hates talking on the phone and especially late at night. I didn't answer,didn't leave a message and he didn't text me either. He called again today, I didn't pick up, but he left a long voicemail with just background noise. Today he has the child. I'm giving him space to see life without me.

    Will we try again? Will his heart soften and his mind be open to the idea of trying again?

    Blessed Be

  • I see you having coffee then laughing all the way home saying "what was I thinking?!". You will be aware how far you've come and it will rekindle that lost spunk I mentioned. Take this opportunity to really make some changes in your life. Think young. Spirit wants to help you--don't be surprised if someone recommends a good salon this month--go for it--you have a tired look that has been bringing you down and it doesn't have to be like that. Be ready to be surprised. Again, this man is not what you need.. You need to be YOU. With you, for you and all about you! Do you dare be so selfish? Sometimes we get confused by that word. Like taking all the cookies has anything to do with honoring our truth. You have a purpose. Find your bliss. Never settle for substitutions--it never lasts. Spirit shows me the number six as being important. I see November being a turn around month. I see a group of people around you--new friends that inspire you to step outside your safety zone in a positive way. Spirit keeps saying BRAINS---lots of interesting ideas and conversation. Don't let a fantasy distract you now as your future could turn very rewarding---find your truth. Find yourself again. Make the committment now and that seed will BLOSSOM by November. Blessings

  • Hi Blmoon, sorry to bug you, I'm also going through a not so good situation for the last two years... most of the time doesn't affect me as much when I focus on the "good things" and ignore the rest... and with all that is going on with the planets... i feel I'm ready to put my foot down and let go... but every time I think that I get so SO sad... and when I decide not to make a decision just yet and wait things out with hope I feel happy again, even if i'm not sure when I would see him again...

    the most we have gone without speaking/seeing each other is three months...

    anyway... can you see anything for me? is this time for real? is he gone? or is there still a chance??

    Sorry to bug you 🙂 and thanks any advice it's appreciated

  • Thanks for the insight again. Everything you have written I know is true and I am getting there little by little. I will keep you informed. What a blessing you are for me right now.

    Love and Light,

    Bluebird 52

  • hello

    I read you ...I just thought to write you because my husband is also a i thought may be i can say something...Look...whenever we have fight on any issue....i have realized that if i give him time to realize his mistake(if it is)...or to understand the has better results than feeling like lost and confused...Virgos take their time to analyze things, applying their logic and then taking a decision...if they are disturbed in between their respective system is also disturbed...I think you should give him time to understand your feelings... meanwhile, you should not forget to show your concern that you care about the relationship but that must be smooth not attached deliberately. ....and yes avoid violent arguments( if happens)take care ...god bless you !!!

  • My answer is for contessaluna!!

  • Hi Intensered,

    I replied to you on another forum under Blogbacktalk... I titled it "For Intensered, Your Virgo advice"

    Thanks 🙂

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